Pirates Turmoil – Deeper Look

12:52 PM EST : Ace Fireken 6 states his official retirement from armies. A retirement post is to come soon. This is based around an interview with Bid Now, no ranting at all.

Migrator – After the coup of former leader Waterkid100, I was able to get a little look behind the scenes of Pirates without him. It seems peaceful yet intriguing as many events that may affect CPPA have taken place.

First and foremost, I had a nice formal chit-chat with creator and current leader of CPPA, Bid Now. His explanations are clear and give an impression of much thought. What happened can all be learnt here. Some pictures of the situation are the following:

Now, for the interview:

Me = Blue
Bid Now = Red

Can you give us a clear image about the events which led to the coup of Waterkid?

OK. Yesterday afternoon (March 17th) , Water secretly fired Yeasy as he thought he was betraying the army. I found out and spoke to Yeasy who showed me some pictures of Water running his mouth off a little which somewhat angered me. I told Ace that  Yeasy had been fired by Water and I found out that neither Ace, nor I had any say in the matter. We are leaders after all and we spoke out against Waterkid. We just wanted to see the error of his ways. We didn’t want to get rid of him but a lot of people followed us and wanted Water out. Water felt he had to leave and did. Leaving the site to me and removing the CSS.

Do you think Water had a reason to leave? Why did he want to fire Yeasy?

I think we could have sorted it out if we had handled the situation via private chats but too many people spoke out against him, so the damage had been done. I don’t know why he wanted to fire Yeasy. Yeasy is probably our most active and loyal troop after all. His reasoning was that Yeasy committed betrayal but we do not know what this consisted of.

Do you know why Ace Fireken left?

I don’t know the full details. I hope he comes on later to help me sort out the situation. I have been told though, it was due to a virus.

Anything else to say? What do you think of Waterkid now?

Nope. I still see Waterkid as a good leader but not the supreme overlord he saw himself as. I do not want any trouble with him and I hope we can handle this situation maturely.

Now, as you have read this interview, I hope you all now have a look into the deep turmoil that took place in CPPA. Currently, as Ace Fireken has stepped down, it is being said that Bid Now and Ace will take in to assumption that either Yeasy or Will will take up leadership of CPPA as Bid will not. I was unfortunate that I was not given the chance to interview Yeasy. Anyway, what do you think will be the outcome of this coup? Any major effect? Because in my opinion, I do not really think so because as Bid stated in the interview, a lot of people wanted him out. So, that leaves it to you. What do you think will happen to CPPA now?

●||»๖̶̶̶ۣۜмιѕѕ ριкαcнυ мιcнαєℓ נαcкѕση ℓσνєя«||●
CPAC Reporter

11 Responses

  1. […] opposition and what he called a coup. As Sunday wore into Monday, more owners retired and the army slipped further into disorder. Now, the Pirates, hoping to end some of the many wars that plague them, have agreed to a peace […]


  2. You guys are all mean towards Water. If he wants ACP to die so what, we all wanted Pirates to die soon after.


  3. If a part of an interview has you laughing and saying the person is mental, you really shouldn’t post it.


  4. It’s so annoying, everyday Water has a mini period, declares war on ACP, they battle for like a week with the same sizes, Water trolls, ACP signs some treaty, SWAT then declares war soon after, and the cycle restarts EVERYDAY, instead of every month.


  5. Ohmygodwhothehellcares


  6. Ha Gayyyyyy!


  7. […] the SWAT are currently rebuilding and are to strike next week whereas, after the so-called coup of Waterkid100 and then a ceasefire was signed as well. CPPA had many training sessions with them […]


  8. […] Pirates of Club Penguin seem to be witnessing a bit too much lately. First, it was leadership problems between Yeasy and Waterkid100.  Now, it seems that Waterkid claims that a rebellion by the name, Anti-Pirates led by former […]


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