The Half Pipe

TOBOGGAN — The mysterious Third Reich comes onto the news as mysteriously as it was made — meanwhile AR attempts revenge on an old “friend.”

Note: This post is factual and no bias is intended nor included.

The Half Pipe

The mysterious army, TTR, appeared on the scene in a flash. Created at 12 AM EST, April 14, they had their first event later that day. The Army Republic had offered them a server if they won the battle; the AR did not show up and TTR automatically won. As a result, they selected the server of Half Pipe. In the event, TTR maxed 21 and averaged around 16.

TTR doing a word tactic.

While I am not aware of the URL of their site at the moment, this post will be updated with one. TTR is led by the same leadership of the former Ninjas and Icy Troops. With a news-breaking event the day of their creation, we’ll have to see how high they get on next week’s edition of CPAC’s Top 10 armies.

You may be surprised that we’re going to war with an army other than ACP right now, but we owe a promise, a debt, that’s long over due to an army called the Light Troops. Yes my soldiers, they are the war victims in this plot. They are the ones who picked our nation apart, while we were downed, but not out. They had invaded us while we were maxing 10+ and they were maxing 25+. I was not too fond of this, which is why I am here today tell you, we will be doing the same thing to them now.


Meanwhile, the Army Republic has declared war on the Light Troops. This comes as an act of revenge, after the Light Troops literally destroyed the AR’s empire while they were in a tough spot. Now that the Light Troops are in a tough spot (not even in CPAC’s Top 15 and AR is tied for 6th,) the AR want to cause the same damage LT dealt to them, advising their former leader to side with the AR or witness the destruction of the LT’s empire. This time around, the AR has the singular honor of taking the offensive in this war, as opposed to their often defensive stance.

Internal crises such as the recent ownership debacle and lack of troops have left the LT rather crippled. The AR has made it clear this is not a fun war, but rather a war to destroy the LT and it’s empire. With the LT holding its own against the marvelous Hot Sauce Army, only time can tell how this war turns out; will LT defend it’s empire or will AR exact revenge.


11 Responses

  1. I admit the Light Troops did a low move, but that actually had a reason to do so. The Army Republic is just stooping down to the Light Troops level by doing this.


  2. Why would you call yourself the Third Reich? That was the worst one. The First Reich was by far the best.


  3. AR never offered this “Third Rake” army anything….


  4. This TTR army sounds strange. I like it!


  5. I’m pretty sure HSA owned Half Pipe


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