Sole Leaders and Why They Can Be Dangerous

Why hello CP army community. I found the time and decided to give a shot on another philosophy/report of our army community. Noting that this week gravely lacked posts, I hope that this one interests you the most. Without further adieu…. read on:

Just a week ago Waterkid100 left the Pirates, along with Ace fireken6. The so called big 3 (along with Bid Now). Soon leader elections were held, which apparently I won alongside William and Freezie. Everything was under control, in fact. Tracking season was in a day, and a new era was supposed to be upon CPPA. That however never happened. The size decrease in events was immediately seen. Loyal troops losing interest in coming to chat, and although I expected that, the tracking season did not help.

After a few days of rethinking…. Waterkid decided to return. Immediately the chat spurred back to 25, just yesterday CPPA was able to gain 20 troops with CP not working properly, and more importantly the site gained back a few views.

CPPA’s chat size after Water’s return.


March 9th saw the retirement of Ioioluk, club penguin army legend. More importantly, Ioioluk retired from his long beloved army, Light Troops, after creating and serving them for over 3 years.

The next leader in line was Mr Cool. For a week LT was seeing sizes of about 20, and everything was once again looking up for the best. LT decided to declare war on WV, hoping that they could bring up their sizes to 25. The opposite was achieved, with LT sometimes not getting over 15 at events and with WV turning out victors in a few battles.

lt march

LT before the retirement of Ioioluk (week-day event)

LT’s defence of Crunch (week-day event)

 photo LT2013199_zps20dac63c.png

LT’s most recent event with sizes of 18 (week-end event)

Although LT have risen since the battle of Flurry, a decrease in size can be immediately sensed. As Ioioluk stated:

LT’s views from 21/03/13


Both leaders/creators retired, and both had the same consequences. Coincidence? It could be, but remember that this happened before. Back in November 2012, Water retired, giving the leadership to Will. That didn’t turn out too well, as the Pirates fell from 25 to 15 in one day. Ioioluk had retired a few times back in 2011 and the end of 2012…they all resulted in LT diminishing in size.

The question is….. why?


We will first start by looking at the commons of these two armies. They both were in the BA, but it doesn’t really determine anything there. They both hate/hated ACP. How does hating an army decrease their size? In fact, both of the armies are now neutral with ACP ever since the new leaders were chosen. They both had their creators lead the army ever since their creation. Jackpot.

Both of the armies are known for having their main leader stay with them throughout their creation. Waterkid was in fact the sole leader of CPPA for over a year. Ioioluk stayed with LT for 3 years, having a few co-leaders alongside him. In just a week, both of the army/ generation creators retired, and the results were basically the same.

Here comes the main point of the post:

We can basically conclude that both Ioioluk and Water were dictators of their army. Ioio was more democratic, but he still lead LT throughout their existence. Although a sole leader (main leader) can turn out successful if the leader is intelligent, it gives out massive side effects, as I have proven above. Why?

It’s simple. Over time, the soldiers get used to their leader. They begin to trust him. They grow dependent of their creator, their god, their savior. Before Ace became leader in CPPA, no one would log on if Water was present. Although Ioio’s presence is not necessary for LT during every event, the thought of him leaving forever expresses itself in its own way.

Wait one second. This is completely untrue. What about IW or DW? For all I know, Iceyfeet is the only leader to ever lead an army for 5 years straight. As for DW, they have been under dictatorship for as long as I remember…


First, let’s look at DW. An army created in 2007 by Ambrosha, they have had a total of 39 sets of new leaders. That is roughly 1 leader change for 51 days. 2 months is by far too short for the troops to become dependent of  the leader, which is why DW never really fell that hard after a retirement. We can count DW as not one of the sole leader armies.

Ahhh, the Ice Warriors. Created in the last days of Pink Mafias, it has had only 2 leaders in its 6 year existence. How was it possible that IW did not perish after their beloved founder retired almost a year ago? Here is something you do not want to miss.

