UK / USA divisions – How do they help an army?

Recently, many armies have been attempting to broaden their horizons with regards to the diversity of their troops, and have tried to draw in troops of different nationality, so as to bring them more power, and flexibility. Some armies are solely UK armies and need to branch out into the USA, and for other armies, it is the opposite. But the question is this – is it really worth it?

To find out, I’ve been researching a few armies which I know have been either brushing up on, or losing their USA / UK divisions.

First, I went to ACP chat where I found Swimmerboy01, USA leader of Army of Club Penguin. Recently, ACP administration has promoted Swimmerboy01, Kenneth and Tori, to positions of authority in order to try and improve the sizes and efficiency of USA legion, however, I wanted to find out more about the implications of such a thing.

Here is an interview between us, my questions are in black and his answers are in green.


Hi, can I ask some questions about your USA division?

Yes. Go right ahead.

Okay. So, before you and Kenneth were promoted, the ACP didn’t have much of a USA division, is that right?

Yes. That is correct.

What do you feel your promotion has done for the army in general, since it has boosted the USA division sizes?

I think that it has helped morales of US troops to have more US leadership, and I think it is good that we now have a First in Command US leader for US events. But, it was not just me that helped make the US bigger. Kenneth and Tori gave a lot of help too.

Okay. Do you think that this is responsible for ACP doing better as an army, and in CPAC top tens recently, than they have been for a long while

Yes. No doubt about it… that I have thought about, at least.

All right, one final question, do you think that yours, Kenneth, and Tori’s demotion, and no other USA leaders being in place, would affect the sizes and performance of the USA division, and the ACP as a whole army?

Yes. That would be absolutely devastating to us.

So much as to cause you to fall lower than, say top 7 in the rankings?

Possibly. But we did tend to end up anywhere from 5th to 9th when we had no US leader.

Okay. Thanks a lot for your time!

 No problem.


So, as you can see, Swimmerboy01 seems to believe at least that the apparent rise in ACP sizes is due a lot to the USA legion being better managed. However, as you also can see from the interview, I mentioned what the possibility of demotion for the ACP’s USA high ups might do to the army, and he replied that “It would be devastating.” In particular, there is one army that serves as a great example for this exact question, none other than the Pirates.

When I asked Freezie, Ex- USA leader of the Pirates what he thought his demotion had done to the pirates in an informal private chat, he told me that he “had a few friends who were also USA pirates”, and when he was told to leave, they left with him, which undoubtedly would have had an effect on Pirates’ sizes. Later, he expressed the opinion on a comment on a post about the fall in Pirates’  activity that “it seemed the army went downhill ever since he left.”. So in this case, it is not confirmed, but it seems that the loss of a fundamental USA figure in an army with a, perhaps less stable USA division, has very negatively affected said army.

Obvious proof that requires no interviewing, in other armies, provides a different view of when there are no key figures for a weak division, and how it doesn’t often mean that the army will lose size. The Nachos are a very good example, as they have maintained the position of 1st in the CPAC top 10 for around 5-6 weeks, and yet they’re mainly made up of USA soldiers, only recently employing more UK administration.

However, the future must be observed, as the growth of one division could lead to a decrease in troops in the other! This is not proven in any way, but who knows what the future could bring?

~6789cool – CPAC Reporter.

Comment YOUR opinion! What would be the implications of an increase/decrease in any armies divisions?

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  1. Good post


  2. Nice Post and 1st


  3. I actually just got CPPA Leader back… (WARY)


    • Doesn’t change the past :0
      It will be interesting then, for the viewers of this post, to see if pirates recover with your reinstatement!


  4. Fagbag. You mention USA and UK but not AUS? Pffft.


  5. More like before there was a USA leader in ACP, all the US troops were lazy cunts.


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