The Tragedy of Swimmerboy01

BREEZE, ACP Empire — Welcome to a special edition of CPAC news. Another leadership tragedy shrouds the shaken Army of CP following the retirement of Kingfunks4 and the war with the Nachos. However, this one hits ACP the hardest, in it’s most vulernable spot, where there is not much depth; the leadership. Yes, the sole leader of ACP, Swimmerboy01 has retired. While it was not very evident, the personal life of the ACP leader has made leading his army difficult. He attempted to revive the ACP’s broken US divison, and while he was criticized for it, he tried the best his real life allowed him to. Though he was encased in the Kingfunks coup d’etat scandal, the ACP troops will miss him, along with all of ACP allies and armies that have been affiliated with ACP. At the end of the day, however, a new ACP generation has risen from the old and continues moving on.

Note: This post is meant to be factual and no bias is included nor intended.

The Tragedy of Swimmerboy01

Former ACP US division and main leader of ACP, Swimmerboy01, has retired. Enclosed is his retirement post.

Salve, familiares. I am Swimmerboy01, now Ex-ACP Leader, and army veteran. It is with great sorrow that I have to tell you, that I am being forced to retire. I wish ACP, SWAT, and Romans great futures. Now let us get to everything. I will keep this as short as I can make it, for the sake of the reader.

Club Penguin armies, when I think it, I think of massive groups of penguins in Green, Orange, Black, Red, Blue, and more all forming huge circles and battling for honor and pride. When I first joined armies in 2008, I started out in a little army run by my friend named the Federation of Club Penguin. We were all ten, 5th graders. My friends and I did a decent job with it for being so new and so young, maxing 13 on CP with it. Then, it merged into the Impossible Mission Army Force. That was when I decided to find a good army to join, one with fellowship, strength, and respect. Thats when I found the Army of Club Penguin.

I started out in late November 2008 with ACP as Sergeant ETSTODDARD. I would show you my first ever join comment, but I was unable to find it on the site archives. I worked for a few months and then changed my name on ranks to Swimmerboy01, and had to re-join because of it. I was ranked back at Sergeant. I was a little noob then, just still finding his way in the world of CP armies. I never knew how far I would make it.

Screen shot 2013-04-27 at 2.40.15 PM

I started out with low hopes, just wanting to make it by and be important. That was when I made the goal to make it to moderator and then retire. I worked, and worked, and got sidetracked so often. I once was in ELEVEN armies all at one time. My transformation started with me quitting all armies, except 3. ACP, being my first major army, was of course one of those. Around that time I ended up getting promoted much faster and made it to mod. So, why stop there? I decided not to and continue on and see if I could make it to Commander General. How fun the journey was to making it. I still remember that day, when I was ownered for the first time. I felt giddy with joy and happiness.

I worked onwards, posting every now and then and being on chat a decent amount. Then, with the retirement of Antant, I was promoted to Head General. I completely didn’t ever expect that to happen, but it did. I started out my job as 2ic by getting involved in a lot of army politics, trying to keep things in line and whatnot. I did a decent job at it, except I never could convince the leaders of the Black Alliance to end their petty war against the ACP. With ACP’s US force crumbling, and Funks leading on his own, Funks decided to promote me to leader. The results were amazing.

The first week, sizes capped off at a max of 35. The second, 45. The third, almost 50. ACP had risen back up to its spot of first in the Club Penguin Army Central Top Ten, and I thought nothing could bring us down, other than the Nachos, who also were first. Tensions rose between ACP and Nachos for weeks, but I never cared about it. I figured, the Nachos wouldn’t declare war on us at a time like this. I figured they had no reason to. That was when tragedy struck.

Nachos declared war. The war started out a horrible 0 wins 4 losses for ACP, when the beacon of hope was lit. We retaliated. Then, the war was tied 5 wins 5 losses, according to the records kept by ACP. The war continued, and it seemed to die down some, but the Nachos had began to win it again. That was when we were faced with a controversial decision that led to not only the ridicule of ACP, but the downfall of I, Swimmer. We were offered a treaty with Nachos if I were to coup Funks from the leadership. I couldn’t say no, but I also couldn’t say yes. It was against my morals to coup and ruin a friend that I had known for a very long time. So, when the idea was proposed by Capncook as what appeared to be a joke, everyone basically said they liked the idea. I agreed to the idea, and so did Funks. We started the operations: Operation Black Parade and Operation FF. Operation Black Parade went well, and most of the members of it were people for the couping of Funks or people involved in the fake coup. Here is a quote from my post, The Beginning of a Better Future (


FINAL SCORE: 6:1:9 (In accordance to ACP records)

Nachos and the Army of Club Penguin have made a treaty to end the war. The treaty was the following:

  • ACP is the undisputed owners of Breeze and Klondike, while Nachos keep the rest.
  • Kingfunks4 was to be removed from power.
  • ACP and Nachos cannot have aggressions until June 7, 2013.
  • Nachos win the war.

