SWAT Declare War on ACP

Just today, March 18th, SWAT have declared war on the Army of CP. What will come of this war as two old foes battle it out again?

SWAT, who recently have had some trouble have declared war on ACP. Just a few days ago the SWAT site was defaced by an ex-leader, Spi. In the recent Top Ten SWAT were placed 7T whilst ACP were 2nd. Ganger made a post on the SWAT site which included his reasons for declaring war:

With recent adieu,

Obviously we have not been making our mark in CP armies.

And for SWAT, this is utterly unacceptable. I’m embarrassed to even be in this position right now. You guys are capable of so much more than what our recent performances have shown. I want bigger sizes than ACP, much larger, and to those who said “Leave them alone, they are done for good now”, “Yo they’re down for good, their not coming back up”. Well, just look at them now. And with our great allies and friends, CPPA lowering down, and the entire BA crumbling, we are all that is left. The only hope to finish this plan. Not that we think ACP are imbecilic peasants, or their complete morons, but we have morals, and the moral to finish off a job is what we plan on doing.

And now here we are, nearing the bottom of the Top Ten, and we aren’t completing any goals we’ve set out, we haven’t even hit 1st this generation. It’s unacceptable. Our goal is to be on top, and we take pride in our goals, and when we set out to complete them, I expect every single soldier in this army to go full-out to succeed in meeting these goals. ACP has passed us, and I guess, to be honest, have proven themselves far superior to us as of of recent demand. Do you guys like this? Is this a wake-up call or what? I mean, come on, we are tied at 7th with DCP, The Doritos of Club Penguin. Oooh, amazing, for the regular CP army. But SWAT is not a regular CP army, and we are on a mission, as a family, to get back on top and own that spot.

And so without further adieu, and along with popular demand, SWAT is declaring war on the Army of Club Penguin.

ACP didn’t have much to say about it, they just made a post with the times of the defenses in it.


Are they keeping quiet for a reason? I decided to get an interview with Spikey, SWAT Leader and Funks, ACP Leader.

Interview with Spikey, SWAT Leader

Me: Red

Spikey: Black

Did you agree with Gangers actions of declaring war on ACP?

Truthfully, I did not think we were fully ready for the sizes ACP were getting but I think we can handle it.

Do you think SWAT will attempt to bring back the BA, even though it is currently crumbling away?

No, I think we will be more focused on ACP.

Both ACP and SWAT have recently opened a colonies network, do you think this will come into much use in this war?

I think it will benefit SWAT and ACP and bring more loyal troops.

Do you think SWAT has the advantage to anything in this war?

I think SWAT has more determination, which will help during battles and invasions.

Do you think that the fact that the SWAT site was defaced will effect SWAT in this war?

No, SWAT will carry on as normal with Jerry restoring the site but we will miss a good leader who helped us through many wars and battles.

Do you think the absence of Ganger at the moment will change SWATs performance while he’s away?

Yes, SWAT maybe  hasn’t had bigger sizes with Ganger not here but we will still have big size, we’ve got great leaders here to help us.

Interview with KingFunks4, ACP Leader

Me: Red

Funks: Green

What was your reaction when SWAT declared war?

It was typical, the SWAT were never made to declare war on any other army and it’s just boring. They are just there for attention and die every month. This will not be a hard war, though.

Do you think SWAT will attempt to bring back the BA, even though it is currently crumbling away?

Who can they bring into the BA? The Pirates and LT? They are the only ones left and stand no chance.

Both ACP and SWAT have recently opened a colonies network, do you think this will come into much use in this war?

Probably not, neither colonized army pools are that strong and I don’t think we want to pressure our colonies. In numbers though, I’d say ACP has more (LD, WW, FD, Nochos, Miners ect. )

Do you think ACP has the advantage to anything in this war?

Yes, we are bigger than them overall and if we lose any servers we have our UK Force. Enough said.

Do you think that the fact that the SWAT site was defaced will effect SWAT in this war?

No, they are back and their soldiers will come back. It will have little or no effect on SWAT.

Do you think this could flame into something bigger than just a 1 v. 1 war?

Probably, they all are nowadays.

So, what do YOU think will happen in this war? Could this turn into another World War or will it be short and sweet? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!

16 Responses

  1. Let’s see how S.W.A.T. does without BA to back them up 😉


  2. SWAT is gonna get raped.


  3. 1st


  4. ACP = Going to win
    S.W.A.T = Good bye!


  5. S.W.A.T. will fail


  6. SWAT are just jealous. leleelelelelelelelel


  7. Swats gonna get butt raped


  8. None of the above…


  9. I personally believe SWAT is just declaring war with the ACP because of they believe that they could stop ACP and make the BA finish with the win. I could be wrong though.


  10. When will people learn. -_-


  11. Ohmygodwhothehellcares


  12. I’m gonna be here all week. Every one above are morons, did you even watch the last war?


  13. Must I remind you people that SWAT was always the underdog but came out on top about 80% of the time?


  14. Y no LT VS WV war post? both armies get 20-25 with WV getting 30 occasionally


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