UPDATE 10:41AM EST: Qwerty admits defacing the Water Vikings site. 

MITTENS– Today, the Water Vikings site was defaced, but the question is; by who?


When you enter the Water Vikings site, you can see all the pages has been deleted, and that the all the posts from March has been deleted. The only post from March is the post that states Daniel has ”hacked” Qwerty’s account.

As you can see, Daniel has hacked Qwerty’s wordpress account. Why did he do this? Well, just yesterday the UMA declared war on the Water Vikings for having the server ”Parka”. Daniel is a retired UMA leader and often hangs out on the UMA chat. Could this be the reason for the defacing of the Water Vikings? 

Shortly after the defacing, Qwerty came onto the UMA chat. He then said the Water Vikings site was defaced. I was there when he came, however I was busy on the SWAT chat. When I came back to the UMA chat, I saw the messages and Daniel banning Qwerty from the chat. I quickly went to the Water Vikings site, and saw the damage. Daniel however claimed he was innocent and that Qwerty himself defaced the Water Vikings site so make UMA look bad. You can view his post claiming his innocence by clicking HERE

Q being a knob.

So who defaced the Water Vikings? Comment YOUR thoughts!

10 Responses

  1. Wow, look at how good the Army Community is. Sooo many useless defaces, ugh. 😛 Nice post though.


  2. sherlock, it was me. why do you need to post when its already in a picture.


  3. I think the sloth did it, sloths know there ways


  4. My guess is a false flag attack. This means WV carried out the defacing themselves, then blamed it on Daniel. Surely daniel wouldn’t be stupid enough to sign his own name after a hacking.


  5. Well,i am thinking someone from wv did this.Then framed it on this daniel guy from UMA.


  6. Oh and btw, I’m not in WV anymore, this isnt WV, i defaced becuz i can


  7. A friendly reminder that we’re all just children.


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