Terminal Velocity

BREEZE, ACP Nation — The next big war?

Note: This post is factual and does not contain enough opinion to be considered bias. If there somehow is any bias, it is not intended and therefore invalid.

Terminal Velocity

Unfortunately, my time here may not be too much longer, and this, perhaps, could be my final war.  If that is so, I want to win and finish on a high note.  And winning this war against the Army of Club Penguin would exactly do that.  Win and fight on for me and may that serve as some inspiration for you.  We must remain strong, Nachos, and fight on until the end! Viva Los Nachos!


Nacho – Army of CP wars have a reputation of being largely flame wars with no end in sight. Surrender is rare.

Today, the Nachos declared war on ACP, confirming the rumors that the Nachos would (although the war with SWAT delayed it.) The SWAT recently surrendered the war with the Nachos following 2 hard-fought battles. Earlier rumors shrouded the Nachos in mystery as they built up their army for another war with ACP.

ACP chat following Nacho declaration of war.

The Nachos claim the ACP colonies should not be involved in this army; as this is ACP v. Nachos and not ACP + colonies v. Nachos. Along with this, the Nachos intend to fight until a victor is proven, and not through a treaty or armistice. This, however, is meant to be a “fun war” by the Nachos’ intent.

Nacho strategy is to: (paraphrased)

“1. Boycott ACP chat. Nacho troops are expected not to go on ACP chat in order to not contribute to ACP sizes.

2. Ignore the ACP. The Nachos are expected to ignore anything said or done by the ACP to insult them.

3. Own. The Nachos are expected by leadership to go and fight ACP and succeed.

4. Stay strong. The Nachos need endurance to fight a 1-2 month war without dropping or falling.

5. The Capital. Nachos are expected to go for ACP’s smaller servers to avoid an attack on Fjord.”

The ACP has not officially responded yet. Former ACP leader Mchappy claims: (apologies for paraphrasing)

If there’s a fun war up, I’d be glad to accept, considering most wars are no longer fun. Also, Ads seems like he is attempting to prevent a flame war at all costs with his war rules. However, the one thing that I have troubles with is that its a predictable move on behalf of the Nachos. When the Nachos attain sizes of thirty, they claim they want a fun war and a challenge and look to ACP for it. Also, the ACP and Nachos have been forming alliances in the past month, so it may come off as backstabberish. Nonetheless, if they truly want fun — give them fun!

The Nachos have currently targeted Klondike as their first target in the war, invading on Monday. The Nachos have high goals for this war, hoping for 30+ throughout the war and 55+ to peak.

This is a developing story, this post will be updated with new information on the war.


10 Responses

  1. 1st


  2. I didn’t know that Puckley was retiring after this war. If so, then I think it’s cool for ACP and Nachos to have a war. Let a Nacho leader and legend leave his army knowing that they went up against a good rival.


  3. This will be very interesting….. I have no idea who will win, this will be close.


  4. I will be helping nachos in this war


  5. Great post 😀


  6. you’re a towel


  7. I shall sit in the bar with other retirees and watch the war on the big screen wondering how this will end up. Anyone want to join?


  8. Good luck to the Nachos. I look forward to this war. Let’s try not to draw this out, though. No one likes a drawn out war.


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