Why ClubWarfare will not work out

ClubWarfare will result in a disaster. And here’s why.

Waterkid decided to advertise his his new Club Penguin warfare private server called “ClubWarfare”, so I have decided to respond to him by writing a post on why this will not work on CPAC.

Armies will start splitting into two. One side will continue playing on Club Penguin, and the other side will move to this community. This might cause confusion, and I doubt the liability of the site. The site may be deleted or defaced at anytime if one of the creators/administrators decide to do so.
People will also start making fake accounts, such as “Oagalthorp” or “Pink Mafias”.

Another problem is; we will all not be in Club Penguin forever. People retire and a new generation is born. However, if we move onto this website, the amount of new recruits that join armies will decrease a lot due to the fact that we will not be recruiting on ClubPenguin anymore.
Our only option to gain recruits will be narrowed to:
-Recruiting on Tracking chats such as Monchocho
-Stealing troops (ew)
-Going on the real Club Penguin and recruit.

Regarding the last option, I think recruiting on the real Club Penguin website is a very important thing. Not only do the new recruits find the warfare community by recruiting sessions, but they find out about Club Penguin armies by wars. Which sounds interesting to you, and in which case would you like to search the army up? Multiple dancing penguins chanting the same words over and over again, or seeing different penguins in unique uniforms and actually witnessing a real war?

I like this idea, and I assume that things will work out at first, but as time goes by our army community will start loosing popularity and troops. Disney ruined Club Penguin, but there is one thing that they have done to make things better—they got Club Penguin popular and many people started to play the game. More people means the chances of getting new recruits increases. Getting new recruits means the army community gets larger. If we move, our community will face a slump again.

I ask for you all to believe me.


30 Responses

  1. x9999999999999999999999


  2. So basically you are asking everyone to go back to doing shitty emotes in lines? Because we can’t fight fucktards like Funks who gives no shit whether CP warfare is fun for his troops. All owners/leaders in armies only care about leading, and cpps is the only way to get away from them.


    • There may not be much of an army to lead in the future if this things goes through.
      “All owners/leaders in armies only care about leading”
      Besides caring for their troops, what else are leaders supposed to do? $hit on ducks? They are called leaders for a reason.


  3. I completely agree with everything you said. Not only will this server be unreliable, it will also give the individuals who administrate it (presumably Waterkid and a few others) an extreme amount of power. For example, he could kick and ban troops from other armies for an unfair reasons.

    However, I still do doubt the server itself will be stable. I believe a single joke bomb of 20 troops would be enough to crash it. CPPS.me (most popular CPPS there is atm) can barely with-stand 100 penguins on a server. Keep in mind that there are also hundreds of small CPPS’ and ours would not be any different.

    It’s a no for me.


  4. Every person who does indeed register on that site will run a great risk.

    It would only take a single vulnerability to gain all registered information (passwords – usernames etc) on ClubWarfare.

    Bearing in mind that this project is being set up by a group of teenagers who have very little experience in computer programming, I highly doubt the security on this CPPS will be reliable.


  5. You know you make a very compelling point, and some of it is greatly agreeable upon an eye but you also have to look at a 2nd possibility. I’ll tell you right now barely any armies recruit off of CP and if they do it is 1 big event and happens rarely, if i’m wrong please correct me. Also if the CPPs were used as just going on our own private server and having FUN, remember what that is? Then I think the idea would work better. I don’t think this CPPs was created for a community movement nor do I think anything will change except something to do in an armies spare time instead of constant training sessions or PB’s with the same armies. And let’s be real if anyone creates Oagalthorp, Pink Mafias, Commando717, Jamesbond1 or Tom Wolf even we’ll know by our natural intelligence that they’re fake and as one of staff members of this CPPs I can guarentee those names won’t be a situation. Please hop on board to this idea because I like to think of it myself as an alternative source of entertainment.


  6. Let’s see how it works out.


  7. Your post contains hatred against a newly found alternative resource, whether you decide to rename this as a negative possibility/influence on CP armies should’ve kept to yourself.


  8. Flipmoo, just shut up. I can’t believe people are actually voting you for legend.

    You’re just mad everyone went against your stupid idea of bringing back the snowball fights and banning tactics. I am actually doing something worthy and looking into the FUTURE.

    What do you want armies to do? Just go on a 4 bar server, chant ”LOO OOOK US UP” and only get 1 or 2 views on the site because of that and hardly get any recruits? No. CPAPS is going to be a private server so everyone can have fun on it. If you actually read my previous post, I covered everything up that you’re raging about right now in this useless post.

