Sleeping With Nachos: Kenneth1000 Betrays the ACP

BREEZE, ACP Empire- Kenneth1000, Former ACP Leader and Current 2ic, has betrayed the Army of Club Penguin and joined the Nachos for what is rumored to be either a high mod rank or 3ic. According to sources, Kenneth has been serving as a mole for the Nachos since 2009, and has chosen now, at the ACP’s weakest state, to abandon the army for the Nachos.

Kenneth1000 — Silver Medal of Honor, Medal of Honor, ACP Legend —  considered one of the greatest ACP Leaders of the modern of a close tier as Mchappy and Flipper, and one of the least likely owners to abandon the ACP, has done exactly that.

The ACP has been teetering on the brink of collapsing for many weeks now. They have had new lows in the Top Ten, at 9th — there have been recent rumors broken claiming the in an ACP Owner Meeting, Kingfunks4 stated he refused to promote Splashy to 3ic because “he is against my leadership.” As of yesterday, Dj/Explorer777, only recently appointed 3ic of the ACP, has retired from the army and joined the Romans, with some harsh words for ACP, which can be read up on here.

This comes as a shocking blow to the ACP, as Kingfunks4 considered Kenneth1000 one of his closest and most trusted advisors. Kenneth is synonymized with unwavering ACP-loyalty, and was awarded the Silver Medal Award for his “extraordinary diplomatic work in recent ACP wars.” This leaves the ACP with only a shell of its former ownership — Swimmerboy01 and Kingfunks4 still remain the incumbent Leaders. Foldez is now the only 2ic; Tori and Purple Slime are the two 3ics. Prominent candidates for the 3ic position include Capncook and Noseycjr, however some believe Kingfunks4 may make the decision to promote one of these candidates above Tori and Purple to be the next ACP 2ic. Below is Kenneth’s post.

I am leaving the ACP.

The ACP is dead to me. It is not fun anymore. At this advanced age I also cannot help the ACP as 2ic. So I have joined the Nachos aka the greatest army on the face of CP since August 2012. The Nachos seem like a hardworking army with real brains for leaders. What does the ACP have? Noobs for leaders. I have considered joining the LT a few months ago but they were not good enough so I decided to come back to the Nachos.

I realize I will be the biggest ACP traitor ever and that I will lose all my ACP benefits and pensions, my awards, my ownership, my editor position on the site, my ACP Legend status. I know that I will be treated like the new Meat. But that does not matter. It is the price of being a loyal Nacho. This is NOT the same ACP I swore allegiance to and fought for. This is some wannabe Golden Ages ACP with a bunch of try-hard owners who constantly fight each other. It’s idiotic and ridiculous. Swimmer is totally inexperienced and inactive plus he barely knows how to lead a goddamn army with no more than 20 troops which was not even the sizes I got unscheduled when I was leader, and Foldez is the most negative person I have ever known which is killing the army. It is amazing how so much negativity can be put all in one person. And do NOT even get me started on Funks or Ant. This leadership is incompetent and always fighting with each other. It was always Swim vs Funks, Snaily vs Foldez, Dj vs everyone (except me usually) I cannot take it anymore. It is miserable here. I will not regret anything except the fact that I am going against the loyal and hardworking ACP soldiers in the past. which the current idiot troops have no respect for these days. Former ACP Leaders used to be editors on the site and now they are reduced to author or contributor. For what reason? I now I am not helping their situation but that is just ridiculous. This leadership keeps condoning the degradation of former ACP Leaders and Legends. The leaders are never here themselves either.

I realized Dj was right. This army is a total freaking joke. This is not the same loyal army I lead back then. I hate what this place has become. This army is no fun at all. I am sick and of tired of it. I have tolerated this crap for way too long and absolutely cannot take it anymore. I now leave you all at the mercy of the Nachos. If anyone is to replace me I go recommend Fapncock. I have wasted myself here for way too long even when I found ACP not to be fun anymore. This army is TOO childish. People are always being called abusive for doing the right thing. People are always accusing each other of bullying. There doesn’t seem to be any trouble on other chats except ours. Man up.

The ACP is dead to me. Screw you ACP Leadership. In case you haven’t already known I already gave whatever ACP secrets the Nachos wanted.

I am proud to be a Nacho. It is the place where I belong. I have been a Nacho under Person since 2009. I am now finally reunited with my true army. It will be great to be a Nacho again and have some real fun. 

At this point, all that is known now is that the ACP has clearly been backstabbed. This plan has been known by CPAC and its affiliates for some time, and we have only now chosen to break the story with permission from our sources. This plot was prefabricated by Kenneth and the Nacho Leaders. At the original time of the planning, the backstabbing of the ACP was planned to take place some two months from now, in late May or early June. Now, however, the move has come early. To many, Kenneth is the glue holding the ACP together, a remnant of a better generation where leaders were powerful, influential, and smart. Where ACP was guaranteed 1st or 2nd every Top Ten week. And now, what is left of the Old ACP is gone. With one, final, shocking blow, it has flown the coop.

Interview with Kenneth1000, Newly Appointed Nachos Mod/3ic

Blue1: Hello Ken.

