Editorial: The Great Perversion of Our Hall of Fame and Why It Matters

 KLONDIKE- A debate breaks out among the current and retired owners of the ACP, along with the troops themselves, as to ACP’s medal system.

Awards. Trophies, medals, any sort of honor. We see them everywhere — in our sports games, in academic contests, and that’s simply in our schools. That’s even before we enter the real world, where we see things like the Congressional Medal of Honor (US), or the Nobel Peace Prize. Things like the Olympic Medals. All around, we have synonomized medals with achievement in our modern world. And, we have done the same in armies. It is hard, nowadays, to find a news site or an army that does not have a page for its Legends.

Now, this comes up all over again not because of a legends election, and not because of the return of a “legend” — one of those classic instances that makes us question what a legend is, exactly — but because of a recent award in the ACP. Just today, Kingfunks4, Co-Leader of the ACP, made a movement to create a fourth medal that is distributed by the Army of Club Penguin. Joining the Medal of Training, the Bronze Medal of Honor, and the Medal of Honor, the Silver Medal of Honor was introduced to ACP this morning. Kingfunks described the new medal in this way on the ACP site,

As you probably already know, we have the Bronze Medal Award and the Medal of Honor (Seen as the Gold Award). However, there have been people suggesting that we make a new award, called the Silver Medal Award. Not only would this reward excellence, it would make the BMA a more realistic aim and it would make that reward much easier to obtain. I feel that we need to be giving out more awards and this step would help us in doing so. The BMA will now be awarded at the end of every other month to one person who has shown loyalty to the ACP. That will start at the end of next month, so make sure you work hard for it. The Silver Medal Award will take more of a ‘one off’ stance, with it only being awarded when seen fit.

The first ever recipients of the medal were Kenneth1000, ACP 2ic, and Swimmerboy01, ACP Leader,“For their amazing effort in restoring the ACP USA force to their former glory and making it a USA force that other armies will actually consider as an opponent.”

As much as I am madly in love with Kenneth and Swimmer, and as much as I have supported Swimmer’s campaign for 3ic, and as much as I have worked with Kenneth in endeavors both inside ACP and out, I question if their efforts to improve the ACP US force is anything worth awarding a medal for, and, furthermore, if it is something more prominent than what many of the recievers of the Bronze Medal Award have accomplished. As a member of the ACP, and as a resident of either the United States — or places linked with the US Division in Ken’s case — you have a responsibility to lead not only the army as a whole, but its division. Why is bringing this division from a pathetic size of 5 to a slightly less size of 15-20 anything worth celebrating?

Of course, ACP is far from the only army who has demonized achievement. One of the most prominent examples I can think of is CPAC’s very own legends page. In an attempt to make the legends election less of a popularity contest, we may very well have turned the process into a much more easily rigged vote. I have cited before and I will cite again that I do not believe I deserve CP Army Legend. And many others who have not been elected may very well deserve CP Army Legend. We are still searching for a perfect system — and, truly, will probably never find one. But our goal is to tweak and edit the system as often as we can, to keep its bias at bay.

As of now, we are being told that the ACP is considering scheduling a meeting to ponder their medals system and how they will elect its recipients. For now, I turn to Kingfunks4, ACP Leader, for his thoughts on both the Silver Medal Award and on the perversion of awards in general.

Interview with Kingfunks4, ACP Leader

Blue: Hello Funks.

Funks: Hi.

Blue: So, how did you come to the decision to award the Silver Medal of Honor?

Funks: The SMA was given to Ken and Swimmer because, before, our US division was the size of a small army (if that) and now it is one of a large army. It may be their job, but they are doing it well.

Blue: On a completely different note, what are your thoughts on the CPAC Legends Page?

Funks: I think that it is hard to balance the views of the public without it being a popularity contest. I disagree with some of the people chosen and you probably know who they are.

Blue: Yes, yes. About a month back, you lead a campaign against the Legends Page after myself and Blue2 were elected to legend, is that correct?

Funks: Yes.

Blue: You believed we had been elected for things we did not do, is that correct?

Funks: Yes.

Blue: Then tell me, my friend, why you can justify your choice to award people like Kenneth, Swimmerboy, and Mr. Waffle — who were awarded for the restoration of the US division and for “exemplary spying” respectively — with medals of any color. Kenneth is an extraordinary leader, but he led about a year ago.

