The Long-Lost History of Explorer7777

Given that CPAC has now outed Djgtjvgyhxgy, it seemed time that a post was made regarding the real Explorer7777.

The history of Explorer7777 and the early Romans are forever intertwined in the stories of what little we know of one of Club Penguin’s earliest armies. With its written history purged from the Miniclip Forums by a moderator named RFS, along with that of every other early army, our only insight into the activity of the legendary army and the mind of its legendary leader had been contained within The ACP Saga, written by the creator of the Army of Club Penguin, Oagalthorp. It is my hope that my research, along with new information never before seen, will help to complete the legacy of the Romans commander lost in the annals of time.

Part I: The Birth of the Romans

The Army thread grew faster than any of the other groups in the “Clubs and Teams” sub-forum. Within a week we had over 20 soldiers, which was more than most of the much-older and experienced clubs had. But soon, a penguin by the name of Explorer7777 created an organized center for the Romans, a series of Clans that had recently invaded much of Club Penguin. Within a few days, he had assembled an army that outnumbered us 4:3. The power got to his head, and he threatened the ACP, saying he’d “grind us into dust” if we did not surrender. But the Army was not created to give up.

~The ACP Saga

The Romans had, of course, existed well before the creation of armies on the Miniclip Forums, known simply as clans for their disorganized nature. It was not Explorer7777 founded the first organized group of Romans on the Miniclip Forums in early October 2006 that the clan became recognized as an army [For more information on the early Romans, click HERE]. The Romans grew fast under the centralized leadership, soon overtaking the Army of Club Penguin in size. But then the Romans, feeling threatened by ACP’s growing size, declared war, forever known as the beginning of WWII.

Records of the famed battle on October 13, 2006 at the climax of the war state the Romans outnumbered the Army of Club Penguin 50 to 35 at its peak. Regarded as the first formal, organized battle in Club Penguin Army history, it was held in the igloo of Oagalthorp’s 2nd in Command, Koolaidman7. The ACP Saga tells the story with vivid detail:

We waited on the right side of the battlefield while the massive Roman army advanced. At 3:00pm PST (though PST was not established yet), I fired the first shot, and all Hell broke loose. We had fought for half an hour, and neither side was starting to give. We were using cover, because if we were hit by a snowball, we’d need to head over to the enemy’s “jail.”

Soon, Koolaidman7 was captured. I swerved and dodged over to their POW camp, brought him back, and we continued fighting. There was severe lag, but we kept up the fire, and gave them no slack. […] A few troops on both sides started exiting, but the bulks of both armies were relentless.

~The ACP Saga

After hours of grueling combat, the Army of Club Penguin managed to defeat the Romans in what became known as The Battle of the Igloo. A clip filmed towards the end of the battle can be viewed below:

Following this pivotal loss, the Romans surrendered the war to the ACP, and many of their soldiers joined the victor. While independent Roman clans continued their raids across Club Penguin, the defeat in WWII marked the end of the mighty Romans in their organized form.

Part II: The Forum Clans Post-WWII

In the aftermath of the war, the trail runs cold on the legacy of the great Romans commander — or so we thought. A deep exploration of some of Club Penguin’s oldest forums turns up the previously unknown and forgotten history of Explorer7777 post-WWII, as well as a glimpse into the world of “club” life on the Miniclip Forums circa 2006, thought lost to the ages.

A webpage I had long known about but neglected to analyze in full revealed information that helped to answer some of my questions. Created by a penguin named Green Boy 26, the page was an unaltered snapshot-in-time of a number of army threads (referred to as “clubs”) on the Miniclip Forums from late-2006. The largest threads were modeled after those created by the likes of Oagalthorp for the ACP, which had been quite possibly the largest thread on the entire forums.

It is through these threads that we learn of another army that Explorer7777 participated in – the Ghost Navy. Though little is written about this army, we are lucky enough to have a copy of their complete forum thread, outlining everything from their uniform to their members and ranks. Founded by Agent Delta aka Nightstalker some time in late October 2006, the ranks are stacked with names of legendary penguins from Oagalthorp, to ACP legends Nrop, Goozgooz, Us Soilder, and Silencer 101, ACP and Nachos veteran Thex478, the original Vikings commander Chuckles2006, and none other than Explorer7777 himself.

