SWAT Issues Declaration of War on Army Republic

MAMMOTH, SWAT Empire – Just hours after the end of the Roman-SWAT war, SWAT has issued another Declaration of War, this time on the Army Republic.

SWAT’s recent war with Romans ended poorly for the army, resulting in a defeat at the hands of the rising Romans and a subsequent treaty. (This resulted in a bit of turmoil and disagreement from the other leaders, but nevertheless the treaty stands.)

Hello Romans! We have made an agreement with SWAT for peace, (SWAT asked). All invasions have been cancelled. SWAT has agreed to this treaty, as well as Romans.


  • Romans win the war.
  • Romans get Zipline

(SWAT refused to give more servers)

  • SWAT and Romans share Blizzard 50/50
  • Ceasefire until July 1st
  • Alliance with SWAT.
  • SWAT Apologizes
  • If either army declares war before the ceasefire, they lose all their servers.



            Cpt Awesome3, Romans Emperor, 5/06/13

SWAT immediately took advantage of the end of the war and declared war on the Army Republic. Outside of the four planned invasion times, Ganger made only a short statement on the site, and did not respond to requests for further comment.

First and foremost, we’d like for this to be a completely fun war, not a flame war, but — Well, you know how that goes.

Ganger90, SWAT Leader, 5/06/13

AR responded quickly, with a far less pleasant outlook.

That’s right. Special Weapons & Tactics army declared war on us. An old rivalry is about to be re-born. They say they want a “fun war.” You know what’s funny about that SWAT? AR doesn’t like fun wars, we like trying our best to virtually destroy the enemy until surrender in which point we expect a profit from their nation. ;) Point being, SWAT, we are coming full force. AR Doesn’t Recognize Almost Any Of SWAT’s Servers, as they claim servers that other armies have proven to own 100%. 

Buritodaily, AR Leader, 5/06/13

As seen above, AR also refuses to recognize a portion of the SWAT nation, due to a controversy that has arisen in recent days over SWAT’s habit of arbitrarily claiming old severs in every new generation. AR’s leader Burito also issued a later statement, in effect telling any troops in both armies to fight for AR or else.

If you are in both SWAT and AR, then those who choose AR will be rewarded. Those who choose SWAT will ultimately be fired for treason and likely added to the H.O.S. 

Buritodaily, AR Leader,  5/06/13

It seems Ganger’s hopes for a ‘fun war’ have quickly gone out the window, and conflict has escalated quickly before either army has even set foot on the battlefield.

What do YOU think? Comment YOUR opinion!

♣||»Sιя Bℓυєsσ¢кωa тнє 2η∂«||♣

CPA Central CEO

10 Responses

  1. 1st maybe and go AR


  2. I love getting mentioned in the news..


  3. well if swat cant beat romans then they dont stand a chance against ar swat is going to get there asses handed to them on a plate


  4. http://prntscr.com/13qjb5 “We want a fun war!11!!”


  5. Why do we even recognize the SWAT as a legitimate army? Legally, they don’t even have a nation.


  6. SWAT invaded tons of free servers THIS generation in morning invasions. We didn’t just claim all of our servers, we had around 5-6 servers, then we invaded many servers in THIS generation.


  7. Good luck to the both of ’em.


  8. Very nice post. I certainly appreciate this website. Continue the good work!


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