Army Republic and Light Troops Outbreak of War

ICE COLD — the Army Republic repays the Light Troops with invasions with one ultimatum in mind: destruction.

Note: This post is meant to be factual. No bias is included nor intended.

On April 14, 2013 one of AR’s most well known leader, Vinny, declared war on LT.  He claimed that the ghost army had a debt to pay to their rival.  The primary reason for the war is due to the fact that the Light Troops had invaded AR back when the army was in crisis mode with their falling sizes.  Vinny also makes it clear that the Army of Club Penguin would be next on the chopping block.  Along with the threat to ACP, Vinny left a threat to LT and their legendary leader, Ioioluk.

 I wish that you were here to witness this Ioio, to realize when I said, “we’ll be back” after we accepted terms of peace, that I wasn’t bullshitting you. I keep the promises I can, and this one shall be fulfilled, with the same mercy you didn’t show us. Well, LT, I suggest you join us to kill this what used to be an army, or quit while you fail to defend your nation as we tear it to shreds. THE GHOSTS WILL PREVAIL, AND THERE SHALL BE NO GLORY FOR THE LT, NOR SHALL THERE BE LIGHT!!

A pretty serious message for a kids game.  Buritodaily, the other leader of the Army Republic, made his own post describing his personal feelings on the whole war.  Here he wrote,

AR, we are officially in war and that means, no more bull shit. Some of you are great at this, but there are other soldiers I feel need this message. It is time we win. But to win, we must be totally in shape. Laziness, power hungriness, and disobedience will not be tolerated. In order to strive, we must first earn that ability.



The battle of Sleet was scheduled a day after the declaration of war.  I could not find the exact post where the times were posted though.  Seeing as it was the first battle there was a lot of hype on both sides.  The Army Republic claim it was a tie, while the Light Troops insist on it being a victory for the golden empire.  Buritodaily stated that AR didn’t perform so well was due to xat being ‘down’ during some parts of the battle. He also said, “we all agreed to a draw”, when it is clear that the Light Troops believe most differently.

 photo ltvsar4_zps69b6540c.png

Both armies line up on opposite sides of the snow forts. Army Republic stick out their tongues and the Light Troops exchange some cash with one another.



Controversy ignites on AR’s invasion of Parka due to the fact that their Australian division failed to obtain five people present at the battle site.  Whether this rule is in effect or not has been a hot topic over the past recent months.  The LT failed to show up to defend the server however, leaving the Army Republic to claim it as their own.


The AR recruits and puts fear into the eyes of their enemy.



The Army Republic outnumbered the Light Troops throughout the whole battle, leaving the ghost army to get the win.  The battle, which was held on April 17, 2012, has yet to be posted on Light Troops’ site.


The armies organize formations and use coffee and igloo emotes to weaken the enemy.


On the same day (April 17, 2013) both Ioioluk and Vinny make important posts in effort to mix up the war.  Ioioluk delivers a speech contained with his disappointment in the new regime of the once huge army.  As he has done in the past, he gave the owners a wake up with some harsh words on the side.

I am looking at LT right now and I don’t see the LT I knew before. The troops are not the same anymore. LT is having too many internal problems and that’s blocking us from achieving what we’re capable of. It’s just that there’s always someone on their period deciding to betray LT or people simply leave for other armies. This needs to stop. I was running my mouth about how loyal our troops are and I retire and this happens. Last time, we left them destroyed, and I’m glad we did because that’s what they deserved. Now, they see that I’ve left and try to do the same thing to us[…]Owners, you guys are slow, stupid, inactive, careless, etc. You all need to stop being so dumb or otherwise you won’t make it. You seriously need to think before acting and doing something stupid.

On the other side of the fence, Vinny made a shocking discovering when he noted that the Pirates were getting involved with the war by helping LT out during the European battles.  Vinny therefore issued that the AR would be declaring automatic wins if the Pirates would continue to help.



Crunch, which was fought for on Ice Cold, was a battle for the European divisions of the two armies armies.  The armies equally matched each other as it waged on, however, the armies also claimed victory.  Despite the fact that Wheelo, the European leader of the Army Republic claimed victory, Jay, one of AR’s main leaders, surrendered to the fullest in a conversation with Waterkid100.

The armies scatter to attack one another; yellow using a spit bomb while white stands their ground and chants with patriotism.



Considered by the two armies’ leaders as the most important of the war to date.  It ended in a victory for the Army Republic.  The match was moved to the server Mammoth in order to make room for all soldiers.


One of the only pictures showing both armies doing tactics.


The war continues to intensify as more invasions are set on the Light Troops.  LT also has set their own invasions, scheduled in order to take back some of their lost land.  Currently the war does not rest in the favor of the once golden army, but they still fight for hope.  On the other hand the Army Republic, who have most wins under their wing, are looking forward to completing this war with the goal they set out for in the first place.  I apologize for such a long post but there was really nothing else to post about, and nobody had already taken this topic.

What is YOUR opinion?  Do you think the Army Republic will win or the Light Troops?  Let us know in the comments below!


21 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:


  2. Mchappy you won Lord of the Comments 🙂




  4. Now this is a post.


  5. AR said we’d be back. We said the injustice would be avenged. Now here it is. Funny however, of the two situations, we have been the generous ones.


  6. Lawlz. I thought they was both dead.


  7. Mch is making posts everyday…Consider joining a news team


  8. Lt won sleet and the rest ar won


  9. One thing, “…Jay surrendered to the fullest…” That never happened?… Lol. LT admitted defeat on the server.


  10. AR won every server but Sleet.AR FTW!


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