    If you don’t like the idea of CPAPS, then simply DON’T PLAY IT. No need to get in a hissy fit and claim this private server is going to ”destroy armies”, aren’t you the same person who tried to ban emote tactics and formations because they were ruining armies?

    By the way, a lot of armies already go on CPPS.me and recruit on normal CP as well, so what are you talking about these ”two groups?” SWAT recruits daily on CPPS.me and ACP has a CPPS division. So does the Nachos, UMA and RPF, Pirates and others.

    Your negativity isn’t going to get into me. It’s just like during the BA vs. WA war. I will only give up when it there is nothing to have hope on. In this case, Club Warfare has a lot to offer so I am not giving up.

    So instead of being negative, why don’t you help us improve and look into the future of Club Penguin armies instead of your idea of going BACKWARDS.


    • No need to start raging and acting like an immature child. Lets state our facts and settle this like gents, M’kay?

      I am not mad because my “stupid” idea didn’t take action. It was just a call for all Club Penguin armies to stop dancing and throw snowballs more often. Plus, some armies agreed to those terms, so I was quite satisfied with the outcome.

      I read the post you wrote, but I still cannot agree to this new website. Of course, this is only my opinion and I am not representing the whole Club Penguin army community. 🙄

      A CPPS Division is a great idea, and I don’t mind armies using a CPPS at all if they aren’t too focused on it.

      I stated there is a possibility an army that only uses the CPPS may appear in the future, and problems may occur between armies that use CPPS or Club Penguin only. Does that answer your question?

      Never giving up is a good thing, but this project is just not worth your efforts.

      Although we do have some problems with filters on Club Penguin, armies have been doing fine lately and do not require any major changes such as moving to a CPPS for armies only. Now, if Disney were to somehow shut down Club Penguin armies, we will have no choice but to move, but that’s not happening right now, is it?


      • Disney can’t shut down club penguin armies.

        And if you read my previous post, we aren’t moving the entire community to the CPPS, we’re just going to have fun on it. Also, we’re also going to expand it to become a normal CPPS. 75% armies, 25% normal CPPS.


        • lmao. It was just an example.

          Okay then, that sounds fair to me. I don’t think we should have wars on the CPPS, nor should we take pics for the Top 10 on it due to multilogging, but logging on CPPS for fun and fun only sounds pretty good to me.


  9. Agreed. I think that CPPS should be kept to RECRUITING. We still need to use CP for warfare. Besides, CPPS only works for those with good computers.


  10. I completely agree with the recruiting thing, the only people going on this CPPS will be people from CP Armies so we wont get any new recruits but I don’t see the harm in going on it for fun but to make it a full time thing for armies to use instead of ClubPenguin is what I’m against.


  11. Flipmoo is correct, the problems he listed are among many others with this. If the server exists just ‘to chill’ as Waterkid has said, then I see no issue. But it is not feasible to move the entire community to it.

    Just a quick list of the major issues here:
    Multilogging, thus skewed results
    Moderators have god-power and can ban anyone, thus making their armies more powerful
    No new recruits
    Frighteningly insecure


  12. One of the only things I find this CPPS useful for is holding final battles to dispute a war between two armies.


  13. We should just all have a CPPS division, and REAL Club Penguin as our main, as always.


  14. I disagree Flip. This is a great idea and it will improve armies from doing emotes in a line. You are wrong in my opinion, this is a great idea to go through with. I say we give it a shot, don’t ya?


    • Water claims that ClubWarfare will be for entertainment purposes only(for armies to have fun), so I think it’s okay. However, I disagree against those who try to force Club Penguin armies to transfer to a CPPS.


  15. Flip, I do agree fully with your logic that trying to have the CP Warfare community would ultimately choke it off, and indeed we would splinter into two seperate groups if such an action occured. However, as you already seem to have realized, Waterkid isn’t showing that this is his intention. Yes, If we have a balance of regular and private CP usage, and as long as the managers of the private servers are not working against our interest, this idea should end up working quite well.


  16. This may be a great idea but I have my own problems with it. Where will we get funding? What will happen to nations? And Flip, this will help you get your idea across since there will be like 2 servers. No nations, and we can help bring Mammoth back and throwing snowballs.


  17. FLIPMOO (HUG), you’ve made a post with a logical meaning behind it which needs no more explaining. Basically, you’re points are right and more than that, we’ll be influencing young ones with more than just cheating and swearing.


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