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Summer is getting nearer and nearer, and here at CPAC, we’re just about ready to release our Summer 2013 Calendar!


Summer is a spectacular time of growth for all armies. Armies usually see their best heights of the year during the summer. It gives way to many wars, scandals, and other events. Summer is also CPAC’s most successful time of the year. And, due to that, we’d like to keep you busy this summer with some returning events and some new ones! While the events below are listed in a tentative chronological order, there are no final dates and all events are subject to change.

The Army Warfare League

Zakster, a former CPA Central Vice President, is returning to the site for the summer to oversee the AWL, a new tournament coming to CP Armies. This will work very much like a futbol/football league, with different armies bracketed and facing off against each other. This tournament is beginning next weekend, and will run until mid to late June.

The Summer Sun Hunt

As usual, CPAC will be hiding suns on its main site and its branches, and there will be three top prizes for the first three people to find all of the suns.

Army-Wide Movie Night

This is a new idea coming to CPAC — we will be holding an army-wide movie night on our chat and poll you as to what movie you want to watch, Further details will come out on this soon.

Site Changes

CPAC will be, alongside SMAC, adding many changes to further record our history and deepen your interaction with one another. While no ideas are finalized yet, some include a comprehensive army wiki, a message board, and a social network that would connect with each army’s WordPress site. CPAC will also be exploring some hosting changes, but only under the condition that the server is much more secure, so as to avoid all of the problems from last summer.

Legends Cup IV

The main event of Summer @ CPAC, during late July and early August CPAC will finish off the summer with the fourth annual Legends Cup. This is the largest tournament of the entire year, and we plan to have some 24 armies participate. This is always an extremely fascinating tournament, with many upsets and close battles. Also, this year, Bepboy9, CPAC’s Chief of Staff, will be documenting all of the LCVI battles via YouTube!

End of Summer Awards

Also a partnership with SMAC, CPAC will be giving out its end of summer awards. This also will be in conjunction with the End of Summer Bash, a large party involving giveaways and other fun activities.

Here at CPAC, our goal is to make your summer in armies as fun as possible. If you have any other suggestions for events, don’t hestitate to let us know in the comments!


Also, I’d like to announce that with the help of Gwami (Michael Sayman) and Shiver, CPAC will be launching two different apps, both for Apple and for Android users. Michael will be designing the Apple app, with Shiver working on the Android App. While these may be two different applications, there main goal is the same: to bring the army world to you. We plan to make it easy to access all of the major army sites from one app, along with providing all of the great news CPAC is known for.

Be sure to check out other apps by our very own Michael Sayman, including The Impossible Test, the Club Penguin Cheats App, the Pokemon Black & White App, and his newest, Wordalicious! For more, visit to access all of his apps.

That’s all for now. For CPAC, I’m Bluesockwa1.


CPA Central CEO

16 Responses

  1. In WORDALICIOUS, I’m on level 14 already!


  2. Wow! This all seems so fabulous. I thank the CPAC Administration and the army community for this fantastic news site.


  3. More Ariana Grande pls


    • get back to the snack bar

      i didnt appoint you as snack manager for nothing


  4. interstella 5555 for movie night


  5. Not as good as last year, yet good.


    • The calendar is very much subject to change as we add events.


  6. Awesome! :mrgreen: The thing I’am most looking foward to is the Legends Cup, and the Summer CPAC Awards hehe.


  7. At the end of the Legends Cup paragraph, it says LGVI aka Legends Cup 6.


  8. Sounds good but Move Night sounds? Hmm. Gay?


  9. Wow… I can’t believe it’s the fourth year.


  10. This is a new idea coming to CPAC — we will be holding an army-wide movie night on our chat and poll you as to what movie you want to watch, Further details will come out on this soon.

    What ever happened to the movie night that that Molly girl ran last spring? Pretty fun. Nice schedule I like it (y).


  11. Hell yes movie night


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