Nachos and Hot Sauce Army Raid Breeze | Hot Sauce Army Declares War on Army of Club Penguin

UPDATE 4:31 PM EST: Nachos have also issued a Declaration of War —–> Click Here.

BREEZE- In light of the recent events with ACP faking the coup of their leader, Kingfunks4, HSA has entered the war alongside the Nachos.

While ACP claim that Nacho invasions aren’t valid, the Nachos were seen with HSA on the server Breeze in a raid today.  Below is a picture of the two armies in the Snow Forts:

During the raid, HSA’s declaration of war on ACP was posted on their site.  The following is from the HSA site:

ACP did a sneaky, cunt-like move and we were planning to clean up the mess Nachos made out of you anyway. Watch out ACP, we’re cumming.

On Nachos chat, Nachos leader Ads confirmed that the Nachos will continue to invade ACP.  The following was quoted from Ads:

We will be invading ACP’s nation.

When asked about what prompted HSA to enter the Nachos-ACP war, HSA leader Dx replied:

ACP pulled a sneaky move.  We were going to go to war after the Nachos were done with them anyway.

HSA leader Freezie also added to this comment:

ACP has committed a cowardly act and should be punished.  The Nachos are our great allies and we have decided to team up and bring justice.

Following the raid, Nachos leader Ads posted invasions of ACP servers that will take place throughout the week.

Comment with YOUR opinion on these events?  Are Nacho invasions valid?  What do you think of HSA joining the war?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Associate Producer

5 Responses

  1. I would say if ACP decides they are going to pull a move like this fake coup (which I suspect was a story made up last night when they didn’t want to coup anymore, but I digress), then they should be prepared to face the consequences that they knew would follow.

    Invasions are vaild.


    • Also, as I pointed out on ACP:

      I love how the owners are literally falling all over eachother as they scramble to distance themselves from the ‘fake coup.’

      The whole thing is so ridiculous and really is a coward move, and now even as they try to get out of the coup that was hated, they are finding that the repercussions from the way out are even worse, so they are scrambling to find the side where they can take the least reputation damage.

      I still say that ACP lied about lying to the army and that it was a convenient escape route.


  2. lololololololololol


  3. I guess ACP are taking it hard


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