Waterkid100 Banned from Pirates?

MIGRATOR — In a surprising turn of events, Waterkid100, re-creator of the Pirates, has been removed from the leadership; quite possibly permanently.  This post was updated on May 3, 2013 at 10:20am CST.

Note that this post is meant to be factual. No bias is included nor intended.

For weeks now the once major army has been having trouble pulling off a successful event with more than ten soldiers.  Things began to show signs of cracks on April 10, 2013.  Yeasy, a notable Pirate owner, made a post stating that Waterkid was ditching the army for Club Warfare.  “For christ sake, we all love CW, but have you seen our events?”  The week earlier Pirates seemed to be doing fine:


A suggested top ten picture for the week of April 7, 2013.

Things continued to escalate, sizes however were slowly decreasing.  The Pirates ignited from all the attention as Ace Fireken6 attempted to stage a rebellion from inside the army, telling others to join the Nachos.  During this time the Pirates were maxing fifteen at most and we unable to get into the top ten successfully.  Yeasy had a lot of plate on his hands,

We are not dead CP army community (Funks, you can stop dreaming about it). We are currently rebuilding after Ace betrayed CPPA and took half of our troops, making them join Nachos (btw half of Nachos UK force is Pirates). Yesterday we got 13 on Breeze, which is ok considering we have been through so much.

As days rolled by, there was no improvement.  Pirates were still struggling to get over that fifteen mark.  Even despite Waterkid’s attempt to boost the morale of the army many times.  For example, he made a post asking for Reuben (an old leader) to come back immediately and another entitled “Proud to be a Pirate” that when viewed contained nostalgic photos of the army years before.  April 29, 2013, only two days ago, Waterkid announced his ultimate concern for the Pirates, pledging his loyalty to the remaining soldiers.  However, parts of the post bared some cruel messages.

I promise, that under my leadership the Pirates will never die. I realized what the problem was. The problem wasn’t me, it was YOU. Therefore, I am completing changing everything. We cannot risk another rebellion lead by the Pirate terrorist Ace Fireken6 (It is funny because he’s a MUSLIM)

By now Pirates are getting sizes like this:

Eight in this picture?

Yeasy now shocked the army world with a post made yesterday, April 30, 2013.  It explained how Waterkid might actually be hurting the Pirates by simply being in the army.  Time and time again have armies taught us that without their creators they take a massive fall.  Pirates are no exception as seen with Waterkid paying maybe too much attention to the Club Warfare project than his own army.

After serving a year and a half for the Pirates, Waterkid100 decided to leave us once again. A year ago this would have killed us. Now……… Waterkid stay will kill us. People have quit left and right, and it is time to put an end to this.

A day later another post titled “It is over Water” was posted with the word “cri” seven times repeated by new leader Yeasy.


Waterkid100 has been reinstated to the leader position in the army’s attempt to get back up on their feet.  There is still debate whether he can lead the army and get others to join, but most people are happy to see him back.  In the comments below there was a conversation whether Pirates could ever survive without him.  People agreed that he is the reason the army is still alive today.

What do YOU think?  Will the Pirates be able to survivor without Waterkid100?  Or will they do better?  Let us know in the comments below!

~Vice President, Mchappy

27 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:


  2. Huh. . . we’ll just have to see what happens (I’m a mod in IW in case no1 (rather than fellow IW, WV, or ST) knows ^.^
    ps, 2nd Booya XD


  3. lol


  4. Bad ideas everywhere.


  5. Is there anything wrong with being a Muslim? Last I heard, most people are allowed to have the freedom to believe in what they want. There should be no discrimination on the basis of what we believe lest we start corrupting the minds of the young. Water, never blame the troops. You yourself are a troop, serving the army you recreated. A leader needs to know when to lead, but also when to follow.


    • “Last I heard, most people are allowed to have the freedom to believe in what they want”

      Depends on what country you live in. People have racist views and you can’t stop them from having them or else you take their freedom of speech away. Works both ways.


      • You also said this stupid comment;

        “basis of what we believe lest we start corrupting the minds of the young”

        That’s called religion.


        • However people view it, Religion is what is upon the persons opinion. Whether they believe there are millions and kajillions of Gods, or there is just God the father, son and Holy spirit is completely up to them.


    • Thats totally true, everyone should treated with respect, no matter what religion you are.


      • Religion is a belief and as long as they don’t try to force their views upon you, you have no right to say anything to them about it and even then it’s the person not the religion’s fault.


  6. Water will blatantly be reinstated randomly soon… it won’t last, he’ll whine too much.


  7. This post is inaccurate as I was never banned from the Pirates in the first place, I own the chat AND site…..


  8. I don’t understand what fool would even consider firing Water. Water hasn’t been in the game recently and he just needs to strap down and work on CPPA and they will rise again.


  9. Fire Water or not CPPA is still going to be dying but what Water needs to work on is soldier relations if he wants to keep soldiers he already has and keep the ones they’ll recruit in the future.


  10. In my opinion I do not think they will survive without water.


  11. I won’t even bother with evaluating this post.

    Because, you know, you’re the same rank as me and your posts are better than mine and we already know that it’s perfect.


  12. To be honest. When I was leading the Pirates (First pic) alongside Freezie, we were doing just fine. Having nice sizes and all. After we left, the pirates fell. Fell hard to the floor. I guess Waterkid just isn’t fit on leading pirates since he cant do anything on his own.


  13. No offence or anything, but Water… stop making fun of Jews, Muslims, and Americans. You aren’t gonna treat us like we’re your little soldiers of concentration camps from Adolf Hitler. You are pretty much gay yourself, Water. Start turning to the bright side, and get a life. Don’t like it? Here, have a cup of GET OVER IT. Water, you are just a badass know-it-all. If you make fun of us, we make fun of you. Then we put you on a rope, tie it around your neck, and then we pull the rope tighter. Get the picture? You’ve only got yourself to blame.


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