History: The Impossible Mission Army Force & The Trio Alliance

I decided to create a new army called the Revival Force, but the memories we’ve had in the IMAF still haunts me. – Flipmoo, IMAF Founder

The legendary, though now forgotten and never to be accepted legendary army, I.M.A.F, hold such a history, that there will be no equal to it, in my opinion. Anyway, this post is basically centered around the I.M.A.F, giving out its brief history and its forgotten legacy in the Community.

The Impossible Mission Army Force created on December 31st 2007, perished to the solemn graveyards of armies on June 7th 2012. The IMAF was once the 5th largest army in Club Penguin, but was usually placed between 7th to 9th place. The army’s capital was Ice Palace, and they used to occupy that server at length. Ice Palace was a precious server to IMAF and their history was built around it, like it twined ’round a branch. In the beginning, IMAF was known to be allied with the Club Penguin Air Force until they vanished as they stated the troops got too old for the game. As time passed, IMAF became close allies with the Shadow Troops and Roman Fire Warriors thus, forming a strong alliance which also boosted IMAF’s popularity. The army remained medium for a while until CAMO merged in, which literally doubled the sizes of the army, as well as making the army powerful. The pinnacle of success, was August 2008 where they reached a beloved 25+ on CP, on an invasion against the Black Badnits. The IMAF had a tight bond between all the soldiers and most soldiers were extremely loyal. IMAF was around the time of the Nachos and ACP golden age (when Person1233 was leading the Nachos and Boomer20 leading ACP), and also witnessed the creation of CPA Central. The IMAF created their own signature/original tactic called the Lightning Charge, though it has been forgotten ever since IMAF vanished.

The decline of the IMAF took place, right after their founder, Flipmoo retired sometime around 2010. The Underground Mafias Army invaded Ice Palace immediately after he retired, leaving IMAF’s homeland taken. IMAF tried to deal with the UMA without their founder, but only made it worse. The Night Warriors (which were led by Vendetta at the time) decided to join in the fight. Both the UMA and NW were after Ice Palace, IMAF lost their server regardless of trying their best. What plan the armies made was to wait to strike until IMAF’s founder would retire, knowing that the IMAF would be extremely vulnerable with their new unexperienced leader. When they lost the war, the IMAF website was hacked and fell to medium. All of their history was gone and only a few posts and pages were restored.

The IMAF continued to decline and though one of the last leaders, (XRD-Blade) and the troops tried to restore the IMAF to its original position, they were not able to.

Only a few know about the IMAF nowadays and are gradually being forgotten, but the IMAF legacy will still remain somewhere around the Club Penguin Warfare community. – IMAF Website

The Trio Alliance is noteworthy, and one historical step in IMAF’s history, which will be spoken about here. Back in 2009, IMAF along with their closest allies, Roman Fire Warriors formed strong bonds with each other. Flipmoo’s relation with Pringle and Commando933 was strong. IMAF, RFW and ST created the Trio Alliance. IMAF was against the Golds at that time. The RFW insulted ACP in some ways, called them names, which were posted on their website sidebar, so, thus the ACP declared war on the RFW and since IMAF and ST were allies with RFW, everybody got into this war. Simultaneously, the Golds attacked IMAF, with Golds teaming up with ACP. UMA joined on in the war as well. The war became IMAF, ST and RFW vs. ACP, Golds and UMA. IMAF attacked the Golds, while RFW kept ACP busy. The ST was the major force of the alliance, along with RFW. IMAF served more as a recon and scout group, instead of a massive force since their scouting skills were incredible. They could find the enemy on a server extremely fast. The IMAF raided Golds and ACP servers whenever possible. RWF would be at IMAF’s side every minute whenever they attacked, but ST didn’t show up all the time. The war may have been massive, but didn’t last long.  (Trio Alliance website)

However, the TA (Trio Alliance) were overpowered due to three major armies teaming up against three medium armies. Things became worse when ST decided to pull out of TA, and almost at the same time, the RFW website got hacked and thus, Commando993 surrendered the battle and Woton decided to surrender as well. IMAF left alone, had no chance of winning alone, so they too pulled out of TA as well.

The overview of the war is as follows, with the reviews of the battles and aftermath.

The ACP conquered three servers in all: Great White, Parka, and Sabertooth. The ACP had somewhere around 80+ troops (based on estimates of 50, 20,and 15 troops on Great White, Sabertooth, and Parka respectively). Soon afterwards, the Trio Alliance surrendered the war, leaving the major armies the victor.

RFW Surrenders

ST Surrenders

IMAF Surrenders

10 ACP, 5 UMA, and 4 ST and IMAF almost 10.

15 ACP, 11 UMA, and 3 ST and IMAF between 6-8.

5 ACP, 11 UMA, and 3 ST and IMAF between 7-9.

20, ST – 0, with 19 ACP, 1 UMA, 0 ST

Many RFW troops, almost 10-12

ACP 10-11, IMAF almost 8-10

The RFW website was hacked, though the hacker is unknown, even today. but many contradictions suggest that the hacker could be someone on the RFW website, who tried framing the ACP (giving them a bad name). As Pringle was a main administrator on the website, there was no possible way to remove him. Woton stated that he was unable to log into his WordPress account. If Pringle’s account was also hacked, though Pringle never really mentioned this to Boomer or anybody. Had the hacker hacked Pringle’s account, he would have removed Woton, as well as everyone else. Instead, Woton’s account was the one that posted the only post, and the only people who were removed were the ones that Woton, as a regular Admin, was able to remove. If Pringle’s account was hacked, Woton would have been removed as well, leaving only Pringle’s hacked account in charge of the site. (Click here for better explanation)

