Dark Warriors Dead?

Deep Snow – The Dark Warriors have decided to shut down, according to their old leader, Elite 910.

After a long and extremely successful generation in which the Dark Warriors were able to retain 1st for a long time, they have decided to shut down. This decision was made yesterday afternoon, after this post on the DW site surfaced. Their Leader, Flo, said on the top of this post that DW is not dead. However, he later officially announced their death, though a post is yet to be made. This can be seen in the members of the Dark Warriors XAT Names, as some have the words “R.I.P. DW” in them. However, this came as a shock to many. DW was 6th in the last Top Ten after getting 30+ at an event. In less than 7 days, they have died.


An event from just last Saturday, with DW maxing 30+.

However, there are rumors that DW have already resurfaced under the leadership of some “newer” troops. There is another rumor that Flo looks to recreate DW in the coming weeks. These rumors cannot be confirmed nor denied, but when the truth is told, we will update it.

So with this news and the curiosity surrounding it, I have decided to interview the previous DW Leader, Flo.

Interview with Flo, DW Leader

I will be in Blue, Flo will be in Gray.



What was the cause for DW’s death?

I’m not really sure, but sources such as Ana tell me that Unk and Puf agreed to give most of DW’s servers to HSA and let us die down in peace.

What is your personal opinion on the decision to end DW?

I oppose it fully. This is one of the worst decisions ever in DW history besides Circa turning DW into Golds resulting in death.

Does DW have any plans for resurrection in the near future?

I actually plan to if others do not. I want Elite to lead and I myself will most likely come back to help if we do.

And last but not least, what do you believe was the reason behind the death of DW?

Inactiveness of the troops or possibly Unk wanting DW dead as Debbie has told me. I believe the troops were favoring HSA more than DW and Unk and Puf just wanted to give up trying.

Anything else to say?

We will make a huge return, darkness will rise.

Thanks for your time, and a very happy birthday to you, my friend.

Thank you.

As you can see, the end of DW was extremely controversial. Not everyone agreed, but it happened nonetheless. There are official plans for a return in place, as Flo has said in the interview. For when? We are unsure. However, we can expect it to be big like the last generation.

So, what do you all think about the end of DW? Was it surprising? Or was it extremely predictable? Comment below with your thoughts. For now, I’m out.

Auf Wiedersehen,


“Do I make you moist?”

20 Responses

  1. First


  2. Inb4 comeback 2 days later


  3. I actually never expected this to happen, though a gradual fall was obvious but not death! Most surely, I think DW will rise again in a new generation, which is soon to come.


  4. Didn’t this start from an April Fools prank?


  5. Great post Zak 😉


  6. I hope DW will stay alive. 😦


  7. >DW dies
    >Soon another gen

    And people criticize Elites for being re-made too much.


  8. Puf, l was commenting that by the rush, for going to get pack and eat supper. Please watch your mouth. Also l do not beg for promo’s, l just came to event and became the loyalist person/active then you. Thank You.


  9. To let the people that are commenting on this post, know that the Dark Warriors never died and are still on their current golden age generation. Please do not doubt us as that is very disrespectful. Thank you and have a great weekend.


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