The War of Words

MIGRATOR – The Grab for Troops post last week  has been followed by an attack directed at CPAC heads, Bluesockwa and Bluesockwa2. Despite being no where near their previous size and falling out of the recent top ten, they have not stayed out of the controversial statements and this is just the latest in their war of words against people outside the army of the Pirates. The DCP and SWAT have recently been banned from the CPAC top ten for forging pictures, but could CPAC go against the Pirates for their actions? In one of his comments he said “I am not trying to offend people”.

The last time CPAC “banned” someone (when they have not forged pictures) was during the headship of Kingfunks4 and Bluesockwa2, when the LT used offensive pictures to the ACP soldiers and CPAC administrators. The LT was banned, but subsequently were unbanned just a week later. The initial ban was not taken well by many people in the army community and this is why the ban was lifted so quickly. The CPAC heads at the time said that they would not ban people from CPAC and “abuse their power” so much. The SWAT and DCP were banned for forging top ten pictures, but this was not taken with controversy.

On the recent CPAC gala, there has been a “war of words” between CPAC Heads Bluesockwa/Bluesockwa2 and Pirates Leader Waterkid. Many of Waterkid’s comments were not approved by the CPAC heads and he has been outraged by this and said “I can make a big ass comment responding to this, but whats the point if you’re going to put it to the spam section like a p***y you are?” in one of his comment responses. Many of the points made by either side have been in depth and they have both tried to beat the other and win the “war of words”.

Waterkid’s main point of annoyance was that people have not been including him near the top of their top 25 and some have not included him at all. His first comment said the following:


You got Ace Fireken there. He did NOTHING. All he does is claim to be 16 but type like an 8 year old. He also doesn’t go to school and spends his life on the computer. I remember going on xat in the morning once and seeing Ace on Nachos chat and then I came back he was still there, I HAVE 6 HOURS OF SCHOOL + 1 EXTRA HOUR COMING HOME.

Yeasy is just a nob who hasn’t led an army to the Top 5.

I caused World War 6, first army CPPS creator, Person of the Year ’12, and you guys are picking army hoppers like Benjarkin instead of me. POPULARITY CONTEST.

oh God, this totally FAILS

His anger was clear for everyone to see, saying how Bejarkin, Tylund, Bam, Mustapha and the Blue Brothers have not done anything to be influential in the army community while he/he was the “caused World war 6, first army CPPS creator, Person of the Year’12”. Bluesockwa2 responded to this outrage from the Pirates Leader and said that Waterkid only harmed CP armies and that we are “still feeling the after effects” of the war that he caused.

“Might I remind you that you were not awarded Person of the Year based on your infinite benevolence, endless magnanimity, and unceasing kindness, you were awarded it for being the person who caused more hatred, flame war, anger, and destruction in this community than anyone else.”

Just hours after this original outspirt, another string of comments started with long responses from Bluesockwa and Bluesockwa2. Waterkid continued to state how he has many things going for him, such as getting CPAC Person of the Year 2012. On top of this, he repeated how some people should not be considered for the top 25 while he should be. His comment was not put into the spam section.

“I started World War 6, Person of the Year, and the first CPPS for warfare.

Yet, you all pick idiots like Ace Fireken, Aaron, Pain, Blue Brothers, Yeasy and Benjarkin.

Honestly, this is so stupid. What Pain done? Nothing, just getting couped in every army he leads. How is this influencing people? You morons are missing the point of this.


I am not trying to offend people, but honestly, what the hell have you done this year? @ Aqua, Yeasy, Ace, Aaron, Blue Brothers, Pain and much much more.”

Bluesockwa2 was very detailed with his response and was not happy with Waterkid’s actions. The points were put into detail, with a summary at the end of his comment. The summary included all of the main points that he talked about in his comment.

“So do we see the pattern? You, whose credibility and influence shattered long ago, now have the audacity to bash candidates who you insult not based on their influence but on your personal hatred, you, who is hated by the majority of this community. You’ve also the audacity to insult the viewers to whom you direct your stupidity, saying anyone voting for these candidates is a moron, idiotic. Your statements are inaccuracies, your ideals and designs of greatness are false and imagined, your name is nothing but mud.”

Following these battle of comments, which also included another response from Bluesockwa, Waterkid has posted on the Pirates site as he says that “they are putting my comments to the spam section”. You can read the whole post by clicking here. The main point of the post was that he made a difference to CP armies and that the world war of last year did not effect armies, with many of the armies involved still staying near the top of the top ten. He also said that is Club Warfare “is not a failed project”. Other points included him saying that he “doesn’t care about being person of the Year”. A very important message of the post came when he said the following.

