HSA Leaders Faking Nachos’ Surrender?

Blue1: Garrett, HSA Leader in Training, has been confirmed as the one responsible for the edited comment. Proof is below, thanks to Dxdzn for this. Now, all that is left is to see if HSA’s leadership takes any action due to this.

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FJORD, Nacho Empire- As the brutally political war between Nachos and HSA rages on, new informtion has surfaced regarding the HSA ownership faking pictures of the Nachos surrendering battles.

EDIT: As of 8:31 PM EST, new information has been found, seeming to justify Nacho claims.

Upon going to this printscreen, it shows the comment in question on the HSA site. Below is an edited version, blocking out Tomato’s IP.

This seems to be an earlier revision of the comment. More on this as it develops.


While this brings to mind the Nachos faking pictures of ACP ordering a hack of their chat during last summer’s Nacho/ACP war, this time, the Nachos are on the victim side of the apparent conflict. According to Nacho owners, the HSA has been making accounts of prominent people inside the Nachos and commenting on the HSA site admitting defeat in a battle.

This is all extremely plausible, due to the fact that the publicly displayed name of any account can be changed at any time, along with the gravatar. But in a hope to put this to rest once a for all, I did a bit of digging.

Now, I’m in no way trying to prove or disprove anything either army is saying. But this is simply what’s been found.

The comment presented to be by the Nacho ownership, showing the HSA is faking Nacho pictures, is below, a comment submitted by Tomato — a 2ic of the army — on the HSA site.

For those of you who do not know, when you click on a person’s gravatar and are brought to their profile, the name they originally registered as is in the hyperlink.

As shown in the example here, upon viewing my gravatar the name in the hyperlink is “bluesockwa1cpac”, which is my original WordPress account name, even though my publicly displayed name is now “๖̶̶̶ۣۜмaтт.вℓυєѕσ¢кωa1”.

So, the main way to prove whether or not this is real is to click on the gravatar image of the account on the HSA site, and to match it with the account of Tomato on a site he has been proven to be on — CPAC. He’s Editor-in-Chief here. Below are the two profiles found by accessing Tomato’s gravatar first from the HSA site, and next from the CPAC site.

Tomato's profile from the HSA site.

Tomato’s profile from the HSA site.

And following this, Tomato’s CPAC gravatar.

Tomato's profile from the CPAC site.

Tomato’s profile from the CPAC site.

In case you are not able to tell, these two profiles are exactly the same. The biography of the accounts match, the publicly displayed name matches, and the registered account name, found in the hyperlink — comiccraze1 — is also the same on both of the accounts.

So in conclusion, unless the HSA owners have taken over Tomato’s WordPress account, the Nachos accusations of HSA Leaders are false. However, nothing can be determined until we here from Tomato, the person in question. Even though the current Nacho theories have been squashed-

-the other very real possibility is that Tomato had commented, and that an editor or administrator on the HSA site edited what Tomato had said. That’s also a very possible outcome. But that’s all we can speculate on for now.

All for now, I’m going to end this before you die from my awful puns. More on this story as it develops.


CPA Central CEO

34 Responses

  1. You better not edit my comment


    • Omg you guys are so retarded. All it said 32wade, me, did was approve the comment. Look at what 32wade did. Omg retarded idiots


  2. oooo..


  3. As for punishments to Gar, he is getting a nice spanking tonight with my BIG BLACK C–BELT, and he is grounded until the war is over.


  4. Honestly I don’t see how this is news. Armies do this all the time during wars.


    • Lol, how isn’t it news? A war between the two major armies and a Nacho Leader accuses the other army of faking the Nachos of admitting defeat…
      Which is how you win a war…
      How isn’t this news?


  5. Death to HSA


  6. So you’ve been STALKING ME?!?!?!?

    In all seriousness, I commented telling HSA to admit defeat. However, the comment was changed to me saying what you see in the post. I went on HSA chat, and some people on there told me it was Garrett that changed it. I don’t believe anyone has control over my wordpress account.


  7. He’s pretty stupid.


  8. HSA owners also impersonate people on chat so they can get them banned on Riffy and other tracking chats.


  9. Oh, the irony.


  10. Nachos are retards.They should get a brain Acp is good.You guys should of found out.


  11. All that means is that Garrett approved the comment. He changed it from pending to approved xD. This is coming from a guy neutral to both sides.


  12. HSA needs to stop playing dirty. Damn. Theres not a single army out there in the top ten who hasn’t done something scummy but HSA is the worst of them all.


  13. oh HSA.


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