Not unlike modern armies design banners and avatars for their websites and chats, so too did the clubs of the Forums create signatures and avatars for their members. Below are a few examples created for the Ghost Navy:

The Ghost Navy was broken into divisions as well. The Delta Elite Division, consisting of only the army’s best soldiers, was rounded out by PWD and Agent Delta, the two “Invisible Admiral Leaders”, as well as Oagalthorp, Silencer 101, and two others. Explorer7777 was a Co-Leader of the Admiral Division with PWD, and Us Soilder led the Aerial Assault Division.

As was common with other clubs at the time, there was a significant role-playing element to the organization of the army, as leaders and soldiers alike crafted battle plans and designed blueprints for weapons and buildings to make warfare feel more realistic. Below is a schematic for the Ghost Navy designed as part of a mission which was regularly updated for members of the army:

Without the aid of the thread’s comments, we cannot say for sure, however it is possible that this was but one of a number of armies that Explorer7777 participated in following the collapse of the Romans.

The webpage itself is a highly interesting read for the army history buff. Other listed armies include the original Vikings club, which even I had not been able to track down previously, as well as Star Wars Club Penguin, later renamed the Galactic Empire of Club Penguin, an army created by Akabob22, who would go on to lead the Nachos during a lengthy army career.

Perhaps most interesting is a breakdown of the leaders at the heart of the Red vs. Blue wars, also known as the Color Wars, which contradicts previous accounts made by members of our community who claimed to have participated in it. It is also possible this is merely a re-enactment of the original wars, but the descriptions are interesting nonetheless.

For those interested, the page is HERE.

Part III: The CPSU and Forum Life

After the mass purging of army clubs from the Miniclip Forums, Explorer7777 eventually expanded to a number of other websites, with particular emphasis on Penguin Island, a large forum which has (unfortunately) also been deleted. It was there that he created his own army in March 2007, called the Club Penguin Special Units, or CPSU. He brought with him a good friend and fellow member of the Ghost Navy, a penguin named Ghost 250, to serve as his Co-Leader.

Around the same time, Explorer created his own forum, called The Club Penguin Zone, which thankfully still exists today. It is here that we find the greatest exhibit of his personality and writing ability. Having grown up on the forums where writing was so emphasized, Explorer had developed writing and organizational skills beyond that of the average 12 year old. Most importantly however, his forum provides us with a copy of his army’s original thread. The thread was posted by his 2nd in Command, Ghost 250, and gives us greater insight into the structure of Explorer’s army. It can be viewed in its entirety HERE.

As with many early army clubs, the thread was incredibly detailed, a testament to Explorer’s impressive organizational skills. The CPSU had a unique uniform for each rank and position within the army, designated meeting times and locations, specific training grounds, and a wide array of divisions. While there are few comments in this thread, and it was not updated to include new members, we can learn two things from what we do have. The CPSU motto was “The Brave. The Proud. The CPSU.” — and Explorer still held a grudge against his long-time rival. The sole army listed as an enemy to the CPSU was the Army of Club Penguin. And his forum signature read: “ACP SUCKS!”

Click to Enlarge

Perhaps he had reason to feel that way, as a thread on an ACP forum created by former Club Penguin President and ACP General Big Balla in January 2007 reveals, Explorer7777 was once considered a member of the ACP before being kicked out. Whether this happened as a result of his declaration of war with the Romans or as some post-war action is unclear (perhaps Oagalthorp could delineate). The thread was copied from the Club Penguin Miniclip Forums (again, thankfully) by Ghost 250, and it remains one of the few copies (quite possibly the only copy) of the ACP thread still in existence. It can be viewed HERE.