Ken: Hello Blue.

Blue1: So, you are ready to state here, and officially, that you have abandoned the DRACP for the Nachos?

Ken: Yes. I don’t even want to call it the ACP anymore. It doesn’t feel like it.

Blue1: What do you believe has demonized the ACP?

Ken: The leaders, combined with some of the attitude of the soldiers. The Leaders are never sure of what they are doing, and the soldiers are not even a bit enthusiastic.

Blue1: For how long has this backstabbing been planned?

Ken: At least a month.

Blue1: And sources say you have been serving as a Nacho Mole since 2009, is this also correct?

Ken: On and off, yeah. Nachos may deny this, however.

Blue1: Do you believe that this will be the final striking blow to the ACP?

Ken: It will be if the leaders don’t fix everything up. But I don’t give a damn if it is or not. Like I said before, I don’t care about the ACP anymore.

Blue1: If given the chance, what would you say now as your final words to Funks, Swimmer, and the entire ACP?

Ken: To the leaders: I hate you all. To the ACP: if there is anyone sensible left in this army, please step up and show these crap leaders how it’s done. I am not saying to coup the leaders, but to give them guidance, so that you at least have a chance of not killing ACP.

Blue1: I must say, this is a very bold move. So, I guess what I’m wondering now is — looking back — any regrets?

Ken: Well, the only people I care about in the ACP are the retired people. Like my friends, Boomer, Flipper, Shab, Fort, Kg, Rapidy, Bob, and Mch — I am sorry this had to happen. But they will understand, I hope.

Blue1: Any final comments?

Ken: Join the Nachos.

Blue1: Thanks for your time, always a pleasure.

Ken: No problem.


And now, as we stand on the brink of a continuation of this Nachos/ACP war, we can only hope that by some stroke of luck, this will not further weaken the ACP. However, I feel that at this point, there is little the ACP can do to save themselves. Comment with your opinion on this situation. For CPAC, I’m Bluesockwa1.


CPA Central CEO

-War news has come home.

90 Responses

  1. I’m a Nacho now.


  2. 😀


  3. Honestly I’ve lost a lot of respect for you ken… I thought better of you than to just give up like this…


  4. I’ll be honest, Ken, you made probably one of the lowest moves I have ever seen in CP armies.


  5. I think Ken made a logical move. If ACP is hopeless, why continue to try and salvage it?


  6. Lol.. talk about low… who makes a plan that occupies 4 years of work?
    Who makes a plan and sees the result 4 years ahead of time? That’s pretty pathetic.


  7. Ken was the only good owner in ACP and now ACP is screwed. Funks was never fit to lead an army


  8. I’m going to be completely honest here.

    I can see why Ken did this. ACP has fallen, in fact, the whole CP warfare has fallen. None of it is fun any more. People either take it too seriously or they just mess around and don’t even bother with anything. It’s getting to the point where, if people don’t wise up and get their acts together, then this whole community will fall.

    I used to help ACP out a lot, even if I wasn’t apart of ACP, because I felt welcomed, I honestly felt like I belong there. But now, it’s horrid. Everyone is fighting over something absolutely ridiculous.

    Wise up. :/


  9. This shows how far ACP has fallen, they should fire everyone, all the stupid noobs in ACP should go. Kingfunks is not doing enough to help ACP, and with most of their legends now gone or not seen for months.
    I’m going to have to say that this is the end of ACP as we know it


  10. I am actually very shocked. Kenneth a mole for the Nachos since 2009? He was leader and they faced Nachos…. They had flame wars…… Yet, he was a mole. It was all pretend…. This is very weird since last night on ACP chat Kenneth modded Edd. I pc’ed Kenneth and asked if the war was over and he said no. He told me you would know very soon what is going to happen….. The next day I get on the computer and this is stickied to CPAC and I am confused and shocked.

    I think this is the lowest move I have ever seen in armies. I am just astonished to see, Kenneth, Former ACP Leader, doing this….. This is just weird and I will be thinking about this for awhile.


  11. Disgusting. A real leader stays with his army through it all, not betraying them when the army’s a “Total freaking joke”. Who knows what’s next, Oagalthorp coming back and joining Nachos? (ono)


    • Even when the army has no hope? I dont see the point. If ACP is about to perish, why does Kens career have to perish too? You know, I always predicted ACP would fall from an external force. Maybe Lord Pain could have done it. But I find it just as satisfying to watch it crumble from the inside.


    • Derek, I disagree. While I strongly believe in army loyalty as well, if it really seemed an army was about to perish or crumble, and after years, it just wasn’t fun anymore, I feel as though a defection is acceptable, and that there is more logic to leave then stay. It’s not the same thing as being an army hopper.


  12. as a acp solder i had respect for you ken now i have lost respect of you and now im ashamed to ever have called you sir


  13. It’s funny, because even a traitor has done more than you.


  14. This is the highlight of my day. Sorry ACP, but you need a better leader. A fun one and one who knows how to lead.


  15. This is weird… a bit too weird. Ken was a nacho mole from 2009? Surely this is a plot to create some destruction the nachos. Especially since he could of left acp for the nachos in October 2012. My advice to the nacho leaders : take caution before giving this man too much power. An acp legend leaving for the nachos in the mist of war, surely this is a scheme of some sort.


