Leader Change in the Army Republic

TOBOGGAN- Burito and Vinny, longtime leaders of the Army Republic, have stepped down following major conflict inside the army.

Buritodaily and Vinny are two of the most famous leaders of the Army Republic, and probably the duo that comes to mind when someone mentions the Army Republic. However, recently, many conflicts — both internal and external — have been plaguing AR for a few weeks now. At the beginning of the conflict, tensions arose between AR and ACP, who had been longtime brother allies, and helped each other through numerous wars, most notably World War VI, which you can read up on here. While we, at this time, do not know how the ACP/AR conflict began, it is clear that both armies believed war may be coming.


An AR Propaganda Picture

In the same post, AR Leader Vinny stated:

“Note to ACP: This is not a war post, just know, backstabbing your once close allies who helped you out every BA war, is the worst mistake you could have made.”

Soon after, the tensions died down. However, at this point, AR Leader Vinny was in a heated conflict with 122344a, Creator of the AR. The correlation of all of this pressure? The temporary retirement of both of AR’s leaders. Vinny and Burito are leaving until the summer — and Vinny was quoted in saying that upon their return, AR will be the strongest it has ever been. Upon retirement, Burito appointed Antant98, Former ACP Leader and AR 2ic, to fill his leadership spot. Vinny appointed Lord Jay, AR 2ic, to fill his.

In his retirement post, Vinny promised this:

When Burr and I come back, prepare to be apart of the most feared army in cp armies. The Army Republic will thrive like no other generation has. We will be the number 1 army, and continue the reign of greatness this army was set for.

Burito said much of the same:

When Vinny and I return, the name of AR will be feared more than ever. Those who tauned us, tried to destroy us, wished us death, will be destroyed. That’s a promise.

If AR dies between me departure and return, I ask that all the AR troops bare together, and wait for our arrival. The name of AR will not be forgotten… that is a promise.

I leave my leadership to Ant. Good luck.

The appointing of these two is seen as a somewhat questionable decision. While Antant did play a major role in the return of ACP to somewhat of a powerful force — and while he played a prominent role in the White Alliance v. Black Alliance conflict — he was, for lack of a better word, edged out of the ACP due to a “sickness” — a sickness whose credibility many questioned. Lord Jay, on the other hand, has never held a prominent army until now. While he is active, he does not have much experience in the grand scheme of things.

Interview with Lord Jay, Newly-Appointed AR Leader

Blue1: Hi Jay.

Jay: Hello Bluesockwa.

Blue1: First off, congratulations on AR Leader.

Jay: Oh thank you. I have worked very hard and I’m glad of what I have achieved in AR.

Blue1: How do you feel to be appointed after such a time of conflict inside the army?

Jay: I have noticed that the AR has not been being treated well from other armies, even allies, but I believe with me and Antant98 as leader of AR we can make AR reach a golden age and rise very well.

Blue1: Do you feel you have a reputation to live up, as Burito and Vinny are legendary leaders in this army?

Jay: Well I do not believe I can be the same as Burito and Vinny, but I believe I can do amazing in AR, and that all of AR has done much for me, so I should show some respect.

Blue1: Are you aware of the recent conflicts between AR and ACP, and between 122344a and Burito/Vinny?

Jay: Yes I have, this ACP conflict I agree with. We helped them a lot in events, but then they treat us like we are enemies and never help us. [We] helped them in events against the Black Alliance mostly.

Blue1: And do you believe, in dire situations, that it is right to oppose the authority of the creator of your army?

Jay: No, 122344a needs to be always admin on the website and owner on chat — or even main owner — after all, he is the creator along with Mr. Geggie. In this time, I don’t think taking away A’s authority is correct. He is the creator, so he deserves it.

Blue1: So, bearing all this in mind, do you believe that to make AR succeed, your grasp on power and your overall view on the way to govern this army must be different from that of Burito and Vinny?

Jay: It must be different in different ways. The AR and ACP conflict will be fixed without a war, but we will need the courage of Bur and Vinny. My grasp on power does not mean much — 122344a once told me “Being leader is just like being 2ic, but you must lead them into battle and make event posts. But I believe it is more than that, like declaring war, and fixing conflicts, etcetera.

Blue1: The responsibilities of a leader, in this modern day and age, include, but are not limited to- leading your army, making event posts, declaring war, negotiating conflicts, forming treaties, recruiting, adding a managing site users, buying graphics, making sure your site is secure from those who will try to take it away, forming alliances, being sure your owner ranks will not backstab you and overthrow you. It also includes making sure your owner ranks are not unintelligent, which is the plague many other major armies face nowadays. Must of all, it includes doing your work, and being proud of it – but it also encompasses not beating your chest, because being a leader who finds himself untouchable will get an alliance on your ass, might I reference the Black Alliance. This is much different than 2ic. Do you believe you are capable of taking on these responsibilities?

Jay: Yes, of course. I won’t be a leader that will make my soldiers try to overthrow me. I will treat my troops with respect, but those who hate me for just hating me, I will not tolerate, I will do something about it.

Blue1: Any final comments?

Jay: No sir, thank you.

Blue1: Thanks for your time, always a pleasure. Best of luck in AR.

Jay: Thank you.


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CPA Central CEO

18 Responses

  1. Ant has the experience of leading an army. Jay, a rookie, will probably rely on Ant a bit so he can learn about how to lead. May they both do well.


  2. I really enjoyed this post. It was very factual. Good job Bluesockwa1!


  3. jay sucks


  4. “We will be the strongest pr0 army evverrrrr!!!111!!!!”


  5. Well, nice change in the leadership. Enjoyable post and I think Jay will be doing great, seeing that he got the ‘Creepy Warriors’ to the SMAC Top 10 and had some fame, he isn’t that much of a rookie, while on the other hand, Ant has the upper hand, being well-experienced. 😀 I congratulate them both and may the best be there for AR.


  6. First time I haver ever seen an interview with the questions longer then the answers.


  7. I thought Bluejaysrules (or whatever) was the creator alongside 122344a. Also, since I was gone for a while, what did ACP do to AR that pissed them off so bad?


  8. […] as Lord Jay, promoted to AR Leader only three months ago on April the 7th (see the CPAC report here) has been demoted from the leadership role in a joint decision of Burito and Vinny — other AR […]


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