Nachos Attempt to Invade Alpine

Alpine the scene for the latest battle in the war between Nachos and ACP

Could the Nachos take Alpine from the ACP‘s nation?

So far, as expected in this war the Nachos have dominated and going into this battle had a 4-0 or 3-1 record to protect depending on the side you believe won the battle of Breeze. ACP performed well on Breeze and looked like they might awake from their slumber, whether they could keep that up with a battle scheduled at 11PM EST was yet to be seen.

With ACP riding high after what they believe was a victory on Breeze they piled onto Alpine hoping to build on that momentum. The Nachos also think they won Breeze which means they will also feel they had the momentum going into this battle, on a personal note I hope they sort out who won Breeze soon because disputed servers are annoying as hell.

Below both armies have gathered in the Dojo forming lines opposite each other horizontally, the Nachos taunt the ACP saying ‘NEED ALLIES?’

Below, the Nachos have formed a line on the chatbar while ACP joke bomb the Dojo.

Below, the Nachos use a favored tactic of theirs, they spam ‘CAT TANK IS NOT AMUSED’ while the ACP use shocked faces.

Around 15 minutes into the battle Tori of the ACP surrendered Alpine to the Nachos.

With the ACP very quick to surrender another server from their nation the Nachos now storm into a 4-1 or 5-0 lead over the ACP. ACP probably will have seen this loss coming with their UK force asleep as the event was at 4AM UK time but will still nonetheless be unhappy with losing another server. Ads354 left this statement in his post on the invasion of Alpine.

Awesome job today, Nachos like always! We are the best army in Club Penguin. Let’s win this war for the Spongebob and the Krusty Krab!

This win puts Nachos in good stead for the avalanche of battles we will see soon, this appears to be one of many battles with more scheduled in this war.

Comment with YOUR opinion! Can the ACP recover from this loss and turn the tide of the war? How long until this war ends?

Not posting on Breeze because neither side will admit defeat, from my POV it looked a tie as I don’t think the Nachos won by any reasonable stretch to claim victory but that opinion is my own and not CPAC’s.

– Tempah CPA Central Head Reporter.

8 Responses

  1. dont wanna claim first but i’ll be 1st to stop other being first


  2. *Facedesk*


  3. Change and Fold came and they were UK


  4. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the US tried to end the wars in the middle east with Obama going “Hey bby”.


    • AAHAHHAHA!! IM CRACKING UP! yeah it would be funny XD WHOA WHOA WHOA!! O_O *falls out of chair and laughs rolling onto the floor*


  5. I’m getting real sick of Tori just surrendering every single battle she’s involved in. In this ACP’s situation, the least they could do is try to fight it out to the end.


  6. 12-0-0 is now the score LOL come on ACP just surrender u dont want to die do u??


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