BREAKING NEWS: SWAT Declares War on Nachos!

MAMMOTH– Today, Ganger announced his declaration of war against the Nachos.

SWAT, currently placed as 3rd on the Top Ten, has officially declared war on the Nachos. SWAT main leader Ganger90 said in his declaration of war post:

Hello SWAT,

Shocking, huh? I know. We are not starting this war out of hate for the Nachos, but only and primarily because we really want a war right now for fun. And in this war, we’d like for it to of course be a fun war, and not a flame war, but eventually things will heat up and become a flame war. And now on the behalf of a false treaty made with the Nachos when our generation first started. If you go to our nation’s page, we have a rule listed as – “ALL SWAT leaders must agree to treaties or ceasefires in order for it to be formed.”

I just wanted to bring that up and clear it out of the way, and I’m sure the Nachos would not bring that up any ways, since Nachos are a very strong army, and wouldn’t have to pull up any pussy arguments like that any ways. Now, the treaty is invalid and false, as we’ve had that rule all generation, and the war will be done. Our goal in this war is to eventually win, and make the Nachos surrender. And this may be one of our hardest wars ever, if not the very hardest. In this war, I want all of our troops being extremely active, and always on chat, ready for any thing that the Nachos may throw our way.

As we can see, the SWAT army think they are ready for a war after their consistent sizes of 25 – 35. They also want it to be a CLEAN WAR, meaning no flame posts and both armies being fair (admitting defeat, no multi logging etc). The Nachos have soon to make a responding post.


 photo 9A476C1D-6CE3-4730-97B6-C8EB00D00586-3921-000000FADB62373B.jpg

SWAT and Nacho’s best pictures (according to the Top Ten)

So what do you think about this war? I personally think Nachos currently has the upper hand since they get constant 30+ at events and have no trouble with the army. SWAT, however, has 3 leaders and a lot of troops quitting in the past week, which might affect the war. However, I still think this war will be extremely exciting if they keep up with their amazing sizes. Also, Beeky said on Nachos chat that the Nachos might’ve gone to war with the ACP if SWAT didn’t declare war, lucky ACP!

What do you think of this? Comment YOUR thoughts!

39 Responses

  1. SWAT will get abolished.
    Too much internal problems, and Leadership problems.

    Nachos have no problems near to where SWAT has, therefore, Nachos are going to dominate SWAT. I’m not saying I’m with Nachos, I’m saying that It’s a bad idea to do this.


  2. Do not underestimate SWAT


  3. If fights occur I’ll take Ganger, Ads and Puck out to the bar.


  4. This will be one sexy war


  5. The little mouse goes ROARRR.


  6. SWAT will dominate. Hell will be unleashed!


  7. Mess with the best, die like the rest.


  8. Like

  9. SWAT are at the end of their 2 month cycle and they’re about to die again soon (then be revived next month) so I think it’s a stupid move.


  10. Notice how the only people saying swat will win are ACP butthurt soldiers. Lol.


  11. The Nachos are idiots if they do anything, because the ACP will intervene if the nachos have a major invasion, yet the Ice warriors would take sides with the nachos, as would uma. This would be a major move if the Nachos did anything


  12. Right Now the score is Nachos 1 Swat 0 Ties 0 Judge said so!!


  13. There was no official judge. Spi just said he was an judge without permission from either SWAT leaders or Nacho leaders. His judgement was inaccurate and cannot prove who won the battle.


  14. Burns, leaders gave him permission. Derp


  15. SWAT leaders never agreed. It is not official…..


  16. One of em’ did.


  17. What the hell are you talking about, Tan? Read my comment. I never said SWAT will win. Next time read my comment clearly. Mr Burns isn’t ACP either. Gosh you Nachos get rather worked up!


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