Return of the Romans?

Hello everyone! Sorry for my brief disappearance, but I am back! Today I will talk about the Romans of Club Penguin, famous for being large and facing off against the ACP, among other things.
Let us start off with some general information. The Romans are currently led by their creator, Explorer7777 (also known as Dj) along with Harv, Tempah and Waterkid. They were officially reborn with the revoking of Order 66 on April 9th. In case you are unaware, Order 66 is an order declaring the Romans shall never return until the return of the Roman helmet.

Recently the Romans invaded Ice Land (claiming it for themselves), and hold control over the servers Ice Berg, Deep Freeze, Blizzard, and Ice Land. They received Blizzard as a land grant from the Nachos. The Romans maxed 14 in the Invasion of Ice Land, averaging 10 in this and with all events.

The Romans are allied with the UMA, ACP, Nachos, Pirates, and MD. They have no enemies as of now. Below, I have an interview with their creator and leader, Dj/Explorer.

Man of Steel (CPAC): Hello!

Dj/Explorer: Hello.

CPAC: So I’ve come to notice the Romans have returned?

Dj/Explorer: Indeed. I felt as if they were ripe for revival.

CPAC: What do you plan on doing with this generation?

Dj/Explorer: Simple. Armies are in a slump. Our “World powers” max forty, not even that sometimes, on a good day.

Dj/Explorer: It seems like a good time for us to take advantage and rise to the top.

CPAC: Do you feel this is what will separate this generation from the failing ones before?

Dj/Explorer: Already this gen. is proving to be promising. People are actually loyal. The chat typically has 8-9 people during the day. While this may not sound like a lot, for a small/medium army that has just restarted, this is impressive. We also have more major player’s this time around. People like Water, B Batman3, etc. I feel that this gen. will be one of the most successful generations, if not the most.

CPAC: Great answer. Anything you’d like to add?

Dj/Explorer: To anyone looking for a new start in an army where every member, no matter who you are or what you’ve done, is respected, and where we go out and have fun, join us. You will be welcomed with open arms.

CPAC: Thank you for your time.

Dj/Explorer: No problem, it was a pleasure.

So now it is up to you guys. Will the Romans survive the test of time? Or will they fall like all of the other generations. Answer the poll and comment below!

P.S. I hope you all liked my post, and I hope to turn this into a series regarding older armies coming back.

36 Responses

  1. Nice post.


  2. Still not as glorious as the Holy Roman Empire was.


  3. -facepalm- Really?They are 5th in SMAC


  4. the Romans will never survive until the Roman Helmet is sold in the catalog


  5. I’m just surprised the romans are finally returning.


  6. The Romans should be in the army grave yard, there should be no reason what so ever to bring the Romans back unless the Roman Helmet comes back.


  7. What’s there link


  8. Harv isn’t leading Romans, it’s AgentTitty


  9. why dig up a dead body


  10. The Leaders of the Romans are: DJ, Mrgpv, Agent Titty, and waterkid100.


  11. Go Romans! I’m proud to be 2ic.


  12. To those saying the Romans should be dead just because of the lack of the Roman Helmet: Why should a legendary army die just because of an item? What you need to do is adapt and overcome. Create new uniforms and such. The Romans died before because of failures in leadership and site hijackings. We were fine without the helmet.


  13. The uniforms a problem and Waterkid doesn’t pay any attention to the Romans, refuses to give troops the link to chat and refuses to come on chat for events.


  14. The ACP started off with the romans helmet and simply adjusted their uniform. We’re doing the same. You don’t need an item to keep an army alive, all the Roman helmet really does is bring in recruits. Nothing more


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