Nachos Storm ACP Capital Breeze

Nachos raid ACP’s recruitment event; is a war on the cards?

Could this raid be the spark for another huge war between the two?


  1. Nachos raid ACP’s recruitment event
  2. Interview with Foldez

The Nachos and ACP. Throughout the years they have been through wars as enemies, they have been through wars as allies. Along with the Ice Warriors these two great armies are probably the only army’s that will never die and rarely ever leave the Top 10. As I write the Nachos are placed in first and ACP are just behind in second. A war between these two army’s is one of the major events in CP Armies, and could we be about to see another war between these two great foes?

Nachos raid ACP’s recruitment event

As the Army of Club Penguin logged onto Breeze for their scheduled US recruitment session they were severely unaware of an orange menace forming just across from the in the forts. ACP took a while to log in and started out with small sizes, before they were on there way to full size the Nachos pounced on them. They instantly turned the town orange and left  outnumbered heavily. They began to perform tactics and completely ruin the start of the event.

Below, the Nachos have stormed the town and began to J bomb.

Below the ACP are yet to get organised, meanwhile the Nachos have formed a chatbar line and are doing the Toot emote.

Below, the Nachos are doing the wink emote as ACP attempt to re-organise themselves.

These were the only pictures I took, after this ACP made a line across the middle of the town and fought back, the Nachos logged off no more than 1o minutes before they came, but they’d done the damage they intended.

Interview with Foldez ACP 2ic

Tempah – Hello Foldez. What do you make of the Nachos raid on your capital server Breeze?

Foldez – Quite surprising really, it could mean they are after war or something but I am really unsure.

Tempah – Can we expect a retaliation from ACP?

Foldez – Again I have no idea what our course of action is until we hear from Funks or Swim.

Tempah – Do you think the Nachos raid had an impact on your size at the event? Or were you able to recruit as normal once they left?

Foldez – They ended up doing both. Them being on CP meant troops got all hyped up for a proper battle but having the Nachos there meant we got hardly any recruitment done.

Tempah – That’s all I need, thanks for your time Foldez!

Foldez – No problem.

Comment YOUR opinion! Will this spark a new war? 

– Tempah CPAC Head Reporter.

13 Responses

  1. “do you guys mind” ~ foldez on nacho chat during raid


  2. I should have really turned down a 1am interview -wary-


  3. I highly doubt this will result in an all out war. Although, a friendly war of nothing but raids, could be very fun for both armies…..


    • Yet right after you typed that, a Nacho declaration of war was made. 🙂


  4. This is Bad.Rading Events? Not GOOD!


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