What is so influencing about being head of CPAC? You guys suck. You fired me, I didn’t give a crap. You fired me, I made CPWN, and you started bribing me to merge CPWN into CPAC for editor, which I took because I was busy with the Pirates. I asked you to put CW’s banner on CPAC site, you refused. I didn’t really care as SMAC supported us and most of the major armies know about us anyway. I hate you guys because you think you are the Fuhrers of club penguin armies. I mean, what the hell gives CPAC the rights to make legends? YOU’RE A NEWS SITE, STICK WITH IT.

On top of this, at the bottom of the post when he showed pictures of people endorsing his views of the Bluesockwa brothers “being nobody without CPAC”. There could be a view for this as they have had little success in leading armies, but the other view is that they are successful in CPAC as they have put a lot of time into it and deserve the outcomes of success that is created. However, there have been suggestions from the people involved in the pictures that they have been faked to make the blue brothers look bad. Although this cannot be verified, as one person has said that these had been edited.

Dan/Eyes saying the picture was faked

Daniel said to me that he knows its fake. He said  “I don’t have a capital D in ‘daniel’ and I’m assuming he didn’t screen my Registration name since he couldn’t provide any further attestation of my ID name. It just shows how he is out to get B1/B2 for his vendettas. Waterkid starts flame wars, and then B1 and B2 (in vindication) reply back and he loses because he can’t win this cuss war he starts”.  However, this cannot be counted as proof for fake pictures and I do not say that he did fake pictures, as others such as Tannerboss have said that his picture was not faked. Whatever happens out of the War of Words, Waterkid has not stopped to create controversy and has created a storm with CPAC Heads Bluesockwa and Bluesockwa2. Some may agree with his points that the Blue Brothers have only been successful because of CPAC, but they have reiterated that they have built success at CPAC and have earned the plaudits that they get. Neither of them have been very successful leaders.

What do YOU think about the War of Words between Waterkid and the Blue Brothers? Will the Pirates or Waterkid be banned from CPAC, or will they do something else to deal with the controversial leader? Is he right, or are the Blue Brothers right? Comment YOUR opinion on all of these questions and debate with others on what they have said.


61 Responses

  1. 1500 words


    • Damn…


    • 1.) The CPPS for armies has been an IDEA for so long that you didn’t create. Also, making a fail CPPS isn’t an achievement.
      2.) You’re not the reason Pirates got 30+ you even know that, with those leaders who retired, Pirates fell.
      3.) Anyone can start a world war simply by attack ACP with their allies, causing ACP’s allies to join in, moron.
      (or by attacking armies similar to ACP)


      • Attacking*


      • 1) An idea that was fore fronted by Water. The idea may have been around for some time but wasn’t really thought of literally until Water made it so.

        2) In fact he is. Ace was more of a battle time leader than Water. Water dealt with troops, servers and enemies much more than anyone else did.

        3) Not exactly. It takes much more than that to qualify for a world war.


  2. Second


  3. Great post. While Waterkid does complain often, he does have a point. The HSA Leaders are being very over rated based on one month of success. People in this community seem to pocess very short-memories, how can HSA hitting first twice overshadow the dominance that LT, DW, CPPA, SWAT had over armies during 2012-2013?

    I also feel that B1/B2 use CPAC as a way of intimidation, as they cannot hold their own in an arguement. They should be the bigger men and leave CPAC and the Top 10 out of this.


  4. 1 – I really hate Water
    2 – Instead of banging on about how great he is maybe he should try and concentrate on rising Pirates
    3 – Water is a sexist and racist, why would you want to be led by that?
    4 – If people wanted him in their top 25, they’d have added him, going round begging makes him look desperate.

    Good post Funks.


    • I wasn’t begging, I just said how stupid the whole thing was. Idiot.


      • You said how stupid it was because you weren’t getting voted, if you were getting voted you wouldn’t have said anything, just moaning purely because you weren’t getting voted as often as you wanted.

        Idiot, yah good one.


        • Begging – Asking someone earnestly or humbly for something.

          Water has not been begging for votes. Everyone’s list should contain Waterkid100 as he is one of the most influential people of the past year. Whether you like him or not, he is most definitely one of them.


  5. It’s funny how Eyes claims his one was fake when all the others were real


  6. Nice post Funks. Waterkid should really calm down and stop begging people to put him in there top 25, it makes him look like a whiney 8 year old.


