Rising Tensions, or Falling Armies?

UPDATE [3:30 EST]: There are rumors from the UMA administrators that the RPF have agreed to become a colony of once rivals UMA. There will be a post once we have seen a post from both armies confirming that this has been agreed upon.

ICE BERG – The rising army, the Romans, have sent a threat to their enemies the UMA. The UMA recently gave their servers to the HSA and said that the Romans would have to go through them to get the servers. After this seemed to die down, there was a post from the Romans saying how the UMA had to stop the rising tensions with the RPF. Is this going to create a medium army war, or will it just be the telling story of two legendary armies who are now in the obis.

Since the Romans were recreated on April 9th by Romans Creator, Dj, they have slowly been rising and this week found themselves 9th on the CPAC Top Ten. Dj was previously an ACP 3ic before creating the Romans, but eventually left the army to recreate and rise the legendary army. Many said that this would not work, as almost no one had the Roman Helmet (Which CP said might return in an email response), but they have proved them wrong by rising into the top ten with sizes reaching around 20.

The Romans were at war with the Underground Mafia Army, who have not been in the top ten for a while. They did have a shock appearance in a top ten on the 14th of April, but there last top ten appearance before that was on St.Patricks day, the 17th of March. The main thing to note from this is that the UMA have not been above 10th for even longer than that. There has been signs that the UMA are struggling to reach there former glory and they had to ask HSA for help during the war with the Romans, who were not even in the top ten at this point. If the Romans had not intervened  there could have been a small scale war with the Rebel Penguin Federation.

The Rebel Penguin Federation have been on an even worse run than the UMA, not reaching the top ten for the whole of this year and a long length before the start of 2013. The research to find RPF’s last top ten spot was too big a research for myself to do, signifying RPF’s very poor size and status. There was some hope for the RPF, previously a rebellion with the UMA, when Qwerty recreated them after previously saying they were “dead forever” and created some medium sized events and decent chat sizes. However, Qwerty could not keep the rise up and they eventually fell and even fell further when he “had no internet for a week”. There have been calls from many army veterans to end the RPF forever, much like the CP army who have never been recreated in modern times, but there have been multiple attempts to get them back into the CPAC top ten. Almost all of their attempts have failed. The RPF’s last event came just over two weeks ago when they hit poor sizes of around 10.

Qwerty’s response to the RPF’s fall was to explicit to copy onto this report, but part of it did give an insight into the RPF’s problems. Qwerty was very angry about what he thought was wrong with the army.


Ironically, this was the calmest bit of the post with the rest full of swear words.

According to the Romans site, the UMA have been threatening to declare war on the RPF, who were formally a part of the UMA and famously caused a rebellion to create a legendary army. Both armies have been falling into the obis but they do not seem to be allies, like they were during a period of 2012, and the Romans had to step in to stop the UMA from declaring war. Dj had a lot to say about the situation.

“Recently, you have threatened our allies, the Rebel Penguin Federation, with invasion if they do not become your colony. Throughout the years, the RPF have been some of our greatest allies and friends, officially being our brother army since late 08/early 09. We have fought side by side since WW3, and we will not stand by and watch as you take advantage of their weakened state.”

The idea that the RPF would be a colony of the UMA would be beyond ridiculous for most people, as they have been an enemy to the army for most of their existence and near the beginning even being a rebellion of them. From the public view, the relations between the two armies seem like arch rivals once again and this puts into question how a colonization of the RPF would work.

Normally when I compare falling armies, I would compare the most recent pictures from events in both. However, the UMA have not had an event result for nearly a month and the RPF’s most recent picture was posted above, containing a few rouges. This could mean that a war between the once giant armies would be the final sentence that ended both of them once and for all. A poor war, that would kill two weak armies, both depending on top ten armies to defend them and possibly this defense is keeping them alive.

This defense from top ten armies could be the signal for another war, with the Romans defending the RPF from the UMA, while the HSA previously defended the UMA from the Romans. The Romans and HSA have been involved in protecting either of the armies and this has put them on the enemy list for each other to watch over as they have been on the opposite sides in the UMA/RPF conflict. However, the HSA sit in 2nd on the top ten (and have been for a while) and the Romans sit in 9th and this could be seen as a ‘low move’ by the HSA to invade a smaller army. I interviewed Tempahh, a Roman Leader.

Why did you stop the UMA from invading the RPF?

Throughout CP army history, the RPF have been allies with Romans and with Dj being the Romans founder he’d like to uphold tradition. Besides, RPF aren’t in a strong state at the moment so we are willing to back them.

That being said, were you annoyed that the HSA were a ‘wall’, to say, in invading the UMA?

Yes it’s annoying, I personally don’t see it as a very fair tactic but it isn’t illegal so what can you do? It’s not the braveest tactic.

Is it realistic that the Romans and HSA could go to war?

I doubt it, I wouldn’t say we are mad at HSA, we’re more mad at UMA but even still I don’t think a war would benefit either side. HSA are trying to gain a number one spot while we are trying to gain a regular top ten spot, it’s unlikely.

But Possible?

Anything is possible ;). One thing that isn’t possible though is City winning the league this season.

Haha, Nice One ;). Do you think the UMA and RPF will stay alive, or die for good?

Both are hard to gauge, honestly I think that the UMA are more likely to do well and hit major again but they are also more likely to die in my opinion. RPF will stay alive but with small numbers. Neither will die for good, their history is too rich to be left to die.

This was an insightful interview from Tempahh, formerly of Elites and SWAT among the highlights. He said he was annoyed that the HSA stopped them from invading the UMA, but they were more annoyed at the UMA than the HSA and said that a war was unlikely but “possible”. He points out how a war would not be beneficial for either army. Also, he says the UMA are more likely to hit major than the RPF, but also more likely to “fall into the obis” as I said. However, he doesn’t hold the opinion that their history is being ruined and says that “neither will die for good, their history is too rich to be left to die”.

What do YOU think about the Romans stopping the possible tensions between the falling armies of the RPF and UMA? Will the two legendary armies survive and will there be a war between the HSA and Romans?


16 Responses

  1. THURD


  2. Very good length on the post and obviously of a good quality with research done, great post.


  3. No internet and this happens? We are allies with romans and if they go to war with anyone, we follow. Time to take over rpf again, maybe this summer I will stick with them. By the way rpf. Didn’t die because I couldn’t keep it up , its because I LEFT.


  4. Go Romans


  5. Yeah. Cuz it’s not as if OOHMA and RPF wuz tryna merge a few months ago…..


  6. they had to ask HSA for help during the war with the Romans, who were not even in the top ten at this point

    But HSA got sixth on the March 17, 2013 top ten which you linked the sentence before lmao.

    Tempah’s interview was great. I really hope all three (Romans, RPF, and UMA) stay alive because they all have a rich, unique history that proves influential to all other armies. Glad to see Kingfunks is back too.




  8. I know this is CPAC Evaluation Week…but do you need an Evaluation? xD I guess I’ll evaluate it just for the sake of evaluating:

    -This is by no means a ‘requirement’, but quite a few people start the post with the server name in caps (not in small case). It’s a really small thing though. xD
    -Perhaps you might want to use some headings (eg. before the interview?)

    This post is really good, so I guess I’ll stop there.


  9. Well UMA is only looking to colonise RPF because we’re trying to build up the military. Romans got mad at us for no reason before that even happened, so I sense there’s other reasons. And to all who say UMA is done for, just wait until this summer, and ill be the one laughing.


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