Reviving ‘YouWrite’

Today we’re going to be reviving the forgotten YouWrite system.

Hello CPAC,

I’m Splasher, your new Vice President. While I doubt a lot of you will be interested in knowing anything about me, as this is my first post, I’ll introduce myself briefly. I was in armies for a bit more than a year during mid 2011 to late 2012, and for a lot of the time I was a part of this community I was the SMAC Head of Site. I retired around October last year, but I’ve accepted Blue1’s invitation for me to become CPAC VP. I’m going to be here for two weeks to trial-run myself to see how I work here at CPAC, and afterwards I’ll decide if I will stay on permanently. I think that’s enough about me, but in any case it’s a pleasure and an honor to be working here. (I would like to note, however, that I will not mind if you correct me on any mistakes or misunderstandings I have about working here- the last time I was on CPAC I was a ‘temporary reporter’).

Anyway, my first act of business here at CPAC is to revive (with Blue1’s permission) the YouWrite system. The YouWrite system is a system for readers to write posts and send them in to CPAC and possibly have them published, which was started by Woton. However, it is now largely forgotten, and so we’ll be brushing off the dust and bringing it back up.

YouWrite is very simple. It’s a place where you, the reader, can write posts, send them to us through a form and, if we like the post, have them published. Although YouWrite was originally only for philosophy, we’ll be expanding it to include:

  • News reports
  • Philosophy
  • Short stories: short stories related to CP Armies
  • Editorials (Opinion posts)
  • Video reports

This should give you enough options for you to be able to unleash your creativity while writing! Although there won’t be any guarantees that what you write will be posted, if it meets the requirements (which is listed on the YouWrite page), there’s a high chance that it will be posted.

If you’d like to check out YouWrite, click here.

We hope that YouWrite will allow CPAC readers to express their opinion and be able to share more of their own writing. It’s going to be exciting to see more posts and opinion from the army community.

Thanks for reading.


CPAC Vice President

6 Responses

  1. Again, if you spot me making any weird decisions or stupid mistakes here at CPAC, please don’t hesitate to tell me. I’m still very new here. 😉


  2. ily splasher


  3. Congrats on getting VP, Splasher.


  4. “Today we’re going to be reviving the forgotten YouWrite system.”
    lolk. Is it a coincidence that my user is TheForgotten and I lead the Revival Force? lmao.


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