Top Ten Armies: 3/17/13

UPDATE 3/10/13 2:58 PM EST: Changed DCP/SWAT placement again.

UPDATE 3/10/13 2:03 PM EST: SWAT has restored all posts so their rank has been edited accordingly.

On this St. Patrick’s Day we have another edition of the CPAC Top Ten, once again with almost all armies in the Top 5 getting at least 30 troops regularly. Top Ten Armies written this week by yours truly, Bluesockwa2.

Top Ten Armies


1. Nachos [+0] [99.25]

2. Army of CP [+0] [97.72]

3. Ice Warriors [+2] [91.75]

4T. Dark Warriors [NEW!] [89.25]

4T. Army Republic [+3] [89.25]

6. Hot Sauce Army [+3] [87.55] 

7T. Doritos [+1] [85.24]

7T. Special Weapons and Tactics [-3] [85.24]

9. Pirates [-6] [83.43]

10. Underground Mafias Army [+4] [79.55]


Close to the Top Ten


11. Water Vikings [+0]

12. Light Troops [-5]

13. Water Ninjas [NEW!]

14.. Light Defenders [NEW!]

15. N/A


Notable Drops


 Metal Warriors [Former: 10th] 

Tacos [Former: 12th] [Side Note: Tacos leaders, please fix the dates on your site if you wish to be ranked, because this and the fact that you were defaced means I can’t tell when your events are from and consequently cannot rank you.]

Global Defenders [Former: 13th] 


 1. Nachos [+0]: The Nachos, like many others, began on a spectacular note, coming down from their defeat of the Pirates last weekend in the March Madness. They quickly began preparing for the March Madness tournament, and maxed 30 at a scheduled raid of ACP Capital Breeze. They maxed around 30 again at a PB with the ACP, and began speculating on the long-awaited return of the Sombrero. After a series of motivational pre-battle speeches, they prepared to fight. Nachos went on to defeat the ACP in the tournament, maxing 50 troops. They retain their spot at first this week.


 2. Army of CP [+0]: It would seem ACP has returned to the Top and is here to stay. ACP started off the week with a bang: an incredible 40+ unscheduled event. They scheduled several more events and began preparing for the Semi-Final round of the March Madness tournament on Saturday. After a uLead session maxing 25, they announced the highly controversial colonization program. Another unscheduled came with a max around 20, and the results of Leader Assessments were released. They had one more UK event, maxing 25, before the big battle came. In a spectacular fight to the finish, ACP was defeated by the Nachos. They did, however, max around 45 on CP. They are planning to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, one of the largest recruiting days of the year, today. ACP keeps a powerful grip on second, but not quite yet strong enough to bring down the Nachos.

acp 17

3. Ice Warriors [+0]: IW enters the coveted Top 3 this week after a consistent stretch of events at 25-30. They started strong, maxing 30 at a PB with SWAT. They continued this streak, hitting 25 against HSA and 22 at a UK event. After a lesson on tactics, they defeated LT in a PB, maxing 25 again. They maxed 15 and 25 at two other training sessions, before hitting 25 again last night. IW’s consistency and perfect tactics earn them a spot in the Top 3 this week.


4T: Dark Warriors [NEW!]: DW makes a spectacular comeback after its 2 day-hiatus. They started the week dead and closed, with the final retirement of SaW. DW had planned to close until the 21st, but Flo, DW Leader, decided to bring the army back early. On the 11th, they returned with a max of 15. They had another event at 10, then skyrocketed back up to 30. They went on to max 30 again and prove once and for all that DW would not die just because SaW and Unk had retired. Another late event came out with a max of 19, giving DW enough to rival the giants this week and tie with AR.


4T: Army Republic [+4]: It seems AR’s plan to rise is working as well, with them jumping up 4 spots this week to tie with DW. They began a full week of events with promotion day, and quickly went on to max 20 at a raid. Another training session ended with a max of 25. As they planned the creation of a UK and Australian-Asian division, they maxed 25 again at a uLead. Finally AR hit 30 at their final training session of the week. They seem to be on the rise once more, entering the Top 4 in a tie with DW this week.


