The Results of the CPAC 25

With an extremely successful gala that we will definitely be hosting again next year, it’s time to talk about the CPAC 25.

First off, some 60-70 people showed for today’s army-wide gala. The chat made it to the xat popular page, and, despite a few of our original ideas falling through, the Gala itself was a very enjoyable experience. I’d like to thank everyone who came and participated — we at CPAC are nothing without your support. And so many of you coming out to support parties like The Gala and The Superbowl Party make us want to hold more and more of these such events. I’d also like to thank Dxdzn for his last-minute graphics, which were great.

While I have this chance, I’d like to take a moment and say that the new official chat for CPAC will be I realize that, at this point, it is decorated for the gala event, but soon it will be serving as the official chat for this site.

I also would like to say that this year’s CPAC 25 has been much more successful. Many of you may notice that some of the viewer favorites were not as high as you might expect, this is due to the fact that the viewer vote accounted for only part of the final verdict. And so, your CPAC 25. A short paragraph about each of the members in the Top Five will be included after the comprehensive list.

1. Mchappy

2. Puckley

3. Dxdzn

4. Bluesockwa1

5. Bluesockwa2

6. Albert417

7. Ganger90

8. Edd64

9. Flo

10. Ads354

11. Kenneth1000

12. Buritodaily

13. Beeky128778

14. Vinny

15. Bearsboy10

16. Capncook

17. Ioioluk

18. Mustapha10

19. Lord Pain

20. Kingfunks4

21. Zakster

22. Spi101

23. Coff

24. Pungy

25. Dashing Snow


The bios were composed by members of the CPA Central Staff — Bluesockwa1, Mchappy, and Shiver.

1. Mchappy

When people talk about “The ACP Greats”, sure, they talk about Shab and Boomer. But Mchappy is the greatest modern ACP Leader. I mean, take a look around. The very name “Mchappy” has brought troops to ACP, and the army has been on a steady rise, staying 2nd for two weeks in a row. Mchappy is an extraordinary leader, that we all know, but another thing that is prominent about Mchappy is his kindness. This isn’t something I say often, but Mchappy makes every member of ACP feel like they are valued. And when that’s the case, it doesn’t really matter to them, about their rank.

This emphasizes the fact that a name can do anything. Mchappy’s name is legendary, and his simple appointment as leader has already brought a great deal of reform to ACP. Now, along with Leader of the Year 2012, Mchappy has earned the title of the 2013 Most Influential Person. I have had the chance to work with Mchappy closely in CPAC, as well, and I can say that he, along with a few others, has formed a better administrative team than I could ever hope for. The legend, Mchappy. And after three weeks, he’s already number one again.


2. Puckley

There is no one who personifies the Nachos more than it’s loyal, hardworking leader, Puckley.

Ever since he joined the Nachos and served in my legion in the Nacho Army back in 2008, he has proven himself to be an honorable and well-given soldier. Never has he ever attempted treason or even imagined insurrection against his superiors. He answered his superiors with respect and obeyed every order without question.

Serving in several ownership posts in his Nacho career, Puckley has helped to improve our relations abroad as well as back home. Diplomats from the ACP, AR, and IW have found it a pleasure to work with him, and so relations with those armies have stayed on good terms recently. As some say, you can dislike the Nachos but more difficultly as you can dislike Puckley.

Back home, he has literally carried this army for a while. While our other leaders are busy with other matters, he has cut into his time to see that this army does not collapse or fall for even a second. His effective wartime leadership has helped the Nachos to win wars both at home and away. His optimism guides them to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges, as when he helped lead several battles against the ACP back in the July War.

It is no doubt Puckley deserves a spot on the CPAC 25. His commitment to the Nachos, it’s troops, their allies, and this community spread his influence everywhere the Nachos go. Leaders across the community aspire to be the quintessential leader he is.


3. Dxdzn

I’ve heard many people today say that they were offered ranks about a month or two ago in the returning Hot Sauce Army. And that those people had declined these ranks, due to the fact that “they were sure it would fail”. Well, like or hate HSA, it is here and it is here to stay. The army has risen up from the lows of the Top Ten into the Top Five, and has now sustained itself as the number one army.

And, of course, the catalyst of this army is Dxdzn. He is what you think of when you think of HSA. Under Dx, the other leaders have helped to form HSA into something more legendary than it ever has. While it may be one of the most controversial number one armies we have seen in a while, the fact is that you can’t argue HSA’s influence.

