Philosophy – Being A Good Diplomat


Why hello, CPAC! I’m 6789cool and I’m writing here for a philosophy post today.

I’m feeling PHILOSOPHIC-y today, so I’m going to write a post on something that I’ve learned quite a bit about recently, and about how it can help YOU, improve YOUR Army, for the better.

Everybody likes a nice guy. It’s always the case. If you consider yourself to be a nice guy, and nobody likes you, then look deeper, because it’s probably not true that you are, in essence, a “nice guy” (unless there are some other unspeakable issues for which I apologize for kind of mocking).

You will most likely have noticed that there’s a guy in school that isn’t particularly sporty, or good looking, he doesn’t have much going for him, yet he seems to be the most popular guy around, and that’s most likely because there are some people out there, LIKE HIM, that know exactly how to get people on their side, and use it to their advantage.

And that’s exactly what diplomacy is about, a lot of the time. Sometimes, you don’t even have to have ANY knowledge on a situation, or an army that you’re in and representing, but all you have to do, is to get the person you’re talking to on your side. If they trust you, then they trust your army. It doesn’t matter that your army is full to the brim with huge douchebags that will rip anyone new to pieces if they come onto the chat. What really matters is that you’ve made a connection between armies using your skills in diplomacy.

Some people complain a lot in this community, about how nobody respects or likes them, and people are constantly declaring war on their army for no reason, and how people hate them for what seems like no reason. Well, news flash (which is an ironic phrase, seeing as this is a news site), It’s probably because THEY don’t respect anybody, and THEY are constantly declaring war, and THEY hate OTHERS for no reason. It’s because you’re not being nice enough, approachable enough, and open enough.

A good diplomat never makes a judgement on something he’s heard about an army, or a person representing an army. A good diplomat will wait and see what the person is like, he will check their personality, their interests, what they want to hear, and then guess what? He’s gonna mold himself to fit with that person, so that they can relate to him. Then, he’s going to immediately be working towards having that person on their side.

1. Always work towards creating common ground between you and another representative.

That’s one thing you’re going to want to do, if you want to be the best diplomat you can be. That’s pretty much one of the most important things I’ve ever learned.

Now, say you’ve got to know your fellow diplomat now, and you’ve made a good start, you seem to be liking each other, which is really great.

THEN BAM! Something he says hits you RIGHT in the face!! He’s said something you really don’t like, and it’s making you very, very angry. You just want to ban him off of your chat, and declare war on his army for being so down-right ignorant.


This is like, the one huge, PRIMARY mistake that so many people in this community makes. You see, so many of us in this community, and I say this in the most amenable way possible. so many of us are quite immature, and if anyone insults us we want to hit straight back at whoever directed an insult at us.

Well, I’m sorry, but there is no place for this type of immaturity in diplomacy. Instead, you need to step back, take a deep breath if it really helps, and think, “So, he’s said that to me? Well, I’m going to show him that his insults don’t affect me.” By doing this, you’ll be making him trust you even more, by showing that you’re at ease in his company and won’t get easily wound up by something he might say. If you’re seemingly defensive, another diplomat is really not going to want to work with you.

And also, if you insult back too much, then the insults and bad remarks are just going to escalate as they do in a childlike community, until things have reached peak level, and guess what? You’ve gone and got yourself into a right mess, because you’ve said something bad, and the other guy is declaring war.

SO. What you need to do, say that the other diplomat said, “Are you sure you’re a good leader for your army? I mean, you guys didn’t even make the top 5 last week like you usually do!”, is you need to reply back with something that completely disregards the fact that what he said was an insult, and remember that he was actually asking a question. So answer the question! Say something like, “Well, we have had a bit of inactivity lately, but I guess I’m hoping to fix that soon. Hopefully I am the right leader for the job!”. This is going to make the other guy think, Jeez, I can’t get to this guy huh? Well maybe, he actually understands me and what I want, so I guess I don’t need to be so on my guard if he’s willing to pass off an insult like that.

Another thing you need to do in a bad situation for you, say that War has been declared on your army by a much larger one. Instead of raging on the enemies leader and complaining on your site, and getting all your allies to help, first, in a respectful, diplomatic way, you should go to the other army’s chat and say something like, “Hey guys, I just want to let you know that I don’t think we’re ready for this war, and I really don’t want us to have any part in it, so if you guys understand and appreciate what I’m saying, then hopefully you’ll give us a chance to grow first?”, and that way, instead of laughing at you for raging, they will see you’ve taken moral high ground and will be forced to be considering your request. They won’t always come out with what you want to hear, but more often than not you might get what you want.

2. In a tricky situation, keep your head clear of anger, and stay cool, calm and collected so that you can deliver a response that best helps your army’s interests, and not just your own.

Finally, when you feel your army is in a weak situation, where you have no allies, and not many members to sustain you and protect your nation if something goes wrong and you get war declared on you, instead of just begging people to be your allies, or going to other chat to steal members off of other armies’ chats, you need to put the hard work and effort in, in my opinion.

Say you’re the Green army. You max 10+ and 15+ at weekends, and nobody really knows about what you guys do, or what you’ve been up to. Go on to the chats of other armies, and just chat! Speak to their members, the army leaders, make friends and make sure the guys there know who you are. Once you’ve got a lot of people in that army on your side, using ways I might have described a way up the page, then you could ask them to be your allies. In my opinion, the importance of allies (which is a subject I may or may not get onto in the near future), is very important indeed, and it is a necessity that many armies GROSSLY underestimate in this community. If you’ve got no allies and you’re declared war on for no reason, you’re screwed. But if you’re got a bunch, you’ve got a chance. Additionally, if you Advertise that you have tons of allies ready to support you, then bigger armies aren’t gonna feel so happy to attack you.

However, this whole thing does not only apply to allies. It also applies to enemies you might have during war time. Ask their leaders, in a polite manner, (because you’re such a great diplomat, you’ve got a good connection and friendship with these leaders), that you aren’t banned on their chat so you can just come on and socialize. And do just that! Chat about the war, how you think it’s going, how you reckon it will turn out. And, you can talk about other things after you’ve broken the ice.

JUST REMEMBER THIS – The people on the enemy chat WILL try to insult you, and intimidate you, at first. Show them that it’s not getting to you like I said before, up there high in the post. Once they realize that you don’t always have to be the enemy, they’re gonna be a lot more happy about you being around them, and in their chat. And who knows? If they all get to like you a lot, why wouldn’t they offer you a ceasefire, in exchange for nothing, and you could all just be sorry about the misunderstandings?

3. Always socialize outside your normal army and get to know others. IT WILL come in handy.

That pretty much wraps up this philosophy post, but if you guys like it, then I’ll definitely be inclined to write another!

~6789cool – CPAC Reporter



17 Responses

  1. This is an amazing post! Keep it up.


  2. Well, I know who has bad diplomacy.


  3. Albert is the only top ten army leader who you can consider a “nice guy”


  4. I concur. it’s too bad that diplomatic mindset in our community just isn’t as high as it could be.


  5. Puck and Alb are probably the nicest people in armies right now.


  6. this was a good post but i wanted to shoot myself every time you CAPITALIZED a word

    this is very annoying to the reader

    it makes them read it as if you’re yelling at them

    one or two was fine

    but please let’s lay off with the capitalization

    otherwise nice work


    • thanks for feedback, I’ll stick to bold formatting instead of capitalization next time.


  7. Dpd is a bad diplomat in this case.


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