History: Post World War 3

Whenever I have tried posting a report, someone usually finishes before me. Therefore I have decided to share with you guys some history…history many of you might not know.

July 14th, 2007 6:05PM

After a good while of planning, ACP leader Oagalthorp decides it is time to end the war with UMA once and for all. He decides to give UMA one last blow through a 6 day campaign on Mammoth. However a new rival arises, the Nachos of CP. Already gaining recognition the past few months, they decide to declare war on ACP on July 14, 2007, to aid the UMA…..

On July 15th, 2007, the ACP alongside RPF (their best allies) began their one week campaign on UMA and the Nachos, and proved to defeat every opposition. These pictures were posted after every battle:



ACP and RPF at the 3rd battle.


The final battle was recorded on youtube:

World War 3 was deemed to end, as the UMA were totally destroyed…….however one of their biggest allies, the Nachos, did not give into the ACP and RPF too easily. ACP offered an alliance countless of times, but no real agreement was made. Skirmishes occurred, yet with Tom Wolf not being on all of the time, an agreement was unable to be made.


August 11th, 2007 12:11PM

Tom Wolf, Nacho third leader, one of the greatest leaders, site creator and so-called “god” decides to retire to create an army called the “Wolf Riders”. For about a week, the Nachos are in a confusion about the next leader to take over the Nachos. It is confirmed that Zippy500 will take over, however due to Zippy being on vacation, none of this is known to him……

August 16th, 2007 around 2:38PM

Commando717 decides to hold up a meeting with the Nachos on Tuxedo to decide the situation with the Nachos. Zippy is on vacation, and Tom doesn’t really pay attention to this meeting. The Nachos do not show up, which gets Commando on his nerves. Later at around 7:33PM, Commando posted something that many RPF soldiers viewed as “harsh”.

“The nachos were to afraid to show up at our little meeting, so thats why we are declairing war, ok everyone. Time to crush some nachos.”



August 18th, 2007

Zippy500 returns from vacation, in the mist of war. RPF schedule multiple battles, where they wipe off the Nachos with ease.




RPF take down Nachos once again on the 19th. Famous Nachos Boyd50 and Maxwell 605 can be seen.

August 19th, 2007 around 3:05PM

After a few battles, the Nachos wanted to be at peace with RPF. A treaty was made with Commando, and the Nachos and RPF became allies for a while

“Well, the nachos wanted a treaty with R.P.F., we accepted,  and now we are allies so we can prevent another war from raging on.”


August 22nd, 2007 around 12:08PM

After the RPF treaty, Zippy had a massive plan in mind. Ever since he joined the Nachos in 2006, he had hated Oagalthorp through his guts for “”ruining his CP life” and “causing his friends to leave”. Instead of declining every alliance with ACP…… Zippy decided to take lethal action on the ACP by declaring war on ACP. Oagal knew this was coming, and immediatly scheduled the times for the battle of Mammoth.

“We are now at war with the Nachos. We have tried to ally, but they won’t do it. Their leader, Zippy500, has declaired war on us for no good reason at all.”


3 hours after the post came, RPF leader Commando decided to ruin the alliance with Nachos, and aid the ACP in the war.

(…)normally we wouldnt help if the enemy army was our allies but we suspect this is out of a big plan the nachos are planning. It is become allies with all the A.C.P. Allies so A.C.P. wont have support from them….


Commando thought Zippy signed the treaty with RPF to get RPF out of the way in their war against ACP. The battle was scheduled for August 24th to the 26th on Mammoth. Soon though, RPF got their allies, the Golds and UMA to join in, while Oagal was rounding up soldiers for the battle.

August 24th, 2007 4:30PM

After a long fought battle, the RPF, ACP and Navy Seals defeated the Nachos. Although the Nachos gained the size advantage a few times, the allies pulled out and defeated Zippy’s Nachos.


The next battle was scheduled for August 25th, but Oagalthorp still kept pushing Zippy for an alliance…..

August 25th, 2007 2:51AM

After the last battle, Zippy’s morale had decreased, he knew ACP and RPF were too large for the Nachos, and clearly the Nachos needed a break. After nearly 2 months of fighting, Zippy officially accepted ACP’s alliance, probably ending the whole WW3.

“After a giant battle the acp pushed us to make allies with them and we said yes.  So dont attack any acp.”


Oagalthorp responded soon later, stating that ACP and Nachos are now allies.

“After a really long arguement, we decided that the Nachos and ACP will be allies, on one condition: ACP soldiers give more respect.”


World War 3 was officially over…………..


The ACP kept on growing alongside RPF to new heights. UMA came back from their drastic fall soon later, and would challenge ACP again a few months later. As for the Nachos, a new generation was upon them, one of the most successful ones in Nacho history. They would face ACP once again 6 months later, but until then rebuild to new heights.

Well I hope you liked this post. It’s the first history post in a looooong time, and since the Nachos are at war with ACP, I thought it would be pretty cool to write about the war almost 6 years ago.


Yeasy, CPAC philosopher/reporter

19 Responses

  1. I bet Shiv is gonna come here correcting my mistakes 🙂


  2. Oh my gosh, I see me in the pictures. I am ”Commando717”.


  3. Good post. You missed out the fact that UMA were stronger than the ACP and that it took Oagal to email Club Penguin for Pink Mafias to be banned to make his side win, but nevertheless, very informative.


  4. that sexy acp uniform with roman helmet,


  5. Likewise, I’d argue this is the possibly most forgotten war in the community’s history. For years, I had believed the early 2008 ACP-Nacho War was their first real war until I read the nacho’s history page.


    • This is mainly the War that I really remember. And Great Alliance War. I still think this should be World war 2 and not 3 but it’s whatever lol.


  6. This was a phenomenal post. We need more like this, puh-lease!


  7. Second Image, Proof of AR!


  8. Just to think it took 1/3 of UMA leaving and 2 world power armies to bring down Pink’s UMA. Pink > Oagal, end of story.


    • Yeah, people like Ambrosha,12344a, Woton, etc definetely deserve to be on the same page on this website as Commando, Oagal, Pink,Boomer, Person, Shadow, Zippy, and Iceyfeet.


  9. I like it. Well done yeasy.


  10. awesome and interesting post 😀


  11. Umm that unknown isnt xiunknown he quit a while go


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