ACP: What caused the rise to 2nd under Mchappy

BREEZE – Despite dropping to a disappointing 5th on the latest top ten listing, they did reach 2nd two weeks in a row under the new leadership of Mchappy, who took over after Kingfunks4 and Swimmerboy01 retired. However, how did the army turn around and slowly rise up the top ten? Was this a coincidence or has the new leadership turned the army around?

While it is obvious that the army has gone up the top ten since the “Swunks” leadership ended, the sizes have not shown that. The graph below has shown that there is little correlation between the size and rankings the ACP has received.

While the size and rankings fluctuate, there is little correlation between them. The green line follows the left axis, while the red line follows the left axis.

To the left of the black line, includes the ‘Swunks’ leadership, to which they hit highs and lows. This leadership did max 47 vs the Nachos in the March Madness, but hit the bottom of the top ten on the 7th of April (joint last with the Light Troops). Although the new era of Mchappy, appearing on the right of the black line, has been more consistent and have hit good top ten ranks, the sizes have been the same or smaller to that of their past size. While on May 12th, the ACP maxed 30 and received 2nd, on April 14th they had the same size and only achieved 5th.

May has been known to cause problems for CP armies, with exams ending the school year for the USA. Most of the UK have their exams during June and July, resulting in a delayed impact for this section. With the ACP’s sizes mainly decreasing or staying at a low level, is their consistently high top ten placing due to the fall of CP armies. Had the ACP hit the sizes of nearly 50 they reached 2 months ago, they would appear in the top spot with sizes of 10+ more than the HSA.  However, the inconsistency that hit the ACP during the ‘Swunks’ leadership was a killer for the leaders and the ACP often found themselves moving up and down by 5 ranks at a time. The new leadership has bought stability, but to what cost?

The sizes have barely breached 30, but the ranks have consistently been around the 2nd spot (despite their drop to 5th last week). So where is the correlation between size and ranks. If a member of the ACP was only focused on their own army from the past 3 months, a size of 25 has ranged as low as 10th to as high as 5th. A size of 50 has been 2nd in the graph, while a size of 30 has been 2nd as well. With a range of 20 in this example, where do we know what armies will be like. This could be a look into how armies do in certain months, with the ACP rising during the month of March but still failing to reach 1st.

The summary of this is that the sizes have mainly ranged between the 25-35 mark for the ACP, only exceeding that during one week. The new leadership of Mchappy has bought many things to the ACP that ‘Swunks’ could not bring. Popularity, consistency and a Top 5 ranking every week. These were many of the things that the ‘Swunks’ leadership simply failed at and to why they were forced out of the army. However, as the new leadership has barely managed above 30 we cannot judge if they really are rising. While they are 2nd for their efforts in the first few weeks (despite dropping to 5th), they have not hit amazing sizes. This may be down to the bad month for armies and we could see the ACP rising even further in the new leadership. Time can only tell, but this shows that while the ACP have hit good top ten rankings, they have not achieved great sizes. Future months will shape the new face of the ACP.



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  1. prepared for incoming rage


  2. Pointless post.

    Also ‘seemingly deleted Top Ten'[-links to Top Ten-]. What?


  3. Everything was in fact going great during the first week of Mch’s leadership. Unsched’s were getting 30, and scheduled US events started getting 25. Then however, Mch caught the cold for about a week. Although everything should have already been organized (hence Foldez’s 1.5ic rank basically meant that she was in charge). However Foldez was incapable of leading, hardly recruiting and not talking that much. Soldiers got annoyed and a few soldiers left. Once Mch did return, things didn’t go back up again. That’s the part where I am confused, since I thought Mch’s return would immediately cause ACP to go back to 30 per event…..

    Anyway, I can just say that no scheduled events in a week with extremely low chat sizes isn’t going to help APC grow back to their standards.


  4. I don’t mind this post. I think it’s an interesting discussion, though CPAC has had way too many philosophy posts recently. While it may have been better to wait to post this, it was a pretty good post.

    I’d also like to point out that the “fluctuation” noted in your post regarding the Top Tens is due to the fact that in many cases, when ACP would be placed lower or higher in any given Top Ten, it wasn’t due to the fact that their sizes fell, it was due to the fact that other armies did better. ACP’s vulnerability at sizes of 25-30 has caused the fluctuation, though I do think there’s more consistency in our rankings than you noted — for example, if you hit at least 30, we gave you Top Three.


  5. It’s probably because you sucked


    • You clearly didn’t get or read the point of the post. The point is, has ACP’s sizes increased or has armies sizes this month decreased meaning that the ACP has a higher top ten ranking. The graph suggests the lattar, but it is not too much about if I was a bad leader or not. Im not saying I was a good one, though.


  6. I agree with Pie, Funks you suck at leading.


  7. ACP only rised because of the name Mchappy. It brings people in. He’s regarded as a legend throghout the CP army community. No need for this post, really.


  8. I believe ACP has maxed thirty here and there since my leadership, On the weekends we usually average twenty-five and can make thirty-two or something.


  9. The sizes seem almost no better than when Funks was leading except Mch can actually keep them up better instead of falling almost out of the top 10 every other week.


  10. The answer is simple… they have a leader who actually is skilled enough to lead and lead well. He is a proven leader and it is showing in ACP’s recent numbers.


  11. Its because, Mch, is the type of happy, good minded charismatic person that everyone likes, and that makes him a good, respected leader, which is what made acp rise in my opinion.






  13. Still prefer b1 posts -wary-


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