A Forged Fiasco

HSA edits a comment and Nachos fire back with fake surrender pictures. Will the fighting ever stop?

On 21 May 2013, Dx made a post on the HSA website claiming that “Nachos have been faking surrenders of HSA leaders” and posting links to pictures as well. The important one portrayed the original picture on the left and an attempt to differentiate the text, shown below. The obvious can be seen in the circled area of the left screen shot. As to why Nachos would find it necessary to commit this fraud is beyond me. Accordingly, they “successfully defended Bobsled with sizes and tactics superior to HSA”.


I interviewed Dx for the HSA side of the problem.

Me: Care to enlighten everyone as to how the Bobsled was going?

Dx: Well, HSA started off at the Snow Forts, and Nachos bombed the Forts, but later retreated, therefore HSA won room #1. Next room, Iceberg, Nachos beat us there. Final room, Mine, is when Nachos lost drastic size and their tactis were going slower. In my opinion, HSA won that room. Thus, HSA 2-1 in rooms claimed/won. Then Nachos started faking pics and such, but I caught them.

According to their own post, Nachos described it as a win with superior tactics and size. Why do you think they would need to fake pictures if they say their size was superior?

Cus they feel they truly lost. An army that 100% believes they won doesn’t need to fake surrenders. It shows that the army has doubt on it’s performance and shows that they were clearly inferior. In short it’s pathetic and what’s worse was that the edited pics looked like crap.

Do you think that the pictures could have been payback for Tomato’s edited comment?

[No answer]


Followed by Mrgpv for Nachos’ say.

How was the event going by the end?

Mrgpv: We were doing really well, the troops were following tactics and we were chasing HSA all over Club Penguin.

HSA says they won two rooms out of the three, rather than fleeing. Is it possible that your claim is incorrect?

We never got to the Snow Forts due to connection problems. We went to the stadium, where we had bigger sizes. We won Iceberg, and the mines. Apparently the Mines are the only disputed place.

Aside from this, you’re aware of the alleged fake pictures that HSA posted on their website that show (and quite obviously) them surrendering, correct?

Si. If HSA has no comment about their fake comments, I will not talk about the “fake surrenders”.



Again on 22 May 2013, HSA leader Dx made another post regarding yet another faked photo. In it you can see a pixel of the in “WE” missing. Not only is it the same text, but it appears to been taken off the faux picture and added onto the second one.

With lack of information from either side it is hard to draw a solid conclusion. However, while the faked comment was proven to be on HSA’s behalf, these faked surrenders seem to be deriving from behind Nacho lines. I believe both armies are to blame for the forged pictures. Having edited a message said by an ACP member, Nachos carry even more weight.

21 Responses

  1. The Nachos did go to the forts. You bombed us for a few minutes and realized how small you were and retreated to the Stadium get your facts straight.


    • CP was glitching for a lot of people, many were disconnected. Only a few could get in with CP working properly, so the Nachos moved to the Stadium for it to work.


  2. Good post. The HSA will loose


  3. HSA please link me the download for your desktop microscope software


  4. This isn’t the first time Nachos have done this. I wouldn’t be surprised if HSA was lying, though.


    • It’s proof that the Nachos were editting pics, what do you mean lying? that makes no sense.


      • HSA could have made it so that they could say nachos edited it, by giving it to them on a different account. It’s an intelligent plan, and I’m not surprised you don’t believe it. It’s possible, but I’m not taking sides here. You’re making it look like everyone is showing prejudice to HSA. Lets just drop it at this, and do not furthermore argue, since I’m sure you don’t want to waste your time, and I don’t want to waste mine.


  5. Yeah that’s a pretty good microscope did that come with your light-shot or did you tape it to the front of your desktop?


  6. Freezie, hsa did go to the plaza and get their ass kicked


    • Our chat comepletely disconnected so some people went to random rooms like the Plaza, Forts, and Town. Once the chat started working again we ordered people to leave the berg and go to the Mine.


  7. All of this is getting boring, might as well just end the war before someone does something stupid.


  8. i fight for jihad


  9. lmfao, freezie accidentally showed me an edited picture of myself saying “you were better than us” xD

    I think it’s all only a bit of fun… lol no need to take it seriously and post about it It’s just what fricken happens in war, people lose, others dont want to lose so they forge photos, its only use to me is for the comedic value.. hahaha


  10. This is going overboard. A friendly battle turned into enemy-killing, dirty fighting with photo editing and comment editing.


  11. Cutie invading everyday isn’t a friendly fight.


  12. whoever does win im not in any of those armies so i really do not care!


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