Mammoth Nights

MIGRATOR — The end of the line for the Person of the Year 2012? The death of the BA?


Note: Any ideas or opinion expressed in this post do not express those of CPAC or it’s staff.


The high-profile leader of the Pirates army, Waterkid100, has been overthrown from his own army. This coup has been executed by Pirate leaders Ace Fireken and Bid Now, the latter of which created the Pirates army. This comes in the wake of Waterkid finally trusting his soldiers to co-lead with him; however, they did not seem to share the same views as their leader. He has been removed as Pirate leader and has returned to the Light Troops to lead their UK division. However, Waterkid has accepted his fate and willingly handed over the site to Bid Now. The CSS has also expired, but Waterkid will not renew. His last wish is for the Pirates to remain open. However, two pics from the current Pirate leader may show he actually retired:

It was a pleasure leading the Pirates for the last 2 years, but my era is now over. Bid Now will be leading the Pirates now in a new era

-Waterkid100 on being overthrown


The Light Troops have taken serious blows in the last 24 hours. Their original site is now completely missing, and now redirects to an old domain owned by former LT leader  Ioioluk. The S.W.AT. have been defaced but have since recovered from it. This quote was taken from the redirected domain:


This following quote was posted on LT site yesterday

“But most importantly because we need to show Jason and Ana how wrong they were for betraying us”

Notice who betrayed who.  I was at LT EVENT  two days in a row. First one Ioio banned me and I was helping LT even tho I am retired. Second day Ioio took away my retired owner legend status cuz I missed a tactic.

So, now you can say I betrayed you  by taking it all away.  FOOLS


A new site has been put up for the time being. High-profile playgirl Ana/Jujuflower has been accused of this crime by the LT. In a possibly unrelated event, the former SWAT leader, Spi, defaced the SWAT site but has since been restored.

Much like the Soviet Union, the former Black Alliance is crumbling.


19 Responses

  1. Funny how this all happened when they turned on dw. its karma


  2. 1st


  3. Well that escalated quickly


  4. This makes me quite happy, to be honest.




  6. I agree with you Shiver, Hasbro should make Season 4 faster


  7. “Where have all the good men gone?” – Bonnie Tyler, Holding Out For A Hero.

    I swear, I know I may have never liked Waterkid that much but, how he treats everyone and he goes by, I think he deserved this. Like I quote, “This is not the CPPA I led.” – Bid Now

    I am not lying, I had a formal chit chat with Bid and I got to know him somewhat and on the main chat, he did say what I quoted. On the other hand, I must say, Ace Fireken may have been the real deal behind CPPA but, he may not have ever risen to that rank without Waterkid. There are many powerful arguments to go by and much to rant but, I do think Water deserved it. Whereas, I do not understand why he went to LT. I really will take some interview from someone. Something like this has not taken place for years. Good day!




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