Can ClubWarfare work?

Club Warfare; can it work?

I don’t know all of the details of Club Warfare so I’m writing this piece based on the limited knowledge I have. Around 4 days ago I was made leader of SWAT and since then most days I have spent some time on CPPS with some of our troops battling small forces from other armies such as RPF and ACP to mention a few. The battles have been short with no tactics and mainly consisted of taunting each other and throwing snowballs in bunches, yet for some reason it’s been the most fun I’ve had on a version of CP in ages, and I probably prefer it to a regular battle,  IF Club Warfare was made well it could bring back the fun into armies that I think it lacksIn this post I will outline some of the positives Club Warfare can bring to CP Armies and outline some issues and how they could be solved.

  1. Uniform
  2. Multi-logging
  3. Rogue Battles
  4. Recruitment of New Troops
  5. Trust


Provided that Club Warfare is no different to CPPS this means you are able to have full uniform without needing to have a penguin from 2006 that has had membership ever since it was created. There’s something that make’s fighting alongside people in the exact same uniform better than the scatter of clothing people have to wear due to the clothes available to them. Having everyone in uniform would also make rogues identify the army easier and enhancing the armys identity, uniforms in normal CP have faded away, but they could easily be restored on Club Warfare. We could be seeing 30-40 Nachos all with the iconic sombreros and I think that would add to armies.


A concern raised when CPPS is suggested as becoming the place of choice to battle is the ease of multi-logging, when I have been messing around with a few others on CPPS I have discovered the ease of multi-logging, you just open another tab and sign in, easy as that. This would be a huge problem for Club Warfare if they couldn’t prevent multi-logging, whenever an army has a rise of 10 troops they’ll be accused of multi-logging and armies will refuse to admit defeat because they believe the opposing army had multi-logged. This is the biggest obstacle for me that Club Warfare has to overcome, it could be simple to prevent but if it isn’t I for one won’t want to move Club Warfare, if they are able to prevent people from multi-logging CP Warfare becomes a hell of a lot more attractive.

Rogue Battles

A positive of Club Warfare is that I don’t expect there to be many if any people playing it as if were CPPS and I’d expect to see rogue battles constantly, with armies keen to mark their territory which I think would be a lot of fun. Rogue Battles are hard to find nowadays on regular Club Penguin but I find them more fun, they have no tactics, aren’t always interested in forming huge circles or lines and just enjoy fighting for fun, not for ranks on a Top 10. So for people who enjoy rogue battles I think Club Warfare would be a positive move.

Recruitment of New Troops

An issue raised in a post by Flipmoo which can be found below this post is that we would struggle to recruit regular CP players into armies if we all moved onto a server made specifically only for people involved in CP Armies we wouldn’t be able to ever meet any potential recruits which is a valid point. However this is easily solved if armies used regular CP and CPPS for recruitment and CP Warfare for battles, a lot of people are recruited in battles, after fighting as a rogue they search up the army and find the site, this means armies will have to recruit a lot harder than previously to make up for the recruits they lost by battling on a private server.


As we all rush to sign up for CP Warfare we may forget we are giving a passwords and emails etc to Waterkid and the others involved in the project. That is an extreme amount of power to have, not only will they emails and passwords they could also obtain our IP’s. Can we trust them not to turn on people and use the information against them? I don’t know if I’m honest, for sure I won’t be using my main email or any password that gives any links to any of my other passwords, this is a big issue.

I could go on for longer but as of now I am short of time, I hope you enjoy this post, it may be somewhat skewed but I haven’t written a post like this in a while, I hope CP Warfare is a huge success and I think it can restore more of the fun to CP Armies.

-Tempah, CPA Central Reporter.

14 Responses

  1. Fight the haters!


  2. Good post. And for the last one ”Trust” I don’t even have access to the database, only Yoshi801 does. But he says the passwords are protected and you can use a fake email to register an account, so everything should be fine.

    Yoshi also said he can try prevent multi logging, so that shouldn’t be a problem too.

    Overall nice post and thanks for high lighting the good points and bad points of a CPPS for armies, unlike Flipmoo’s.


  3. Nice post


  4. Great post :), I pretty much agree with all of that, except its kinda hard to get an army with all troops wearing identical clothing, im in the nachos and I don’t have a sombrero yet. Still good job Tempah


  5. Very good reason, I personally will be creating my account on a different network or on a VPN.


  6. Personally I don’t think it will work but maybe it might(D)


  7. Another problem is not enough servers


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