Army Republic vs. SWAT – The Battle for Toboggan

Toboggan – With a rather confusing war score, the war between the SWAT and Army Republic somewhat confusingly begins. With AR claiming it to be 2-0-0 before the event started and SWAT saying this was the 1st battle of the war, there is much confusion between the two armies. Today, the Army Republic were to defend against the SWAT in an invasion of Toboggan that proved to be a well-matched battle. The SWAT recognize this as the 1st battle of the war, where the AR recognizes this as the 3rd. AR claims to have invaded SWAT in 2 different events. One at Australian times and one at UK times. SWAT say they were not notified of these 2 events, so they do not recognize the invasions. AR were quick to use the following quote in a recent interview by Spikey, SWAT 2ic.

Both armies recognized the battle for Toboggan and fought valiantly today. Below are some pictures from both of the armies.

Picture from AR. Not published on their site as of yet.

J-Bomb from AR. Not published on site as of yet.

Picture from AR. Not published on site as of yet.

Beginning of the war. SWAT has a size advantage in this picture by a few soldiers.

Best tactic and largest size from SWAT.

Taken from SWAT site. The first move from the Stadium to the Ice Berg. SWAT later lose size and the armies have a much more even comparison.

As ever, both armies have taken pictures that make themselves look bigger which does make it slightly difficult to determine a winner. However, both armies have agreed to a tie as they both averaged around 15 and maxed at 20. This was a very close battle and this is sure to be a well-matched war. It will be very interesting to see if the war stays polite and fun between the two armies. Starz leaving AR a very clear message.

Who do you think won? What is your opinion on this war? Is Bid Now the sexiest penguin to grace the lands of the South Pole? Let us know in the comments!

~Bid Now, CPAC Writes What He Wants

16 Responses

  1. I call first? 😉

    My name is 6789cool and I love men because I’m a fairy frog. Sometimes I go on Bid Now’s legendary posts and write “first” in the comments because Bid Now is just too god damn sexy for me. This is understandable.


  2. Nipples


  3. This post is brilliant. Well done Bid!


  4. Army Republic won?


  5. Nice post Bid and of course you are the sexiest man who ever graced the lands of South Pole. *wary*


    • Eh. I see this as a tie. SWAT had a slightly better start but then AR dominated during the 1st half of the fight in the stadium. The 2nd half of that SWAT dominated. Then at the Ice Berg, SWAT started off stronger but then dwindled in size to the same as AR.


  6. That’s a definite tie. Either armies claim victory would just be plain childish.


  7. You couldn’t make it up, SWAT now moaning for the exact thing they did to us, bellends!!!


  8. tied. AR won the 1st half and SWAT won the 2nd half


  9. AR LIES SWAT will win


  10. Do a post on yesterday’s Invasion of Rocky Road


  11. Looked pretty even to me.


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