  7. Water is a gay fag that doesn’t even deserve a post such as this one about him.


  8. Why ban pirates from the top 10 when they can’t make it there anyway? 😛


  9. While I do believe Water is in wrong with his attitude, I believe he brings up a lot of good points.


  10. I’m laughing how Water claims how “he doesn’t care what people think of him”……..defending his ass from the whole community 😀


  11. And now that this post has came up, Water is trying to defend what little honor he has left by arguing with everyone whom opposes his views. In all reality, he is becoming more and more like Lord Pain. He is in a midlife crisis since he was huge, and now is a small speck in a world that doesn’t care about him.


  12. Yes Water has been quite offensive towards some people here but he is right in so many matters here. I’ve tried defending him where I can and it’s much easier than you think.

    Water influenced WW6 massively. This had a massive effect on our community and he should be near the top of everyone’s list simply because of his influence. This list is more like a popularity contest than an actual award.

    Secondly, everyone hating on the Pirates. They’re growing.

    Thirdly, his points are somewhat correct about the Blue brothers. I like Blue1 and I don’t want to come across in a moderately offensive way at all but Water is correct that without CPAC, the 2 blues would have next to no influence on armies.

    I can’t be asked to write massive comments as I actually prefer to waste my time on other stuff.




  14. Well, I’m glad we don’t give people who start World Wars awards… I couldn’t imagine Hitler or Kim Il Sung walking around with “Person’s of the year” awards… Even though both of these listed people are dead, does it seem like we should have? Now if we compare Water to these people we do see some… Er… Similarities… My opinion is to put it to a vote. See what the people think.


    • Stalin and Hitler were both Person of the Year for TIME magazine.

      Your points is?


      • Time Magazine… What were they thinking? So they thought that Hitler, who murdered something around 11 million Jews and Stalin who sent his own comrades to the Goulags in Siberia should both have been Persons of the year? Either way, I didn’t say Stalin, I said Kim Il Sung, which if you’ve been up to date on current things happening was the Kim Jong Un’s Grandpappy.


        • Wasn’t it like 6 million Jews.


          • Six million Jews.
            Five million “others”, like Christians, Gypsies, Homosexuals, etc.


          • I can’t say the exacts, I merely took the number off of my memory. Please give me one second. That link says between 11 million and 17 million.


            • They were still voted as “Person of the Year” individually. I’m sure that Hitler got his award in 1938, a year before the war.

              I said Hitler and Stalin because they would be the best people to disprove your point. I know you didn’t say Stalin but he is still relevant as it is a shock to see him named as Person of the Year.

              Your comment was pretty dumb to be honest.


              • I am not understanding how my comment can be dumb, as in not intelligent, seeing as I tried to provide basic facts on the situation, stating my opinion on the situation. However, I can see you are very rooted on the fact that you think Waterkid is awesome, and seeing as that is your own opinion, I won’t say anything on the matter. However, even though I am no longer part of the CP army community, I would still like to say that Water has doxed me, and I don’t care. So ya. Personally, I would like to support the people who own the news site, so there you are. Good day.


              • A year before the war, in which time Hitler had turned Germany into a super power to an impoverished country destroyed by war. Perhaps they looked at that point in Hitler’s Nazi Legacy, rather then his sending Jews to Concentration camps and keep them in Ghettos. Joseph Stalin as well, against the will of Lenin took over Russia and became the Dictator of the Soviet Union (Or USSR, I can’t remember at this moment in time), in which case he turned his country in to a sort of communist power house in which 20 million of his own people paid the price. Perhaps Time’s Magazine took Stalin’s Five year plans into account, rather then his brutal murdering of his own people. Now, let’s take a look at Waterkid, who has doxxed multiple people, and has created many scuffles, apparently one of them being a World War. If he wants to go and bash people, then he can expect to be bashed by others. Saying that making an army, and rising it to the top ten is irrelevant, when the only other thing that he’s done to apparently make a major difference in how CP armies are today (Besides a majority of people disliking Water) was by causing World War 6, which as by looking at the number, 5 other people should also be up there. But, this is all opinion and facts, and I am none the wiser in what people who play Club Penguin armies are to say.


  15. No crap people would be non-influential if they didn’t lead a big army or head a big news site, how would they become influential otherwise?


  16. To be honest, gotta agree with Waterkid, this is a popularity contest by people who aren’t really that influential. Being a leader isn’t being influential unless you do something eye catching


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