And for that reason, I’m very happy to present Dxdzn with third place this year. As  far as I am concerned, he is the glue that holds HSA together. And may he stay for much longer.


4. Bluesockwa1

Bluesockwa1 has earned his way to the spot of forth most influential person in the community.  The very site you’re viewing right now shaped a character that this community will never soon forget.  He worked his way up through CPAC, being noted as a phenomenal reporter, and was able to become the head honcho in a year, thus opening new doors to becoming a very powerful figure.  Using his position, he influenced many potential reporters and formed together staff that helped him push CPAC to an even higher legendary status.  Holding many forums and parties, even testing the self hosting boundary waters for armies, he has become a man of great success.  Not only did he work in media, but he hopped from army to army finding ranks that gave him the power to make decisions.  Whether you like the man or not, he has become one of, if not the, most prominent head of site this community has ever seen that has influenced an entire community to bend to his whim.


5. Bluesockwa2

Honestly, this is a hard thing for me to write. It’s very hard to sum up Bluesockwa2 as a person. But I’ll do my best, as I’m not sure many of you can sum him up either. Bluesockwa2 is the longest serving CPAC CEO, and has seen some of site greatest highs — and its greatest lows — throughout his 2+ year span as a CPAC Staff Member. He has served as Co-Head with two very public people, being myself and Funks.

So let’s get down to it. Sometimes I wonder what Blue2 will be remembered as. While he has never truly exposed himself to the public, I know that the people who knew him well will know him as one of the smartest people ever to grace armies. Without Blue2, CPAC does not have the foundation it needs to go out into the public. Blue2 has been the only staff member to bridge the movement from CPAC as a news site, to CPAC as a corporation. And, the fact is, we could not have done it without him.

For this, I’m proud to say that he has been awarded 5th place this year. There is no one more fitting.



So, another CPAC 25 has gone by. This one, hopefully, much more successful than the previous. I would once again like to thank all of you who attended the 1st ever CPAC Gala; it will be held in the coming years, all because of the huge success from this year. And frankly, while we’re at it, I’d like to extend a thank you to you, for reading this post. You are what makes CPAC the great news site it is. We can only do so much by hiring staff, you control our influence, and use us as a community where soldiers from all around this community can discuss the things we are all here for. In a way, we’re a lot more connected than we realize. For CPAC, I’m Bluesockwa1.


CPA Central CEO

35 Responses

  1. The gala was fun.


  2. I’m extremely honored to be voted most influential this year. It really astounds me how far I’ve come since 2008. I’ve made so many great friends and I believe I’ll truly remember these fun times whenever I retire.

    Just a big thank you for everyone voting for me. Congratulations to everyone who was either nominated and/or got on the list. You’re all influential in your own way. :mrgreen:


  3. Congrats to everyone that got into top 25 😀


  4. Thank you for honoring and recognizing me with such a title; I appreciate it greatly. I’m glad to serve as an influencing member of our great community. It is also humbling to see many Nachos, and former Nachos at that, recognized as well. Despite the individuality of this distinction, I owe just as much gratitude to all the Nachos, for I could not achieve such things. For that, collectively, this is for you.

    Congratulations to all who were also recognized.

    Also, thank you Shiver for your kind words. 😉


  5. we at CPAC are nothing without your support

    This basically sums up why CPAC is so influential and controlling over the community



    Thanks to all who voted for me. HSA troops, stay cute and sexy.

    However, most importantly, THANK YOU BASED GOD.


  7. hate to sound arrogant but i deserve higher




  9. This year’s CPAC 25 was really interesting, and the gala rocked as well! Well done everyone who won! Especially the top 5 😉 I can’t wait for next year’s 25


  10. Some descriptions for the other 20 would be nice.


  11. YAY ALBERT!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOO!!!! YAY!!!! WOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!


  12. Thank you for the 25th spot. I’m honored to even be on the list. 🙂
    As a thank you for voting for me, I invite all of you to touch the lucky brass ass. You deserve it.


  13. I was there


  14. mor dinos


  15. Love how the colors of the name match their army. Pain’s name should have been rainbow tho.


  16. After reading this post i suddenly realize how bad Bluesockwa1s posts are. After reading this i wont be reading Bluesockwa1s posts anymore because they are simply awful and non amusing.

    crappy post and crappy results


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