ACP: The Beginning of the End?

BREEZE – ACP are on the downfall, and very recently Kingfunks4 retired from the army, but can they recover and gain sizes of 30-40 again?  In this post, we talk about the current happenings in ACP, and also get soldiers opinions on the armies current state.

ACP have been struggling, the army has been split on opinions, and their sizes are at an all time low.  But, ACP have proven time and time again that now matter the circumstances, they can recover, and always be a dominant force in armies.  This time, though, it feels different.  It feels as if they are now so small that sizes are going to be too difficult to re-gain their sizes, and this may possibly become the beginning of the end.  Before we go on with this post, I would like to compare the size of the army from a few years ago, when it wouldn’t be surprising for ACP to average 50-60 at events, compared to now, where ACP average less than 25.


An older ACP event.


A picture from one of ACP’s most recent events.

Of course, the sizes are completely different, and of course, the picture on top, from 2011 is much larger and looks much more like the ACP most of us were used to seeing from the past.  But, it is not only the sizes of the army that have changed drastically, the soldiers have, too.  The troops in ACP have changed not only as different soldiers are coming through the ranks, but the mentality and attitude of the soldiers have changed as well.

Soldiers used to be so excited to come on to ACP chat, as there was always the possibility of a random battle or raid on another army.  These days, troops come on chat to talk about stuff like porn, and other things that you wouldn’t really put in the same thoughts of a Club Penguin army.  The troops have become much more relaxed, and not taking ACP and CP armies too seriously anymore, which is having bad and good effects on the army.

The troops have also developed a lot.  Who would have thought back in 2010, when Purple Slime first joined armies, that she would go on to become a 3ic in ACP.  Apologies for picking on her, but she was possibly the best example, along with Galaxie3, of the “noob” in CP armies.  These days, both troops have matured a lot, and one is now a 3ic for ACP, the other a High Moderator.  There are many other examples of this, troops are maturing, and not many young kids are coming through into armies.

Noobs make armies.  It is a truth that people are afraid to admit, but it is most definitely true.  In that picture above with ACP having at least 60 troops, how many are probably moderators or owners in the army, about 25 at the most.  Members make the army, and if you don’t believe me, I highly recommend that you click here to see a post from my fellow CPAC colleague, about this topic.  As it pretty much sums up in that post, members are so important to an army, and if those members are rebellious or in this case for ACP there is a lack of, then the army as a whole has major problems.  I decided that it was time to hear from other members of the CP army community about their opinions on what they think of the ACP’s current state.

Interview with Mchappy, former ACP Leader:

Me: What do you think of ACP’s current state?

Mchappy: I’m not too happy about this, I don’t think anyone is.

Me: Do you think they will recover their sizes?

Mchappy: Any army can recover their sizes with the right stuff.

Me: Who do you believe has the capabilities to lead ACP back to glory?

Mchappy: I believe Swimmer can do it.  Not always is the answer to a problem getting rid of it.  Swimmer just needs to be more active, motivated, and responsible to bring ACP back on the right track.

Interview with Edd, current Nachos Leader:

Me: What’s your opinion on the current status in ACP?

Edd: They suck.

Me: Has the army lost its reputation of being “The Greatest”?

Edd: Long ago.  Nachos are the greatest now, Mwahahahaha.

Me: What are your thoughts on the current war?

Edd: Well, I think ACP should just surrender the war.  Unless, they choose to die.

As you can see, we clearly have mixed opinions on the current state in the ACP.  I personally am going to be optimistic about the whole situation, as the Nachos have also once been in a situation like this, but it was far less severe.

What did you think if my return post to CPAC, what army should I feature next in a post?  Please, comment below your feedback on this post.

Signing off,


33 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:


  2. I see me in the top pic! 😮




  4. AR/LT war, IW vs SWAT.


  5. Swimmer honestly needs to step up! If he cant handle leading, he needs to hire a co-leader. We can all agree Funks was better than Swim. I like Swim and all, but he really just isnt ACP leader material. Im not saying I could do better, considering i have only been in armies for a year and 10 months. Im just saying: Swimmer needs to get active, and recruit more also.


  6. HSA is going to burn ACP to the ground befpre they have the chance to regain their powar. muhahahah


  7. Why cant the ACP just take out inactive troops and demote troops who caused this


  8. ACP will not grow efficiently with Swimmer in charge. They might get some of their previous size back but nothing that matters whilst he is in charge.

    Mchappy or Capncook for leaders. (Y)


  9. ACP never lost the ability to get 30-40, we have almost always hit 30+ on the weekend at the least, if not maxing 35. It appears as if the ACP can only get 15 at events because they are split right down the middle with 15 at USA events and 15-20 at UK events.


    • I would put Mchappy in command and demote swimmer


      • I was going to hire Mch to be leader with me but he refused.
        We also still can make 30-40 like Funks says. That event was a bloody US event, not a weekend one like the top pic.


  10. I’m proud of the new acp *trollface*


  11. i would put capncook in command hes a great leader


  12. I was going to let Mch lead alongside me but he refused, saying dual leaderships always end bad. Also, I don’t yet trust Capn due to our quarreling previously.


  13. I would put Pain in command -trollface-


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