Nachos vs. ACP War: Nachos Takes Klondike

FJORD – Yesterday the world power status army, the Nachos, marched onto Klondike to face their long time rivals, the ACP.

The Nachos were the favorites for this battle. The Nachos recently won a war against SWAT and secured their position of 1st on the Top Ten for over a month now. The ACP on the other hand, hasn’t been looking very bright. They fell to 9th on the recent Top Ten and got threats from the Army of the Republic. 

When it was 7pm est, both armies were ready to fight. Already the Nachos circled the forts, while the ACP had shocking sizes of 15 looked incredibly inferior to the Nachos. Things were not looking good for the ACP. However, the ACP carried on fighting the Nachos for a good 40 minutes. Unfortunately for them, they lost the battle. The Nachos took Klondike from the ACP nation with their strong force. The Nachos were the first to post the results of the battle. Puckley seemed extremely happy with the results of the battle. ACP owner Tori then posted the results on the ACP site, where she admitted defeat.



So what do you think of the upcoming battles? Would the Nachos continue taking the ACP nation, or would allies start to be involved? Comment what YOU think!

38 Responses

  1. There are two choices:
    1. The Nachos and ACP will have a great and entertaining war, sooner or later once the ACP gets back to its feet.


    2. The war will continue as practice battles or the servers will not be taken.


  2. haha acp u lost haha thats for banning me on chat for swearing in PM haha lol nice losss haha lol


  3. Only issue I have is the unnecessary inclusion of the meme.


  4. Water stop hating on Stephanie. She is better then you


  5. I think the “ACP v Nachos” picture was from a summer war under my leadership; Austin had made it for us.


  6. A good report on a good battle, but seriously, do we need another update on the war so soon?


  7. Needs more pics of Nachos circling acp


  8. water and michael please stfu


  9. ACP is a falling army. I can already see them being abandoned and destroyed. This war with the Nachos will weaken them immensly, and their soldiers will lose morale and willing to fight. They are also losing important servers as well, like Klondike and Snow Forts. In my opinion, if ACP wants to be able to stand up to the Mighty Nachos, they need to recruit, recruit, RECRUIT! Also, maybe if they’re lucky the Nachos will sign Peace Treaty with them. Their current soldiers are not that much help. They need new soldiers who are enthusiastic and will stay very loyal and active. If ACP doesn’t step it up, they are going to slowly die and we will all watch with pain as one of the first armies ever created will be obliterated. IF YOU WANT TO LIVE YOU BETTER ACT NOW!


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