6. Hot Sauce Army [+3]: HSA had a fairly good week this time around also, beginning with a max of 30 at an unscheduled event. They hit 25 at two more events, then maxed about 10 at the next event. They defeated DCP in a PB, maxing 20, then around 16 in the first round of CPWI’s tournament.

hsa 17

7T. Special Weapons and Tactics [-3]: SWAT come in as a late addition to this Top Ten; at first printing, the posts on their site were not yet restored. This is now done, and they have been added in. SWAT had a fairly slow week this week, starting with their defeat in the March Madness at the hands of IW. They later announced a colonization program like many other armies have recently done, and then maxed 28 at a recruiting session. With Ganger out of town and several events coming up, SWAT was left vulnerable. Spi101 defaced the site late last evening, and it remained down until this afternoon, when it was restored by Jerry.

swat 17

7T. Doritos [+1]: DCP started off the week maxing 30 to advance to the Semi-Finals of the March Madness tournament. After the return of former leader Carter they had another event maxing 25 and are now preparing for today’s tournament battle versus the #3 Ice Warriors.


9. Pirates [-6]: Pirates take a massive fall this week, with disorder and mediocre sizes. They started off on top of the world following last weeks Top 3 placement, and invaded Tuexdo as part of their war with RPF, maxing 23. They took Ice Box with sizes of 20 before ending the war with RPF. After a controversial declaration of war on ACP’s colonies, they maxed around 25 with many rouges. Pirates got about 20 in another event, before announcing their own program of colonizing armies. The disorder and disagreement in the army was highlighted through posts such as Yeasy’s quickly deleted one here.


10. Underground Mafias Army [+4]: UMA seems to be on the rise once more, starting off with the return of several former leaders and some major reforms. They defeated the Sleet Team, maxing 15, and then saw a surprise visit – from none other than Pink Mafias himself. UMA Leader Coolster announced his retirement not long after, and UMA declared war on MW. They maxed 18 at an unscheduled event, then maxed 20 at the successful invasion of Brumby.

uma 17


So that’s the Top Ten. Lots of defacings and the like this week meant that a few normal contenders were out of the running. Also, since I couldn’t seem to find any armies worthy of the spots 12-15, if you have on that averages above 10, please comment their site and they will be added.

♣||»Sιя Bℓυєsσ¢кωa тнє 2η∂«||♣ 

CPA Central CEO

46 Responses



  2. AHHH!


  3. 1st. Armies on the rise


  4. good top 10


  5. LT had better results than UMA and WV.


  6. HSA beat DCP badly lol come get some


  7. LT’s new site is


  8. only reason why DW is so high is because Unk is babysitting them. They have not moved on YET.


  9. in4 ACP Leaders rage


  10. I request that the Top 10 be drafted because all of SWAT’s posts has been restored including pictures. It’s only one army, shouldn’t take too long. 😉


  11. Dont understand why UMA is ahead of WV, but otherwise, pretty good.


  12. Is it possible to break the top ten rating scale? 😉


  13. Woo acp


  14. The top 5 armies just feel so right, like its the place they’re supposed to be in.


  15. Go Light Defenders!! 😛


  16. Water Ninjas 😀


  17. The Top Ten won’t be edited even if LT or SWAT’s pictures are recovered because the pictures weren’t recovered on time..



    Eh, good top ten. Nachos no1 again, ACP 2. It’s what was needed but high scores reflect how close it’s getting. Well done to all the army community.


  19. hey guys uma took over LT u should go over there and check it out. oh and im thinking about making my own army


  20. Look like you did another good job blue




  22. HSA number 6 nice


  23. I expected more comments on this post, hah!


  24. Wow, 8 armies maxing at least 30 at one event. Turns out this gen might not be our death.


  25. Wait, saw retired! I NEED TO GO READ THE DW SITE!!!!! oh and congrats to cap for being number 2.


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