Dark Warriors vs. Ice Warriors[Practice Battle]

Husky- The Dark Warriors have had a practice battle with the the Ice Warriors who are on the edge of going to war.

Hello CPAC, recently the Dark Warriors and the Ice Warriors had a practice battle. The Dark Warriors maxed 25+, while the Ice Warriors maxed 20+. Both armies were neck and neck most of the practice battle with great tactics and sizes. They both managed a tie at the end of it.


Ice Warriors doing puffles with an “L” line.

This is one of the Ice Warriors pictures with perfect puffles and a nice “L” shape line. After this practice battle the Ice Warriors decided that they are ready for war. Now we have to wait for who they are going to choose for war.


The Ice Warriors look to be ready for a war as that is what the troops been waiting for. They have had many of training/recruiting sessions and of course some practice battles to prepare and most of the events seemed successful. They have not chose who to go to war with yet.

DW with nice size and perfect tactic.

Now onto to DW’s picture which shows them with a great size and perfect tactic. Now DW are not craving/planning war, but are still building the army up again for they need to do. They have been having training/recruiting sessions for a majority of their events.

Now we have seen both armies pictures of event and it kind of looks like DW had a bigger size then IW, but they tied pretty well in tactics. The Dark Warriors say they had 32 on chat, but they were inactive during event. The IW leader, Albert said that the practice battle was intense and intense it was indeed with them going neck to neck with sizes and tactics. The 2 armies are brother allies, so this was not a serious event, but it was a huge and fun one.

The Ice Warriors have been consistent and DW have been bouncing around here and there. IW have been staying up in the 4th and 5th spot in CPAC’s Top 10 and DW dropped down to 7th from being tied in first 2 weeks ago.

The practice battle was intense, but IW should start getting bigger sizes soon if they want to go to war. The Dark Warriors are still building and should not focus on any wars just yet. That ends this post. Bye!


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  1. The post could have used more detail for sure, but I like how you formatted your pictures with your words.


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