Look at the archives on IW’s site from like 2010-2011. You will see Icey posting something like an important defense or event, but basically there are many others helping out. In fact, Iceyfeet didn’t attend events regularly. He was still the sole leader, but troops got used to Icey not attending a few battles, or not being seen for a week. When June 2012 came, it wasn’t like everyone left IW without Icey. Yes, IW did decrease in size, but Icey didn’t just vanish in thin air. He showed up a few times, recruited through Riffy, and slowly came on less and less, until he was no longer needed.


Conclusion: I don’t want you guys to fall asleep, so I decided to wrap up the post.

Many people will still say that the main reason why sole leaderships don’t always go well is because the troops prefer democracy and the freedom of speech. Then why had both the Pirates and LT fall after gaining democracy?

If the sole leader is an excellent and talented leader, the army can prosper to new heights. The problem with these armies is that they have never had a real change of leader; they grow dependent of the leader, and that’s where the problem begins. The ACP, Nachos, UMA, DW all thrived because they regularly changed leaders. Oagalthorp retiring saw the slighgt diminish of ACP, but they came back up. The same thing happened with DW, or with the Nachos under Tom Wolf, Zippy or Person.

Here is a secret: Dictatorships fall because of us aging. Yes, it might sound weird, but all people here must retire someday, whether it is soon or later. We can not stay and play this game forever. The death of these armies is not caused by anything else but the retiring of their long lasting creators.

Well that wraps up this post. As for LT and CPPA, they should quickly destroy the dependance of their “gods”, if they want to survive. Ioioluk’s sudden retirement is not what LT needs. He must gradually leave, to stabilize the new generation. As for CPPA, that is exactly what I am trying to currently do…. to secure the survival of this generation.

I hope you liked my post once again. I will be posting next week, maybe about the current stability of ACP related to the ACP-SWAT war. Good bye for now CP armies, and have a good week.

Yeasy, CPAC philosopher

12 Responses

  1. summary – armies that are reliant on a single leader are screwed 😀


  2. For SWAT, when Ganger left the whole army went from 35 to 15 with the replacement leaders. Yeasy, great post. Ganger is also the guy like ioio or Waterkid. Btw, how many words? 2,000?


    • Not saying I’m the only leader doing any thing in SWAT, although yes, I do the majority, I’m the glue in SWAT, I’m just the leader that keeps every thing together. The way I do things, the time I do things, I know what I need to do, and without the knowledge given of what is needed to do with the particular army SWAT, the army will first drop in sizes, then later on crumble.


  3. Keep doing this. You’re good. If you have issues for topics ask people for suggestions. Rarely worked for me but at the same time I focus on party posts and the occasional Philosophy/Rant


  4. You continue to please us with your intelligent points, myself included. My conclusion on dictators/central leaders is that they are indeed positive in the long run for as long as they are around, and yes, indeed, they don’t have to be leading every single event to keep army momentum alive and well. Also, for the armies who never really develop the centralized leader effect, my belief is that these armies are inherently better then the armies who just lost a dictator, but generally a leg down from armies with an active, competent dictator.

    I’d also like to add to the IW situation you talked about. Yes, Iceyfeet was really already fading out by the time he officially retired, so his departure didn’t cripple them. However, IW was still strongly influenced by him even during his fading time, and when he went on his breaks, IW almost always felt it. Over time, though, Albert successfully replaced Icey and is now IW’s main dominant figure (Though Iceyfeet’s legacy continues to help IW when he still sometimes comes to their events, like today.)


  5. CP Armies seem to be populated with troops who only suck milk out of breasts of a important person in the army. Armies now days lack intelligence to be independent.


  6. It’s the armies that rise and fall constantly that have this problem. Like IW, they’re a great army and only have on leader. But to add to your post, why did RPF get so small? Because Commando left. If they rely on a single leader or person, there’s bound to be problems when that person leaves, unless the next leader is just as good


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