End of the War Between Army Republic and Light Troops?

HUSKY — as Army Republic claims the war is over with their victory, Light Troops continue to invade back their lost servers.  This post was updated around 9:21 pm Central Standard Time.  Information found at the bottom of the post.

Note: This post is meant to be factual. No bias is included nor intended.

Best picture of Hibernate invasion.

After the battle of Hibernate, Army Republic was quick to declare themselves as the victor of the week long war against their enemies, the LT.  Hibernate was a battle for Europeans in which Light Troops failed to show up to.  Army Republic, who maxed six at the event,  are looking forward to a more relaxed tone for plans following the war.  Light Troops on the other hand, who have been getting land grants from allies like Doritos and Pirates, are continuing with their invasions, disappointed that the AR thinks the war is over.  Here is what leader Buritodaily of AR had to say about the war,

LT, we invaded all your real servers and you know it. The only servers you have left or servers donated from other armies since your army is practically dying. We avenged the awful things you did to us. I expect you to claim victory, and in reality I laugh at it. This war was an easy win for us, and the leaders from both armies agree that this war has become boring.

He went on to say how Light Troops don’t actually own their servers as they are only temporary grants.  Leaders of the ghost army refrain from fighting the Light Troops any longer; the invasions are non-existent to them.  Waterkid100, recreator of the Pirates, shared ever server but TWO with Light Troops.  It is well known that Ioioluk and Waterkid100 have had a friendly bond for a long time now.  This brings up LT’s shared servers to nineteen.

Diplomacy at its finest.

Whether the servers were rightfully Pirates’ or not is debatable.  Tempah, a reporter, has intendified that armies are lacking organization of servers: who really owns what, etcetera.  On Saturday the golden army will be conducting ‘cleanses’ of their lost servers to rebuild.  Mr Cool, leader, mocked AR, “AR has basically pulled out of the war and will ignore every invasion of ours. That was predictable.”  To continue on, he addressed what would occur this Saturday: getting the rest of the servers in a one hour long parade, “Anyways, we’re taking our servers back. By taking those servers back, we will also add victories for us in the war score, which will let us take the lead in the war and win it.”  Despite Army Republic defending their honor as rightful winners of this war, the Light Troops are accepting the tension between the two.  Thus it brings leaders of both sides to burn with hatred for one another.


This just in that leader of Army Republic, Vinny, has responded to leaders of LT and posted defenses on AR site.  I decided to get an interview from Burritodaily as he was the only leader and could probably best explain the situation himself.  Unfortunately, when questioning AR’s leader the posted was drafted immediately.

How do you feel about Light Troops getting land grants from other armies?

LT only got lands grants because we had literally took all of their own servers due to Ioioluk being too ignorant to let the leaders admit defeat. 

Why did you draft your defenses?

I, Buritodaily, drafted Vinny’s defenses because the war was already boring and the troops were against having eight defenses in one day.  No way, this is Club Penguin armies.

Will the war continue after this round of assault is over?

The war won’t continue either since AR will move on to better things.

Possible this could ignite some tension between Army Republic leaders, Burritodaily and Vinny.  As it seems to be looking at this moment, the war may be over for good.

What do YOU think?  Did the Army Republic win the war?  Is it stupid for Army Republic to not attend the next battles?  If AR doesn’t attend, would that make Light Troops the winners?  Let us know in the comments below!


18 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:


  2. What happen to people actually accepting a loss in war?


  3. i would say Ar won and ioio should just give up


  4. Actually, Waterkid100 recreated Pirates.


  5. Nice post.

    But I didn’t create the Pirates, Bid Now did. I wish I did, lol.


  6. Mch shouldnt you interview one of the LT leaders


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