A Mchappier Start For ACP?

Read on to learn about ACP’s possible return to glory with the introduction of one of their historic leaders, IceyCold 27 also known as Mchappy! 

Hello CPAC! It is I, Buritodaily, with another one of my rare yet authentic posts. The Army Of Club Penguin has been shrouded in turmoil and chaos for a little over half a year now. It all started with Mchappy’s disappearance from ACP directly in the middle of a heated war between the Nachos and ACP. Although the war started of well, with Mchappy steering them through plenty of victories onward to a very successful campaign in his second time as leader, the war would turn disastrous for ACP. Mchappy was declared AWOL and was nowhere to be found for a week and immediately retired upon his return. Ek would take hold of the ACP, but the Nachos would make a sudden and unanticipated rise and forcing their way to victory, forcing the ACP to surrender. This was arguably the first time the legendary Army of Club Penguin had ever lost a war and proved devastating. In 6 and a half months, they would work their very hardest to returning to their glorified stature of dominance, but after several close attempts, continued to collapse further and further. From the Black Alliance wars, to countless other individual wars with countless other armies, things looked bleak for ACP.

Then, after another defeat at the hands of the Nachos, and the retirement of both their leaders, Funks and Swimmer, a surprising move was made within the ACP authority to promote and declare 2 times retired leader, Mchappy, as the Supreme Commander of the Army of Club Penguin. Later being declared as the European leader was Foldez. Mchappy too the reigns at a highly controversial time in ACP. Sure ACP had just surrendered yet again to the Nachos and HSA and were forced to withstand a slightly odd yet bearing treaty, but their last battle in the war, the battle for Breeze, ended up in a victory with fantastic sizes of 30+. ACP appeared to be doing much better than before. Where did this leave Mchappy though? Well, he may have been left with the most difficult task of all. Reconstructing ACP and getting the historic army to a consistence size filled with the dominance they maintained for years on end. He wouldn’t waste any time doing it.

April 28th, Breeze- After a mere night and a few hours of being declared the Supreme Commander, Mchappy, who has already ordered his army to hard work with recruiting and reconstructing all around, decided to hold an unscheduled event on Breeze in the beginning of the afternoon. The results would not disappoint and showed a promising sign that ACP may indeed be regathering to the former height. Take a moment to look at some of the high lights of the event below.

The event saw sizes of 30+ with moderately good tactics. Could this be a new beginning for ACP? One thing’s for sure, if ACP can truly return to the sizes they once held, some armies may be in for some trouble. 😆

Some History Behind Mchappy 

Mchappy is a very decorated leader in ACP. Originally a soldier in the Fort Ghost Recon army, IceyCold 27 found his way into ACP like many others in the army community. He started like most, as a member rank, forced to work his way up through months of loyalty and hard work dedicated to the army. In late 2010, Mchappy found himself promoted to leader after the retirement of Bobcatboy10. Mchappy’s leadership skills would stun many as he lead ACP to consistence sizes of 50+ and even breaking the 100 troop barrier. ACP hadn’t seen such sizes since the Boomer era almost two years ago. Then, war broke out. The Night Warriors, lead by Tomb147 and Vendetta declared war on ACP. The Nachos soon joined NW in the attempt to defeat ACP. The war would stay close, but ACP would eventually find themselves victorious, however not before Mchappy retired explaining he was undergoing a medical problems and could no longer support ACP. He retired after a short few months of leadership.

Mchappy would eventually return in mid 2011 under the leadership of Flen, which consisted of Kenneth100 and Flipper. He would again, work his way up as owner and help ACP reach victories against LT, Nachos, the original BA, and other armies. Then in mid 2012 when Flen retired, Mchappy was promoted to leader for a second time right as Kenneth100 declared war on the Nacho army of Club Penguin. ACP would start our impressive, frequently managing sizes of over 40+, but as said in the beginning of the post, this would not last long as Mchappy would be out of sight for nearly a week until he eventually retired leading to the collapse of ACP.

Here is a memoir of Mchappy’s leadership at it’s prime.

That is all I have on the matter, but I still want to know what YOU think. Will Mchappy’s third time as ACP leader result in a success? Or will it collapse like his first two attemps? Let me know with a comment below. Thank you for reading! 🙂


25 Responses

  1. Milking a dry cow


  2. Try Fido


  3. Fido’s a good cow.


  4. Amazing post. I really do believe ACP will be back on the top soon.


  5. In the last pic, there is someone name “Icey mold27” loloolol


  6. u spelt hapyer rong in th tytul. n00b.


  7. i am s0 kol dat im onlayn evrydya plyaying cp


  8. Cool post. 😆

    Unfortunately both my retirements weren’t my finest moments in the community. Hopefully we’ll see a longer (maybe better?) leadership this time around.


  9. “Mchappy was declared AWOL and was nowhere to be found for a week and immediately retired upon his return. Ek would take hold of the ACP, but the Nachos would make a sudden and unanticipated rise and forcing their way to victory, forcing the ACP to surrender”.

    Infact, Mchappy was declared AWOL and I was temporary leader and then Mch returned and confirmed me as the leader. I was then couped 3-4 weeks later due to holiday and illness for 3 weeks or so.


  10. I have seen a slight difference already with ACP. In the Swunks leadership, we were able to make 45 at our best ever unscheduled, and 48 at our best battle. Lets see what sizes Mch can get us to 😀


  11. I sense a resurgence of green ahead. 😉


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