Explorer made his way around to a number of other forums in the spring of 2007, including Penguin Posters [Archive], Club Penguin Chat [Archive], The Club Penguin Miniclip Forums [Deleted], Arctic Oasis, and Club Penguin Central. He spent most of his time collecting recruits for his army, chatting with other members of the community that frequented the forums, managing his own forum, and making friends in the process.

Among his side projects included The EX Times, also known as Penguin 55 News, a YouTube-based penguin news organization that he operated with his friend Zoomber44, a member of his army CPSU. Unfortunately no copies of the original videos, nor the account they were posted from, exist today.

Part IV: The Last Word

As you may know, history has always been written by the victor. And so it was the case for WWII. All that was left for future generations was the records written by Oagalthorp to account for the war, for which we are eternally grateful. However, not a single trace remained of the bitter defeat left to Explorer7777. But of course, I saved this for last.

The nature of the original thread leaves about as much in question as it answers. The thread, written by CPSU 2nd in Command Ghost 250, and in an act of desperation titled “SHUT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, was trashed by Explorer himself, though not deleted. It is unclear what provoked such a fearful response from Ghost. Perhaps the ACP had discovered Explorer and his new army. Nonetheless, cool and collected, Explorer responds to his right-hand man: “The CPSU is enemies with the ACP. We’ll work out something with Oagalthorp. Wink” This is where it gets interesting.

In his response, Explorer explains the origins of the ACP/Romans conflict and the reason he still held a grudge so many months later.

Click to Enlarge

As Explorer tells the story, WWII was caused by Oagalthorp’s supposed jealousy rather than his own aggression. Whether this is the truth or the bitter words that come with defeat is up for interpretation. In addition to this claim, Explorer believed that the ACP did not win the Battle of the Igloo, although he admits it did enough damage to the Romans’ ranks that they could no longer continue the war. He then abandoned what remained of his army, leaving the forums for a period of time before landing back on the map with the CPSU following failed attempts at other clubs. It had been his intention to make CPSU strong enough to seek vengeance on Oagalthorp and the ACP, though it appears those plans would never come to fruition.

Part V. The Disappearance and Legacy of Explorer7777

Explorer’s posts on the variety of forums he frequented began to end in May 2007 with no discernible warning. He never said he was leaving, nor did he make any final posts of significance. All we can determine is that he last visited his own forum on July 18, 2007, and by all accounts he was never heard from again.

While he left behind no retirement post or well-wishes to his army and comrades, he did leave behind a legacy which I hope I have expanded upon today. As the legendary founder of the organized Romans, one of the earliest-known armies, a catalyst behind WWII, and the first to pose a serious challenge to the dynastic rule of the Army of Club Penguin, Explorer7777 will be remembered as an intelligent leader and strategist who unfortunately was not present at the time of his army’s greatest defeat, and if his intentions with CPSU were realized, perhaps the moment of his greatest triumph. Nevertheless, our history will remember fondly a founder of our community — Explorer7777, the commander behind one of the great armies of the ages.


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  1. i totally finished reading this….


  2. Explorer is Dj….

    “The Brave. The Proud. The CPSU.”
    Dj made an ACP version of that and for the Romans…


  3. Can you link me to the site made by Green Boy 26 please. Thanks! 😀


  4. Nice post!


  5. Best post EVER! I love the history of armies, and this is fantastic!


  6. I can back up Explorer’s account. While I may not have been him, I was in charge of one of the clans that made up the Romans, so I was kind of familiar with what went on within the Roman Army. Explorer never acted like a tyrant like Oagal depicted him as, and frankly, the Romans should have won that “final battle”, but the ACP were liars and cheaters back then.

    Good job with this research, Boomer. I was kind of curious what happened to our glorious leader after he left.


    • But you said on your first post on ACP and it’s CPPS division that you actually WERE Explorer7777 and, according to the ACP saga, you changed your name to ‘stop him from breathing down your neck’. Next time you should just tell the truth, and by the way, there’s a chance that he will become an advisor in ACP, but you probably don’t care since Romans are dead.


      • Have you been paying attention the past couple days? The CPAC proved I wasn’t him, and I came out and admitted it was a prank that went wrong. And frankly, I don’t give two craps about the ACP or Oagal “returning”. No one does. Keep your noobish mouth shut.


