Metal Warriors: Where Are They Now?

ASCENT — the Metal Warriors are considered among many one of the first true international armies.  From a country called Croatia, they have been able to surprise the community with their sizes from time to time.  It’s been a while since we last saw these blue wizards.

Note: This post is meant to be factual. No bias is included nor intended.

Despite not being the most proactive army out there, MW are still alive and well under the leadership of Lenco.  Currently they have gotten themselves in a war over the top ten with the Light Defenders.  Both armies have been avid about getting into the next top ten or so, and both seem to have sizes to get in if a current army goes under.  Along with the new founded war with LD, the Metal Warriors are invading Belly Slide from the Water Ninjas to avenge their earlier failure in an earlier war.

Even though LD were the ones to declare war, the Metal Warriors were able to get in an invasion of their capital on the first day.  That so happens to be Ascent.  However, it was an unsuccessful invasion and a bad way to start out a war.  Here is what Lenco had to say,

Today at the Ascent invasion, we were only six!  Several you only came after the battle.  We managed to lose to the Light Defenders on their server because they were so much bigger than us.  The only thing I’m pleased with are our tactics.  I hope that we will be at tomorrow’s battle with a lot more!

Take into consideration that Google translate sucks.  Basically Lenco was pretty pissed with the fact that they lost so early into the war, especially so because he believes MW is bigger than LD.

Both armies line the town parallel to one another, and MW uses the puffle emote.

The following day the Belly Slide battle waged with a more promising size for the blue wizards.  Belly Slide was under controversy due to an earlier war with WN.  In order to regain some land, or maybe just for some revenge, MW attacked the server.  Luckily for the Metal Warriors, the Water Ninjas never showed for the war.  Thus the server was for the easy taking.

MW line around the cove throwing flowers into the water.

Despite the Metal Warriors being only a shadow of their former self, they have proved an innumerable amount of times that they will never give up.  The army has been around since July 22, 2010.  Only since 2011 have they been in the eyes of the public.  This includes rising up the ranks of armies found in Small-Medium Army Central to then a debut here at CPAC on November 2011.

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12 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:


  2. Thanks for the post happy :D, btw we are in the eyes of public since 2011, but only for small and medium armies, we got to cpac in november 2011


  3. i do like MW


  4. No comment.


  5. At the event LD maxed 15 and MW maxed 6.


  6. ld was full of rouges and mw just had a bad day now stfu


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