Funks: The awards in the ACP alone are different from the awards in the CPAC Legends Page you have. The Legends Page is for people who have made real difference in the army community, which with all respect to you, you have not brought yet, and the ACP is for little things.

Blue: Those people who have been awarded the Bronze Medal of Honor have arguably done more for the ACP than the restoration of the US division from 5 to 15, where some 7 are just UK staying up late.

Funks: I would say 5 to 15 is more 5 to 20, but I would disagree that we have 7 UK people staying up later, from what I can see it’s more like 2 or 3 at the most. The restoration of the US force from nothing to something is important.

Blue: I simply question the creation of the award, and the awarding of it to Mr. Waffle and Swimmerboy. Mr. Waffle has been shamed, and Swimmerboy has been questioned multiple times for his inactivity.

Funks: Waffle was not awarded the SMA. [He] has the BMA and the BMA is meant to be more easily achieveable and whether Swimmer is currently active or not, his promotion to leader has certainly changed our US view.

Blue: But do you believe it is right to give an award to a “spy” who has done things any other “spy” fundamentally disagrees with, even if it [the BMA] is meant for “little things”? And do you believe it is right to recognize Swimmer, when we all know Kenneth has played the predominant part in the restoration of the US Division? Is he [Swimmer] simply being recognized for a mentality?

Funks: His [Waffle’s] spying helped us in winning the World War as we found vital information about our enemies. And I think Swimmer and Ken work as a team, rather then it being Ken alone.

Blue: I see. Well, thank you for your time.

Funks: No problem, anytime.


So, what do YOU think? Comment with YOUR opinion!


CPA Central CEO



26 Responses

  1. blue’s interviews make me die


  2. wtf is this


  3. Oh I was now told I am also awarded this award for my diplomatic services to the ACP where I negotiated peace with the Pirates and saved our colonies from being harassed by them and for making peace with SWAT where I got 3 months of no war for the ACP PLUS a server back.


    • As I said in the interview, I don’t really dispute your awarding of the SMA, I question the others.


  4. When did the Header change?:P


  5. Thats all well and good, but when does CPAC have a say in what a specific army does?


    • It’s an editorial. An editorial is the opinion of a certain person — usually a high-ranking individual when it comes to a newspaper — who gives their thoughts on a certain happening in the community. CPAC might not have a say, but we do have a right to voice our opinions and thoughts. Who chooses to listen to it — and when — we do not control.


      • I see, but your writing was in a matter of somewhat authority, and it made me think that you were doing a little more than expressing your opinion. I agree some of what you are saying, but it’s ACP’s decision, and the post should be getting people to think about it, not influencing the ACP owner’s opinions.

        It’s not that big of a deal, I was just wanting to make that clear. Again, this is my opinion.


        • My tone was probably due to the fact that I have a large ego and tend to think I’m correct. But of course, that’s all part of my


          i mean wut


          • agreed


          • you have a large ego? (hello) I MEAN, YEAH! MEDALS ARE OFTEN USED, the ice warriors used to have the medals system, we called them snowflakes. why? because we’re the ice warriors! we eat crushed, thin ice and drink the snow! Usually our drinks are snow cones and our favorite food is ice cream….. wait what the heck am i getting into? anyways, blue1, I agree with the medals system but it does slow down promotion to the troops. Now what was that thing you had a large ego? (hello)


  6. What happend to the header?


  7. Why are there cats on the CP army penguin soldiers?




  9. Blue, you continue to astound me with your eloquence. Frankly, I find hard to believe a kid writes like this, and not some wise demagogue. Albeit, I don’t trust you nor like you, I think you have an innate gift for literature. And in regards to the post itself, I don’t see virtual medals hurting anyone. So why not, neh? Give medals to whoever you like. But an armies size and rank will speak louder then how many medals there leaders have.


  10. Honestly legend status and such is sacred. Only given to troops that have done something that the rest havent! Such as Hersh being the oldest troop ever in iw! Or Dale being the first iw troop under 2ic to be a temp leader. These things shouldnt be handed out willy-nilly.


  11. haha oohmaa. I don’t i’m allowed an opinion but, my views are much the same whats in this post


  12. When I saw the word “perversion” I assumed it would be something sexual. Perhaps involving children. I am severely disappointed.


  13. This is one of the best interviews I’ve read in a very, very long time.


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