That wraps up this post to its end. What do you think? Do you think there would’ve been a better outcome? In my opinion, as IMAF had great scouting skills, I thought they would be able to pull off one win, however, they didn’t. Since the major armies had huge sizes, it must have been obvious then. All information in the post was provided by Flipmoo, the IMAF founder, and in no ways was this post meant to be biased. Anyway, I would like to the thank Flipmoo for the information and pictures as well as his support, though Goodjoker supported me as well.

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CPA Central Reporter

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21 Responses

  1. IMAF was merely a shadow to what was going on around them. They were never forgotten to that specific generation of people, in my opinion.


  2. hey flip


  3. A truly amazing story. One day, I hope to see this army revived. The uniform is in stores. Yeah yeah bla bla itll kill their legacy


  4. Awesome post, apparently I’m guilty of forgetting about this war too but it was a nice reminder. The real tragedy is that I used the wrong “your” in the pic of ST surrendering *facepalm*

    ACP got 80 soldiers across 3 servers at once though, damn I sure miss those days xP


  5. Excuse me but how can you call IMAF legendary? It’s interesting that they declared war on ACP as a small army but they utterly failed, so I don’t see what’s legendary about that. If they would have actually beat them a few times then they would be worthy. They literally had no impact on ACP or CP Warfare. Their sizes were also really small considering how big armies were at that time and it’s considered small still today in my opinion.
    You are clearly exaggerating and making them seem so much better and stronger than they actually were. Seriously, what’s the big deal with IMAF these past weeks? They were just a small army like the others at that time. Just because they decided to declare war on ACP and got beat pretty bad, years later, everyone is calling them legendary, no idea why.
    If anything, this should be posted on SMAC. There, it would fit in much better.


    • Yet most army legends consider the IMAF to be an exceptional legendary army. Nice one. 😐


      • i founded an army that got 10+ and declared war on the nachos in 2008 and nobody seemed to care 😐


        • WHAT is legendary about having the guts to do things and fail at them?


          • Our objective was not to annihilate the ACP or UMA. The IMAF only participated in this war due to the fact that the RFW were getting attacked & to defeat our major enemies of all times, the Golds. During this war, IMAF went to Gold’s servers and raided them constantly until the TA surrendered. Our intentions were not to fight against the ACP, but we did win all of the unscheduled raids during the war.

            Back in 2008/2009, most of the army community troops were either in the ACP, Nachos, or IW. Due to those 3 armies holding the majority of the troops, it was extremely difficult for other armies to gain new recruits, and IMAF was most active in that generation. Despite the harsh obstacles, IMAF were able to climb up to 5th place–which required a lot of time, effort, and energy.

            Every individual has a different perspective on what it requires in order for an army to become legendary, and I am not trying to convince you into thinking the IMAF was legendary. However, I would like for you to know that some people consider the IMAF to be a legendary army–and I would like for you to accept that fact.

            I don’t really like self-proclaiming, but I felt as if this comment was necessary in order to inform the troops who do not know about the IMAF.


            • The IMAF were quick at tactics and strategies, as you can see in the video after 2:50.

              We separated into 4 divisions on the same server, and each division was in charge of invading specified rooms. This invasion strategy was to confuse & split the BB forces during our invasion, but unfortunately the BB were a no show. At 2:50, all of the divisions gathered and our forces became united. Our force was massive, and I was extremely proud of what the IMAF have achieved, even until now.

              Like I said in my previous comment, it was rare for an army to get as large due to the fact that the majority of the Club Penguin Warfare Community troops were either in the ACP, Nachos or IW at the time.


              • I’m not going to argue any longer because I don’t want to be an asshole about this. I’ll let you think what you want to think even though it’s obvious IMAF was not great to the point where it can be called legendary.


  6. Like

  7. Ahhhh imaf, they were the first army that I got mod in. Good times!


  8. Even I remember IMAF


    • No offense, but you seriously need to stop talking bad about all the leaders. You talk about them way too much and degrade them for what they do. Also, many of the leaders you talk badly about are proven leaders and have lead many armies to 1st.


      • Actually, you bashed many leaders out. If you’d like me to name I’ll be glad to. And Ioio is right about IMAF, they only declared war on a few armies and got killed, I dont see whats so great about that


  9. Oh, and mixing red was in my army :O funny to see him in that picture up there


  10. You are forgetting a few things in this post. 1) The war with the Purple Heads that catapulted IMAF into stardom over Ice Palace. The new age of Graphics Slimball was able to create as an alternative to Pringle. And the fact that UMA did not invade IMAf due to Slim being gone, they invaded because uMA grew large enough to do so. Trust me, I was the leader, I knew the motive, it was to get Ice Palace, my home server. I would have loved to battle Slim for it.


    • This post only covered one of our wars in our history, and there is no way we will ever forget the PH wars. Those were the good times.

      As for UMA invading Ice Palace, I still hold a grudge against the UMA and NW. (Although the NW have died.)


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