Puffle Party 2013

tap vs puffle party

Another post from me, your least favorite writer, well maybe most favorite because I am not even going to write about that war going on. Instead, we have the Puffle Party. Now if I had started writing these a year ago, this would be one short post due to the fact this is a near identical copy of the Puffle Party 2012. Only 3 Puffle rooms changed and they added a new room complex.

Back in my days of being an active member of Club Penguin (December 08- May 09) I saw 6 parties. Christmas 08, Dance Jam, Puffle Party 09, St. Patrick’s Day 09, April Fools Day 09, and the Medieval Party 09. Puffle Party 09 rates as one of my favorite parties along with Music Jam 08, and St. Patrick’s Day 09. The Puffle Party, for those who were unaware, was an excuse to introduce new Puffles. The first one introduced the White Puffle (personal favorite of mine). The second introduced us to the Orange Puffles. The third introduced no new puffles, since we had discovered the brown one weeks ago. This one has the new Rainbow Puffle, something people have been asking for. Disney seems to be giving an awful lot of Fan Service these past couple months.

This party, as I said before, changed three Puffle rooms. The Brown Puffle Room now has one door. The Blue Puffle room moved from the Forrest to the Docks, and looks like the crew made the large Puffle toy go from multicolor to all blue. The Green Puffle room became Lag Central. They decided to add a bunch of stuff which isn’t too pleasant. The other room changes are not significant. Just cosmetic so they look new with the exception of the Plaza. The two big things about this party are Rainbow Puffles, and the brand new Puffle Hotel! The Puffle Hotel is a place where you take your Puffles to relax, oh and to take the cannon to the Cloud Forest. The Cloud Forest is home to the Rainbow Puffle, and it is a magical being that farts sparkles, creates a rainbow tail and is a Nyan Cat

Now for new things this party brought to us. You see, Club Penguin has been pretty kind when it comes to free items or Non-member paid items. This party has 2 items Non-Members may get. A bag of o-berries, and the Handler’s Background. The items are very lack-luster for now mainly due to the fact that this is for the Puffles. Who remembers Puffle Hats? Why not some free Puffle Hats, some specially designed for Puffles that are kept in the Puffle rooms? Well, we still have the April Fools gags, but I won’t cover that in this post.

To finish this up, I will explain what I think. The party is not the worst ever, but it leaves much to be desired. I am still going on for the music and I will get that O-Berry bag. With April fools a couple days away, let’s see if anything new comes out that is big enough for me to have to edit this post.

P.S. The top Graphic is mine. If you must criticize me, keep it constructive and also I request Philosophy topics please for me to rant about!

26 Responses

  1. ugh they brought back the goddamn nyan puffle ._.


  2. I don’t really understand the point of this post. lol. Though I never realized Puffle parties were held when a new Puffle was announced up until now. Heh.


    • Back in October I was given permission to start posting on parties since most posts were BA war related. I have been doing this for all the parties and usually I release it when people get tired of the same kind of posts on here (I.E. DCP/HSA conflict). I enjoy writing these posts because I am able to compare the old parties I have seen with the new, and it isn’t the most popular thing on here but I have fun doing it, and it isn’t like the Bloggers who make a 15 word post with info on a new item.


  3. This post is a disgrace


  4. Warning to viewers: most the comments above are Waterkid100 raging at TapDancer36.
    Tap: Not anymore, decided to delete all the comments water left along with mine because fighting looks unprofessional and noobish.


  5. No ST. Patricks Party and no April Fools Party? What has Club Penguin come to? -__-


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