  16. Well… This just goes to show how loyal the ACP are to there army. lol. So funny… Har har har… Justice for ACP almost… Flipper Betrays GT, Ken Betrays ACP. Still… It does go to show that people are only loyal for power. Naturally, Ken, not getting the power he wanted, left for the Nachos to get some more power.


    • Also Ken… Hate is a strong word. Watch how you use it. Not very nice. This is a game after all. Also, if you only care about retired people, go and join them. Let the dead bury there own dead, eh?


  17. 2 betrayals in two days…The Dj one seems legit cause it was for his own army but this? Definatley some sort of plot to help ACP whether it be recruiting from Nachos or destroy Nachos from the inside once they give him the power he needs.


  18. The current ACP leaders are clearly incompetent, and the constant arguments between the owners only makes the situation worse. ACP has definitely changed over the years, but that does not mean one can betray the army and join one of their major enemies of all time. Kenneth’s decision will cause a major impact on ACP’s status, which means that the current leaders are required to find someone that is actually capable of bringing back the ACP to its formal state. However, I believe the current ACP leaders lack the ability to choose such a person, judging by the multiple mistakes the leaders have done in the past month.
    A note to Funks: Your leadership is obviously lacking on something, which is why a totally different perspective is required in order to improve the army’s size and activity. I hope the next 2nd/3rd in command is a revolutionary and active person who cares about the ACP a lot.


  19. Lord Pain for ACP leader


  20. What a quitter… I’ve seen small army leaders with more hope. Yeesh… Spoiled legends.


  21. Ken, please respond…… was this something to do with how Funks acted? Just asking.


  22. “we can only hope that by some stroke of luck, this will not further weaken the ACP.” Clear bias. Also the title is a little out there.


  23. 20 bucks Funks steps down in the next 5 days because of all the comments above this one 🙂


  24. Baa. the first army i joined in CP warfare was ACP, during that time under Kenneth and Flipper’s lead. I always felt that kenneth was a great leader 😀
    and i agree with ken that ACP has changed quite alot since those days.
    But even so, i am still suspicious if this is all to your reasons of betrayel 😛
    Baa ha ha


  25. Acp is the founding cp army and u bak stab it!


  26. He’s bullshitting all of us, no doubt this is some spy mission.


  27. Lol. Read Yeasy’s ”1 9 90” post. I am pretty sure the rest of ACP will join the Nachos, thus the death of the ACP. OR the ACP can get a better leader.


  28. I am sad to say that this will affect ACP.

    We will always fight. Never shall we give up.

    If Ken thinks he can leave ACP and leave it in the state that is is, then he has no place in the ACP History.

    Good riddance Kenneth1000.


  29. Yeah Ken, fight the machine.


  30. -No comment from Funks yet, we all know personally he sees this and knows his fate-


  31. Watch Kenneth become a “legend” because of this 🙄

    Kenn, you should’ve created a rebellion out of ACP. Not just quit and go to Nachos. How boring is that. And you traded Acp for a high mod rank or 3ic in Nachos? Kinda sad lol.




  32. LMFAO. This. Is. Hilarious. I’m rooting for you now Kenny! What’s next? Snaily joining pirates? Only in Water’s dreams I guess… 😛


  33. P.S. ACP’s pathetic empire is crumbling, btw Kenneth made a smart move.


  34. This isn’t Ken’s fault. 2 loyal members of ACP who ditch their army and leave hurtfully obviously shows an internal problem with the army. Looks like the ship is sinking fast for ACP.


  35. Imagine if Ken made a rebellion instead. And by the way, this was Ken’s choice. Whatever he wants, he should do it. And, he was somewhat right about taking such actions.


  36. Maybe he overreacted a bit too soon, but really, keep in mind that he has his own CP Warfare career as well. He was a faithful ACP owner for over a year, and he, like Dj, feel the situation within ACP, that they tried to fix, simply is going to spiral out of hand. At this point, them leavintg the army is acceptable.


  37. Wow, Kenneth a Nacho? O.o


  38. I think at the moment leaving the ACP is one of the smartest ideas right now, especially if you’re an owner. Ken’s decision doesn’t make me lose respect for him because of this.
    For those of you who disagree with his decision, here are your rationales:
    “A real leader stays with his army”
    For a while, Ken wasn’t even the actual leader of ACP and couldn’t have done crap anyway because of Funks’ reign of terror. And giving up is the best thing to do right now because the entire army community is falling to shit anyway; it works on the same principle as surrendering in LOL, or like a mercy killing.


  39. Well now I can finally give my thoughts. Ken, you are so correct about the ACP. The ACP Leaders are like ugh. The members all they do is chat and talk about s*x and stuff like that. The only like armies ive seen that actually want to go to events are the Ice Warriors and some other armies, but not ACP.


  40. i lol’d at the crap that ken’s trying to pull


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