Hating the Haters

FJORD — The beginning of another SWAT and Nacho war.

Note: This post is intended to be fully factual and no bias is intended at any level or type.

Hating the Haters

A declaration of war by the SWAT on the Nachos has thrown off the latter off course, straying away from an original plan to declare war on the Army of CP. Instead, another war between the two rivals begins, putting the Nachos’ war practice into play.

The first battle was a tactical advantage for SWAT, for they were able to stage an invasion first due to being the aggressor. The Battle of White House was hard-fought, with the Nachos and SWAT both breaking 30+ at one point. A judge, former LT leader Spi, was appointed for the battle. While they were the defender, the Nachos attacked with an offensive tempo, pushing away the SWAT and stalking them when they alledgedly fled. The SWAT had superior size than the Nachos briefly, but judging places the Nachos’ tactics and overall consistency above the SWAT.


While official judging puts this as a Nacho victory, the SWAT maintains this was a tie possibility due to miscommunication between the judge and SWAT officials. Oddly, a SWAT 2ic, Dom, admitted the Nachos had won the battle. Nevertheless, the SWAT declines to settle for anything less than a tie, also maintaining the possibility of this being a win for them.




The SWAT attack the Nachos next on Blizzard, which legend has the creation of the Nachos placed.

As it stands, the Nachos will retain White House. Per official judging, the score is 1 – 0 – 0 for the Nachos; however, like previously stated, the SWAT argue the score is 0 – 0 – 1.

The war has become fierce and emotional for the Nachos, while this was intended as a friendly war by the SWAT. However, advancements such as hiring a judge have shown the possibility of crisis deciding a battle winner.


7 Responses

  1. Sadly, after swat left forts, they had 15-20


  2. Looking at the pictures on both sites, it looked like a tie.


  3. Spi retired swat. Also, Funks, If you were there it would’ve been Nachos : 25 Swat:16 most of the battle.


  4. This was very close to a Nachos win but I think SWAT did enough for the tie, Spi was appointed as judge by Nachos, we never agreed to it, a fun battle though and I look forward to more.


  5. Even swat said they lost, the only people saying it was a tie were ten year old acp girls


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