Burning Desire

ICE BOX , Light Troop Empire — The Fire Warriors fought for a claim to fame by taking on the weakened, but legendary Light Troops, who have shown fast recovery from their recent drop.

Note: This post is intended to be factual and no bias is included nor intended.

Burning Desire

The Light Troops have defeated the Fire Warriors after a short war.

The Fire Warriors held claims to the  #1 spot on SMAC before a defacing by disgruntled associates. Following the recovery from the deface, leader Tacodaily abruptly retired and left Fire Warrior Percyjackson2 as leader. This took a huge toll on them, as it was them who initiated the war. FW forfeited several battles while losing several few, losing closely in some and by huge numbers in others.

Wink Tactic

This victory stands a spark of hope for the Light Troops, showing their resilience and will to fight after a brutal revenge attack by the Army of the Republic. LT was tied for 5th with rival AR in the Top 10. The FW did not place in this week’s edition of CPAC’s Top 10 due to a defacing.

There are no specific terms to the surrender by FW, other than conclusion of the war. Although this was a loss for them, it is a stepping stone for their future, standing up to the Light Troops and being able to go toe-to-toe with them in a few events.

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  1. That’s Taco for ya!
    Note to Taco: LOLOLOLOL U SUCK 😛




  3. tacofaily


  4. Congratulations to Light Troops’ win.


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