Nachos Defend Big Foot – But Lose White House and Blizzard

WHITE HOUSE – Despite defending Big Foot at a USA event, the Nachos have taken a huge blow after losing two of their three most valuable servers. This came when the HSA successfully invaded them twice at AUS times to take the two servers. The HSA now has the score at 10-4-1, while the Nachos have it as 8-4-1. One would assume the score is now 8-6-1 according to the Nachos, as they have not updated the AUS results to their score. Both armies have the score in their favor and claim to be winning the war.

The nachos have 20-25, while the HSA have 10-15

At the USA battle on Friday 24th, the HSA and Nachos battled for Big Foot. This server is classified as “Valuable” on the Nachos Nation and they wanted to keep it at all costs. The Nachos and HSA have not always agreed on the result, with two or three disputed battles. However, this battle came out as a win for the Nachos. While the Nachos hit sizes of 20+, the HSA were disappointing at this battle and only managed 10-15. This battle was not disputed and Dx, who came 3rd in the most influential list, admitted defeat to Ace Fireken.

Tomato, who was recently promoted to 2ic, was very happy with the results and the following was an extract from his post:

“Today we beat HSA yet again!  The battle took place on the server Klondike and was for Big Foot.  We successfully defended Big Foot from HSA. I believe we maxed around 22+ Nachos.  All I can say is great job today!”

The HSA did not make a post about the event, clearly backing up the picture from the Nachos site admitting a loss at this battle. However, this was only the first battle of three for the day. What came next was a blow for the Nachos.

HSA pic 17

The HSA have 11, while the Nachos have 2

They had scheduled two invasions of District One servers from the Nacho Empire. An “Austra-Asian Force”, which included leaders Dx and Freezie, took both Blizzard and White House in these two invasions leaving the Nachos with just one District One server. The Nachos did not show up to either of these defenses and only had 5 on their chat at the time of defense. On the other hand, the HSA maxed 11 and 8 respectively and claimed the two servers. The highest ranked Nacho soldier was a member at the time, and they admitted defeat.

HSA Aus event 1

HSA LIT, Japan, was pleased with the results. The following was an extract from his post:

“We invaded Blizzard with maxing 11 troops on CP.  The Nachos hardly got even five troops online so obviously we won that one.   Thanks Nachos for the server, you got burned once again. Do you need ice for that burn?”

The Nachos did not make a post about this event, as there were no owners and only one moderator on at the event. The Nachos only managed 2 at the first battle and did not even show up to the second. With these two Austra-Asian events, the Nachos have lost two of their three most important servers. The Nachos could seek revenge in the Army Warfare League, when they face the HSA for the 16th time in 8 days. That is an average of two battles a day. This will be an eagerly awaited battle, as the two biggest armies face out in a huge rivalry.

What do YOU think about the Nachos losing Blizzard and White House? Will the Nachos get them back, or will the new World Power keep hold of them? Also, comment YOUR opinion on the poor showing at the USA battle for the HSA.


15 Responses

  1. LOL

    If you ever wondered how low could an army go… there is a plain example right in front of you.

    If an army has to go as low as to invade the most important servers with a division the other army practically doesn’t have, that just proves how Nachos are winning this war.

    Obviously the “greatest tactician” Freezie will rage on how this is purely a “smart” way how to defeat the Nachos.

    Even during the ACP- Nacho war in Summer 2012 and April 2013, the ACP never invaded the most important servers from the Nachos during UK times, only the important servers the Nachos had taken from them during US times.

    Honestly if HSA has to use their AUS force as their prime way to win battles… it shouldn’t be long until this war becomes one of those classic CPPA vs a US army war, for example the Doritos, in which by the end, the war results into neither army showing up to an invasion, as they are scheduled in times that the defending army has a hard/impossible time attending to.

    Obviously I have nothing against HSA using their Australian division in the war, as that would be discrimination/ boring for the troops from the Pacific. However invading the most important servers is just silly, especially when it is obvious the Nachos are incapable in defending them. The fact that it was a Friday, and globally friendly invasions are somewhat possible (UK+AUS) or (US+UK), this is a pure example of AR scheduling invasions at 2:00AM GMT… on a week-end.

    I suppose that is all, and this opinion was directed more to the neutral people, as the HSA are obviously going to make up an excuse completely against me.

    We don’t march to the beat of drums, we hear maracas.


  2. How cowardly do you have to be to invade two of the most important Nacho servers while 90% of the army is asleep?


  3. AUS invasion A.K.A. Americans who stay up late and 2 Australians.


  4. This is Stupid beyond belief. What is the point of having war, if your going to make sure your fighting alone? No. They should pick one specific time that works for both armies, and have all events at that time. Keep the slate fair.


  5. HSA is obviously winning. Nachos boooo!


  6. We didn’t even have any leaders on! And, how low can HSA go, invade an important server, at 2.00 AM.


  7. Taking servers doesn’t mean much. It’s how you take them from the other army. Sure, they may have “taken” them, but honestly it doesn’t mean much as we weren’t even there. It definitely is not a “huge blow” as you insist as we can just get them back.

    Mind games.


  8. It proves how shit this community is that they’d rather invade when the enemy is asleep just to get a server even though doing so isn’t fun at all


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