We did a good job, folks. We won six battles, tied once, and lost nine battles against the NUMBER 1 ARMY- Nachos, in the middle of a crisis for ACP of being 9th, and then 5th. This has proven that the troops of the ACP will try their hardest and honor their Army against the odds. I salute you. All of those who attended all the events they could will be rewarded for their efforts come promotion day!

When the plan blew up in everyones face, to quote many: “It is funny to watch how all of the ACP owners back away from the coup trying to make it look like they weren’t involved.” We had screwed up. In my post Swimmerboy01 – The Truth ( I apologized for wronging everyone and told everything that had happened.

Now, what caused my downfall you may be asking- Parents. My parents and I had already been arguing and in a rough spot for months before now, when I for the first time ever gotten a bad grade on my report card.

Screen shot 2013-04-27 at 4.59.40 PM

As an all A student, rarely even making B’s, this was shocking. My parents started restricting time on the computer and such. I started to become less active. It was a bad situation. Months later, I  got two B’s and two A’s on my report card. It was better, but still not good enough. My parents were okay with the situation, but still kept restrictions. I worked on making myself have only one B for the quarter. Then, when the fake coup started, I screwed up. I was on all weekend, nonstop, trying to fix loose ends with ACP. That was when I forgot about some homework assignments, and  had to rush to complete them. They ended up being not so good. It was no problem because the rest of my grades were good but my parents had enough once they found out, yesterday. They told me the following.

  1. I could only use the computer an hour on Monday-Thursday + Sunday, restricted to FACEBOOK only.
  2. I had to quit Club Penguin armies.

They told me it was that, or they would send me to Military School. I couldn’t say no. Military School would be a waste of my life, because my grades are great, I have so many friends, and I would have to join the Military. I was forced to retire basically. And thats where we are now.

My plan is to go the rest of the school year retired from all armies, and then when summer starts, return as a CPAC Vice President, or re-join ACP. I will do that for the rest of summer, and when marching band season starts take a leave. Then when school starts, I will hope to be back to normal, being able to use the computer freely after Im done with homework and studying. Enough of me talking about my life. Now, heres some recognitions.

The Hall of Swimmer


  • Kingfunks4- I’ve known you for a long time, and I have been proud to serve beside you. Have a good retirement friend.
  • Foldez- You always complain to me about my problems, but you still deserve recognition. Do a good job with Mch for all of us.
  • Ken- Even though you turned out to be a traitor to us all, I still remember all the fun conversations we used to have. I hope you have a great life with Nachos.
  • Tori- How are your kitties :o ? You always saved me with Fold when I couldn’t make it to battles. You deserve a BMA. Keep up the great work. 
  • Purp- Whenever I was in a bad mood, you always would say something that made me laugh and get perky again. Thank you for making ACP fun. 
  • Capncook- Oi! Great job you’ve done with ACP in the past. I hope that if there are any tensions between us, we can settle them.
  • Souperoo- I remember when you were still a mod, and I always thought that you would end up being something big someday. Keep working for your goals, man.
  • Fluffy- I barely knew you, but from our talking I think you are a good guy, and a good leader. Have fun as Commander General!
  • Slider568- You always had been my role model in armies, from the moment I made it to mod. I hope you make it back to Commander General some day.
  • Galaxie- Oh, my little adopted son Gal. You always made mischief in places you shouldn’t have, but I respect your bravery.
  • Obama8100- Epic 4. That in itself contains a hundred words. Keep working bro, and you’ll be happy again.


  • Ganger90- Ahh, my friend. You have done a brilliant job so far with SWAT over the years. Keep pushing, and march on! HOO’AH.
  • Reece- You little trolly self you. You’ve been my friend and enemy for a long time. Make sure Ganger does a great job with SWAT!
  • Mattg- I haven’t known you long, but you’ve been a good friend to me. That means something. ~Quote from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


  • Flipmoo- I always looked up to you during hard times and valued your determination and strength. I hope RF rises to the top ten for major armies.
  • Xrd-Blade- I haven’t seen you in forever, bro, but if you are reading this, you basically made who I am in armies. Thank you for everything.


