Nachos and ACP Duel Yet Again

DOWN UNDER  – The Nachos and Army of Club Penguin duel for yet another intense match, leaving the score 3-0 (Nachos – ACP).


The battle for Down Under took place yesterday, which was a predictable match, not only viewing the ACP’s position on the Top 10, but their performance throughout the war, as much as it has gone by. Looking at the ACP now, they’re a shadow of their former glory and maybe, if they win this war, one way or the other, some miracle may happen.

The ACP maxed 14 troops and averaged 10-12 throughout the whole battle. The tactics were great, with almost everybody performing them, but that wasn’t enough to defeat the Nachos, who were marvelous in size. The Nachos managed an average of 30 and a max between 33-36, but lost sizes at the end, meaning 20-25. Since there aren’t many pictures on both sides’ websites, I assume that the tactics must be good enough.

Despite our good effort we lost on Deep Freeze today to a numerically superior Nacho force. We did badly but even the Nachos have been saying we have been improving however. We averaged around 10-12 troops the entire battle. We fought first at the Town, the Forts, the Berg, and finally the Dojo. The event was (led) mostly by me with Tori helping me. Foldez was also there. We were the only owners online. All except the first two pictures are taken by Foldez. The rest is mine. – Kenneth1000

Today, we marched onto the server Down Under and successfully captured it from the ACP empire. Now, we must prepare for tomorrow, and if we get 55+ the Nacho Owners will give you early promotions! I’m proud of you guys. We averaged 30 for the beginning, maxed 37. But, sadly, we lost size at the end and averaged 20-25. Good job, Nachos! Please, comment the links of your pics, and I will edit them all into the post. I was having internet problems when you guys were giving me pictures. – Edd64

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That leaves you for the thinking, who will win? Nachos or the ACP? From my eyes, I think the Nachos have a crystal-clear set victory due to their sizes and tactics, though size matters most. Other than that, the ACP have decreased in sizes and are in search for troops, recruiting by setting up applications for moderator rank etc. As always, comment with your opinion and tell me how I can improve on my post(s).

More in the news:

The Pirates of Club Penguin seem to be witnessing a bit too much lately. First, it was leadership problems between Yeasy and Waterkid100. Now, it seems that Waterkid claims that a rebellion by the name, Anti-Pirates led by former leader and Pirates legend, Ace_Fireken6, has been formed and he also says that their plan is to take down the real Pirates(It could be a challenge he wants Ace to accept. Read the post for better detail). More can be read here.

 ●||»๖̶̶̶ۣۜмιѕѕ pιĸα мιcнαєℓ נαcкѕση ℓσνєя«||●
CPA Central Reporter

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  1. First


  2. This post sucked, just like the rest of your posts.


  3. Water, no-one likes you


  4. I’m just here to say something: I am not against Water.


  5. ACP will do well to make the next Top 10, but they’ll make it purely because they’re ACP.


  6. If yall think you can make a better post why don’t you rather than complaining about it? I see nothing wrong.


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