        • xD Dj

          First off, you never came admitting that you weren;t in fact Explorer until CPAC proved you wrong. Don’t start coming here acting all innocent,

          Second, when Trickster impersonated Pink Mafias 2 years ago, people reacted the smae way the react to you, although not as harsh as frankly, not many knew who Explorer was in the first place. Impersonating legends is probably the dumbest move people can do, more importantly their excuse of doing it for “fun”.

          It s likely you tried it out for fun, but as time went on you used this opportunity for praise and attention. Looking at the sizes the Romans were able to achieve, there is a chance you did it to gain greater sizes, which they did.

          Your point about “no one cares” if Oagal returns is invalid, as most of the ACP does, including me. In fact, you can count the “anti-Oagal” group as people caring to remove Oagal, or at least to gain some attention.

          Your actions of acting like a damn big shot after being found and acting like you don’t care crap is just hilarious. If you didn’t care, then why did you have to make up an idiotic excuse of Oagal admitting that you were Explorer?

          To finish off, why are you even here? You’re 18 for god’s sake. What, does your battalion not respect you enough, for that you need to come to the army community to gain attention, to gain fame? You had 6 years to do that crap, and yet you weren’t able to… so you decided to impersonate a legend to gain that status?

          Well it worked, as you got 25th in the CPAC most influential. Maybe that will now calm your nerves; you can be proud of being the 25th most influential person from 2012-2013 IN A VIRTUAL PENGUIN GAME. Now go boast to your comrades about this achievement.

          To finish off, it is you that should shut your nooby mouth, and more importantly leave. The reaction of the soldiers (in this case Pengy) is completely justified hence the idiocity you exposed for the past 3 months.

          That is it. If you were a wise man, you would leave. If you were a mentally challenged adult that has nothing else in his life than play a virtual penguin game for 10 year olds, then I request you to stay.


    • Busted.


  7. I adore old CP army banners, they’re much better than the complicated, funny shaped stuff rolled out today.


  8. My Army is kinda new but meduim Can they be on here


  9. Why did you never bother to write this in the past? If you knew the truth, why did you hide it from us all? I’m pretty certain there are many true facts you have hidden from the newer generations of Club Penguin Warfare.


    • That actually confuses me as well. While most people accepted it, I knew there were people who didn’t buy into it, including people in the press. So why didn’t they just out me in the first place?


    • I had the evidence but not the time; I started researching it about a month ago with the intent to convince people that Dj and Explorer were different people, though I never planned to make a big post out of it. I only discussed it with people who asked my opinion on the subject once a few people heard me make comments (remember that I haven’t been an active part of armies for the past 5 months or so). Once Blue2 made the recent post about it, I decided to post what I had left about Explorer and then realized there was far more information on him than I had previously known, hence why this post ended up being so long. In reality, most of this I just discovered yesterday, as for the “truth”, I wasn’t hiding it, I just didn’t think that many people believed him and it wasn’t a big deal.


  10. Reading this makes me want to bring back the ACP forums.




  12. This is a very interesting post. It is good that the history posts are coming back to CPAC. When everyone found out that Dj wasn’t Explorer I was curious what happened to the real Explorer. Thank you Boomer for solving that problem. But I am still curious what happened to him after CPSU. He disappeared and he didn’t make a post about him leaving. There is a new mystery here. Maybe he changed his name and maybe he is still in this army community. *wary*


  13. Guys, I am remaking the Club Penguin Special Units. I know I am not listed on the ranks, but I witnessed maybe 2-3 of their battles. I can’t really ask for Explorer’s permission, well, because he hasn’t been on FOR 5 YEARS! Also, he never offically closed it as there was no “goodbyes” or anything… everybody just left. It is sort of creepy when you think about it. They will launch mid-summer or maybe August. Thanks! 🙂


  14. I am Chuckles2006. I was 10 years old at the time. I googled my CP name to see if any of this still existed. God, what a time.


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