An End to the Senseless “Wins” DCP vs. HSA battles analyzed + Winners

I am sure ALL of CPAC is tired of these DCP vs. HSA war posts being that there are other things going on and other things to report, so let this be a conclusion of what has happened in this war so far, and given permission by Dx and Mustapha to have a neutral source in which to decide the winner of Summit, Thermal, Half Pipe, and Tuxedo. I hope to make this post as short as possible and less painful to you readers tired of hearing of this war, again I apologize.

Battle For Summit:

The battle for Summit was the one that started the war, the invasion of DCP’s capital was big for both armies and the result was given by a neutral source who would like to remain anonymous so he doesn’t get hate by either army.

I would like to add both sites and posts were looked at and the winner of this won it 51%-49% so it was close.
Summit Belongs to: DCP

Battle for Half Pipe[1]:

This one was DCP win, HSA admit it. Derp.

Battle for Thermal:

HSA alas won this battle as the HSA had an Aussie invasion while the Doritos were all asleep since DCP has no Aussie force. Can’t say its the most honorable win but it was legal and completely fair.

Winner of Thermal: HSA

Battle for Half Pipe[2]:

This battle was one sided with HSA getting 30 and DCP with 20-25, the tactics were good by both but the winner was pretty obvious

Winner of Half Pipe: HSA

Battle for Tuxedo:

From DCP site.

From HSA site.

This was a very difficult battle to determine a winner, I managed to be there and remain neutral, In the end there has to be a choice made and I have made mine.

Winner of Tuxedo: Tie(50% HSA, 50%DCP owned) A battle for full control may be later included.

So with this:

  • DCP Owns Summit, 50% of Tuxedo
  • HSA Owns, Half Pipe, Thermal, 50% of Tuxedo

The Real Total wins for this War is: 2 Wins-2 Losses-1 Tie!

Now we can all go back to our lives, the anonymous judge I thank a lot so we can all move on, He will be judging the HSA vs. DCP war from this point on from fb and his CP account being that he is a retired legend. Anyone with problems of this decision can deal with it, I do not care, this judgement is FINAL and a favor to those tired of the HSA and DCP news being talked about all week long and would like to move on.

๖̶ۣۜۜCнιєƒ Paco ɪ

~CPAC Editor In Chief~

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8 Responses

  1. It will be 3-2-1 soon (HSA) 😉


  2. I do not like this. Nor did I give permission for it, so we will be having a chat later.


    • Didn’t know It was illegal to post, I didn’t decide crap here, frankly I just reported what the two armies came to a conclusion too with a neutral judge, I can tell you who it is on xat, but I did not do anything wrong here, simply clarifying to the CP world what was decided by the DCP and the HSA alone without CPAC influence nor interference, I am currently not in a good mood at all, so I would advise to let me cool down before you tell me what I did wrong with this post.


    • This is a good post anyway. It makes any confusion clearer. I like it, you should too, instead of yelling at Paco 24/7.


  3. This is better than BA/WA though. It hasn’t errupted into a war where it is the old vs the new or ACP’s side vs Nachos’ side. In all reality both armies have done very well to not let it spread all over, and kept it to DCP, HSA and LT. I enjoy reading the long posts about the wars and the interviews with both sides, but if I could say 1 thing, make it one or two large posts about the subject instead of 5-6 small posts.


  4. First of all DCP and HSA, UMA and Pirates share Tuxedo. We’ve shared it since either of you two armies were revived, so I really don’t see how either side possessed it in the first place.


  5. and how is half pipe hsa’s when u said dcp won it?


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