Being this not my final retirement post for armies, this is all I will put for now. I for sure have forgotten many people to add to the recognitions list but if you could comment or message me on chat, I will add you as long as you deserve it :) .

Im thankful for all of your support that I have gotten throughout this whole affair, and I hope we can return to the way things were some day. I will think of CP Armies forever as a life experience, and I will never forget it. It’s about time I wrap up for now. Duty Calls.

Screen shot 2013-04-27 at 3.51.14 PM

‘Loyalty and devotion lead to bravery. Bravery leads to the spirit of self-sacrifice. The spirit of self-sacrifice creates trust in the power of love.’

-Morihei Ueshiba

March Proud. March Bravely. March Onward. HUZZAH!

Retired (Insert all)

  • ACP Leader
  • SWAT Leader
  • IMAF 2ic
  • Elites 3ic
  • GT High Mod
  • DW High Mod
  • RPF High Mod
  • AR 3ic
  • And many more…

Screen shot 2013-04-27 at 5.37.52 PM



The ACP has surrendered the war following the ascension of Mchappy.

Those terms are almost identical for both the HSA and Nachos. Both the HSA and Nachos now get a banner on the ACP site, as well as undisputed ownership of the servers they conquered, and a treaty where stepping foot on a Nacho/HSA server means losing their entire empire.

Former ACP leader during the July War, Mchappy/Icey Cold has assumed command of the army following no suitable candidates in the ACP’s current ownership pool. Immediately, he has issued an order for mass recruitment.

With Kingfunks, Swimmerboy, Djgtjvgyhxgy, and Kenneth all stepping down during to the war, this was one of the most destructive and painful wars the ACP has ever fought.

With Mchappy back, the ACP hopes to rise again, as it was he who defeated the Nachos early on in the July War until he went missing after the Nachos began to grow and fight back. His leadership was only a month; now he gets another chance for redemption as a leader, inheriting it from the generation that succeeded him.

This is looking like a new ACP, with the ACP soldiers cheering on their new leader, and several troops rejoining to fight under Mchappy. Can the ACP rise and regain their lost glory under this new generation?



25 Responses

  1. Gay link kthxbai.


  2. Yay! I’m there.




  4. I am on this post!


  5. I really hope people note that this will be a different side of ACP from the last six months we’ve seen. I’ll try to move ACP in the right direction, or the direction we need, and we’re always open for new soldiers to join. So yeah, good post.


  6. Good post. I’m sad to see swimmer go D: I had nothing against the guy and I hope if he reads this, he goes far in life and returns some day to say hi again 🙂

    I know you’re gonna do well Mchappy! Just stay on the right side of everyone and you’ll be fine. But you’re more experienced than me, so hey, what am I saying.


  7. Hmmm, the ACP is definitely looking at a better future.


  8. Hmm the ACP are looking at a better way towards hell. GOOD JOB GUYS. But you’re still most likely gonna die.


  9. The Nachos accomplished in a few weeks what the BA could not do in 9 months: they have brought the mighty ACP to it’s knees.

    A sad day indeed, how everything started with this plot and spiraled so quickly and unstoppably out of control for Swimmer. I do think the Nachos/HSA might’ve been a but harsh with the terms of surrender, but that is an issue for another day.

    Tragedy is a fitting term for the story of the incredible rise and catastrophic fall of Swimmerboy01, but with hope, and a little luck, we might not be closing the curtain on this show just yet.

    But the sun has set on the Empire where it once never did, and ACP now lies in its darkest hour.

    Mchappy has his work cut out for him, and together the world watches and waits to see if the sun will ever rise again.


  10. I feel really sorry for you and I wish Swimmerboy best of luck.


  11. I wonder who will be the next ACP leader?


  12. Good post Shiv, finally someone manages to re-post a retirement post with some actually analysis on it ❤


  13. Wow. This is so horrible. ACP have to put a banner leading to the Nacho website on THEIR OWN ARMY SITE? AND NACHO LEADERS GET MOD POWERS ON ACP CHAT? Jesus christ this is just fucking sad. At least ACP had the honor to just say good job and walk away. Not make the army their bitch and control them. Im glad I left CP Armies so many years ago. Because this is all nothing more then a joke. Power hunger grows strong in the Nachos.


  14. Amazing post…. Tah Dah


  15. Not included in the retirement post?


  16. keep calm and let swat die


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