Army of CP Signs Peace Treaty With Pirates

MIGRATOR, Pirates Empire – With the so-called coup d’etat of Waterkid just behind us, the new leaders of the Pirates have signed a peace treaty with longtime enemy ACP.

Yesterday, Waterkid announced that he was leaving the Pirates in response to strong opposition and what he called a coup. As Sunday wore into Monday, more owners retired and the army slipped further into disorder. Now, the Pirates, hoping to end some of the many wars that plague them, have agreed to a peace treaty with the ACP.

I have recently made a new and and better treaty with the nice Pirates Leader, Bid Now. He is the Pirates Creator/Leader and has full authority in the Pirates right now. Using my awesome diplomatic skills plus the fact that Bidnow isn’t batshet insane, I have negotiated a new treaty with the Pirates. This treaty was negotiated by Bidnow and I. This is probably their final offer so lets take it. The new terms are

  • The ACP and the Pirates or any other army created or lead by a Pirates leader with a significant number of troops from the Pirates, cannot attack each other until August 1st, 2013.
  • The Pirates and their colonies cannot attack the ACP and its colonies and vice versa.
  • The treaty remains in force (until expiration date) no matter who the leader(s) of the ACP or leader(s) of the Pirates are.
  • If any army (ACP or Pirates) breaks the treaty willingly or unwillingly, their invasions are invalid and will not be counted and therefore ignored.



x__________Kenneth1000, Duke of Breeze, ACP 2ic, Head ACP Negotiator


x__________Bidnow, Pirates Leader

Pirates also acknowledged the treaty, in fact trying to invoke it to end one of the wars.

Update 1: Light Defenders have dropped out of the war. Bid Now made a secured peace-treaty with ACP, which also meant ACP colonies could not attack CPPA. To the rest of you guys: if this war os through your hatred on Waterkid… he is gone. We didn’t agree to everything he did, so why are you punishing an army Water isn’t even in? For now, the war is still ongoing, but think about it.

So, with the new treaty in place, Pirates have moved on to strengthening the army and rising. ACP is now embroiled in yet another war with SWAT.

What do YOU think of the Peace Treaty? How long will it last? Comment YOUR opinion!

♣||»Sιя Bℓυєsσ¢кωa тнє 2η∂«||♣

CPA Central CEO

10 Responses



  2. There are flaws in the treaty.
    1. What about Practice battles?
    2. Tournaments?
    But I will say that Peace is finally coming. The crazies are leaving.


    • If the ACP ever wants a practice battle and we think we have a chance of winning. Then we will do it. Practice battles are fun and for practice, not war. (:
      Also tournaments, not war. If we face off against ACP in a tournament, well it’s another fun thing that isn’t war.
      Just hoping that we can move on from this war and get on with our lives.


  3. Finally this stupid ass conflict is now over… This conflict between the Black alliance States and the White alliance or just ACP I don’t even at this point is finally over. But it did lose its reason after a while…


  4. then treaty broken again later




  6. This is a mere fascist cover up by the ACP. They are trying to mask their fascism by acting friendly. I do not mean to advertise my blog but if you read it I have declared a revolution on the Club Penguin army community so the ACP can be defeated.


    • Listen to yourself a second. You’re calling a community of little kids playing penguin games fascists? And that they are trying to pretend they are nice by being ‘friendly’. You sound like a little kid who got told the word fascist at school and you want somewhere to use it, but I don’t think you fully understand what the word actually means, and so please don’t go firing it off everywhere because it can be a very offensive word.


  7. […] rebuilding and are to strike next week whereas, after the so-called coup of Waterkid100 and then a ceasefire was signed as well. CPPA had many training sessions with them maxing nearly 20-22 or at times […]


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